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The Untold Story of the Back-Room Team That Saved Apollo 13

If everything goes smoothly, nobody remembers your work.<p>But on April 13, 1970, an oxygen tank explosion aboard the Apollo 13 spacecraft set a …


New DVD saves time, money on aircraft preventive maintenance

EAA AVIATION CENTER, OSHKOSH, Wisconsin — A new how-to video from the Experimental Aircraft Association gives certificated aircraft owners a better …


The XF-109

As the last of the Century series fighters, the XF-109 was far from conventional. Designed for Mach 2 flight, it was to be the world's first vertical …


What You May Not Know About the P-39

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Brown - Hawker Tempest

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Ride The Lightning

Father and Son: B-52

The XF-103

It was called the ultimate interceptor - an aircraft of such advanced design and promise, it captivated the US Air Force for over a decade! Born from …


Sully: Miracle on the Hudson

• <b>Director:</b> Clint Eastwood<p>On January 15, 2009, the world witnessed the "Miracle on the Hudson" when Captain "Sully" Sullenberger (Hanks) glided his …

Evans - F-104

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What You May Not Know About the P-80

Book Review: Paper Wings Delivers Nonstop Aviation Action

Les Abend’s debut novel is a crime thriller in the classic mold that nails the aviation details.<p>Somehow, in and amongst his duties as a Boeing 777 …


New Film Explores Aviation’s Gender Gap

Women make up half the college-educated workforce in the U.S., yet only 6 percent of pilots are women — a fact that independent filmmaker Katie …


Aeronautical Decision Making and ‘Being Wrong’

Aeronautical decision making is a key ingredient in aviation safety, but but I’ve just finished an excellent book that has revealed a side to this …

Landing a Cirrus SR22 in Freezing Fog and Snow | ILS Approach to Minimums | READ DESCRIPTION

New photographic history of Lindbergh to be released

“Lindbergh: A Photographic History of the Lone Eagle” will be released July 1, 2017, by Roundup Press.<p>The hardcover book, which contains 240 sepia …

The Giants - flying boats

In memory of an F.22

Malloch’s Spitfire<p>by Nick Meikle<p>ISBN 978-1-61200-252-1<p>In as much as this review is, literally I guess, a bookend for airscape’s Spitfire Month, I …

Military History

Fitzpatrick - XF-88

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The Stiletto

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Race With A Lady: Part 2

In 1969, The London to Sydney Air Race brought together pilots from around the world for an air marathon between the two cities. Star competitor …


2016 STIHL National Championship Air Races NBC Sports Network

Second episode about Reno Air Races airs Saturday

The second of three, one-hour episodes featuring scenes from last year’s Reno Air Races will air Saturday, March 25, 2017, at 3 pm PT/6 pm ET on NBC …


The dream of flight is universal

Humans have dreamed of flight for hundreds — if not thousands — of years. And today is no different from centuries ago. Want proof? BBC Culture’s …


Buzz Aldrin takes you to Mars in VR

<b>Buzz Aldrin, the second man to set foot on the Moon, has launched a virtual reality movie detailing his plan to get humans to Mars.</b><p>The film - Cycling Pathways to Mars - lasts just under 10 minutes and features the astronaut as a hologram narrating the experience.<p>Mr Aldrin's plan involves using the …

Space Exploration

Sully (2016)

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Flying from Bush to Beach in Brazil

Historic Ultralight Documentary