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A maior tragédia da aviação em Portugal foi há 40 anos

Madeira<p>15:48 por Alexandre R. Malhado<p>Morreram 156 passageiros e oito tripulantes. Ainda hoje os sobreviventes não sabem como saíram ilesos. 40 anos …

6 Of History's Worst Aircraft, And Why They Failed

Well, at least they tried!<p>1) Aerocar (1949)<p>The decades-old dream of a "flying car" has had plenty of attempts, including Moulton Taylor's famous …


Fleet Dreams – Possibly the Oldest Flying Aircraft in Canada

<b>Geoff Pritchard, EAA 348315, Vintage 719951</b><p>The test flight of my 1930 Fleet Model 2 on October 5 of this year was yet another high point in five …


He 111 Heinkel Bomber Tour and Flight Demo


Flying through time

Ryan Lihs of Sioux City, Iowa, is an enthusiastic-yet-humble sort of aviator. When he flew his handsome black-and-gold biplane to Antique Airfield …


Stratofreighter Flies Again

The best students know the areas on which they need to work. That's information an instructor needs to know. More<p>Only a few entries we could use this …


Duxford Airshow September 2017

Air Shows

Great aviation museums—Central US

Pilots and aviation museums fit together like a hand and glove. Why not visit one soon? Here are some of the best in the Central United States.


Great aviation museums—Southwestern US

From major manufacturers like Northrop and Lockheed to important military installations like Edwards Air Force Base, the American Southwest has more …

Military Aircraft

Great aviation museums—Northwestern US

Most pilots learn to fly because they have a passion for aviation, which makes aviation museums the perfect fly-to destinations. Here’s a list of …


NASM To Get A Makeover

The Roy Halladay crash comes just weeks after he took delivery of the airplane. Will it have an impact on Icon? More<p>We had a few to choose from this …

Roy Halladay

Veterans Day parade to feature Stewart's airplane

In what is believed to be a first, an airplane will be one of the featured attractions Saturday in Indiana Borough’s annual Veterans Day parade. It …

Veterans Day

Behind the scenes at the New England Air Museum

The New England Air Museum in Windsor Locks, Conn., will conduct a Behind The Scenes Tour on Friday, Nov. 24, 2017, which will give visitors a chance …

New England

First strike

Birth of the bomber<p>Long before Curtis Le May billed airborne devastation as a weapon of peace, or Arthur ‘Bomber’ Harris promised Winston Churchill …

Santa Ana

Bloodhounds freshen up – RAAF Base Darwin

I often drive past RAAF Base Darwin in the Northern Territory and recently noticed the ‘gate guards’, as they are affectionately called, appear to …

Speed Machines - The Flying Boats (Engineering Documentary) | Spark


Smithsonian unveils plans to revitalize National Air and Space Museum

The Smithsonian has unveiled plans to revitalize the National Air and Space Museum and transform its exhibitions. The project, which will take …


MOTAT New Zealand’s amazing Museum Of Transport and Technology Auckland

It’s been high on my list of aviation museums for years to visit, and by chance, my dream became reality! So here I am in New Zealand at MOTAT.<p>The …

The Final Free Flight of the Enterprise

2 minutes, 1 second.<p>That’s how short the final flight of the Space Shuttle <i>Enterprise</i> was on this day in 1977. Forty years ago, the beginning of the …

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Video: Celebrating the Stearman

Smitty Smith of recently posted a video that features a collection of Stearmans from over the years of attending airshow and …

Air Shows

These snapshots from the last moon landing show the astronauts having a great time

The final Apollo flight was hard work and a ton of fun for three lucky men<p>Apollo 17 almost didn’t happen. Once Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took …


Heavenly Bodies – Part II

<i>Feature Image: X-24 research pilots (L to R) Einar Enevoldson, John Manke,</i> <i><br>Richard Scobee, Tom McMurtry, Bill Dana, and Michael Love. (NASA photo)</i><p>Down …


On this day in history: World’s first parachute jump

On this day in history, 220 years ago on Oct. 22, 1797, pioneering balloonist André-Jacques Garnerin became the modern world’s first successful …

French Revolution

16-year-old solos in 100-year-old Jenny

By CAROLINE DOUGHTERY I pushed the throttle forward, quickly glanced at the tachometer to check for the full 1450 RPM, let my feet dance on the …


The Soviet Union’s flawed rival to Concorde

The world’s first supersonic airliner was not the Anglo-French Concorde but a Soviet design intended to show the world the superiority of the USSR.<p>It is December 1968, and a truly ground-breaking airliner is about to take its first flight.<p>It resembles a giant white dart, as futuristic an object as …


The Gift

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Die for the Emperor

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Missile Defense

Atkins - Martin Baker Ejection Seat

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