The Taste of Tomorrow

By Josh Schonwald | People, trends, and technologies shaping the future of food and agriculture

Pith – Jonah Reider

about<p>Pith is an eclectic pursuit of social and artful dining experiences. Our communal supper club is held in a beautiful townhouse in Brooklyn. Ten …


A New Show from Vice Wants to Mainstream Cannabis Consumption

A video posted by VICELAND (@viceland) on Dec 19, 2016 at 1:20pm PST<p>Last week, New York’s cannabis illuminati gathered at Fette Sau in Williamsburg …


Local Cannabis Chefs Are Out to Prove Their Dinners Can Be More Than Dope

In New York, a city where the underground cannabis economy is vibrant, it’s unsurprising that there are a raft of innovators and entrepreneurs, …



Powered by <i>Edible Manhattan</i> and <i>Edible Brooklyn</i>, Food Loves Tech (FLT) is an education-by-entertainment innovation expo. From rooftop farming and the …


There’s a war over the definition of “milk” between dairy farmers and food startups—and Trump may settle it

What could be simpler than defining a glass of milk? It turns out that it’s not so simple.<p>This week, the Good Food Institute in Washington, DC submitted to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) a 59-page petition for the agency to issue a new rule to end the longstanding debate over whether …


Lab-grown meat is about to go global, and one firm is feverishly paving the way

Bruce Friedrich is about to up the ante in the effort to get more people eating plant-based and cell-cultured meat. With a staff that will soon exceed 30, Friedrich’s DC-based firm is expanding its attention from the United States to the entire world.<p>Formed only a year ago, the Good Food Institute …


Here’s what a Chinese takeout menu would look like if the meat was grown in labs

For food technologists looking to use cellular agriculture as a way of eliminating the need for factory-farmed meat, it’s a point of amusement, but also a dream of the near future. After all, it might not be long before cell-cultured meats start to appear on real menus.<p>This particular Chinese …


EDIT Toronto on the Future of Food

Until October 8, an abandoned soap factory in Toronto’s Port Lands will be transformed into a futuristic world where design, innovation, and …


Goodbye – and good riddance – to livestock farming

The suffering inherent in mass meat production can’t be justified. And as the artificial meat industry grows, the last argument for farming animals has now collapsed<p>What will future generations, looking back on our age, see as its monstrosities? We think of slavery, the subjugation of women, …


Future Meat Technologies: The future of clean meat production is local

While it might be a while before steaks grown in bioreactors (instead of on the farm) become standard fare at your local steakhouse, âlocally …


Growing Underground wins Future Food Award

Air raid shelter micro salad farm wins at BBC Food and Farming Awards followed by seaweed and seed firms as runners up


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Will we all be eating crickets soon? Meet Aspire Food & GrubTubs — 2 Austin companies at cutting edge of food - Austin Business Journal

By Will Anderson <br>– Digital Editor, Austin Business Journal<p>Sep 29, 2017, 7:46am CDT<p>By next October, all Austin restaurants and any businesses that …


Ponder the future of food at Edible’s Food Loves Tech expo

Enthusiasts of alternative proteins and cultured coffee rejoice, your moment has come.The second-annual <b>Food Loves Tech</b> expo is just around the …


The future of food production

<b>by Marcus Roberts</b> <br>Are there alternative protein sources?


Fruit production in the future

<i>Robots serving food in Chinese restaurant.</i><b>Where will the raw materials come from to “manufacture” our future food? ‘Fruit growing in the future’ is a</b> …


This Cannabis-Infused Meal Box Wants to Be the New Blue Apron

Meal-kit delivery services have become a multibillion-dollar industry, and with the popular service Blue Apron cashing in a cool $800 million just …


A Pro Chef Envisions the Future of Brick and Mortar Cannabis Restaurants

We talked to Chris Sayegh, also known as The Herbal Chef, about his plans to start building a brick and mortar cannabis restaurant in 2018.The post A …


Little fish, big worry: Future of menhaden sparks concern

PORTLAND, Maine – A big decision about the future of a little fish is attracting the attention of ocean conservation groups who say they are concerned about whether menhaden fishing can be considered sustainable.<p>Industry players are petitioning the London-based Marine Stewardship Council to offer …


Lewiston Water System Treatment Designed To Prevent Teeth Decay; Science Will Study Future Result

This story originally ran in the July 5, 1947, edition of the Lewiston Tribune.<p>Scientific research has been called upon again to lend a helping hand …


Craig Ferguson Seeks Answers to Life’s Biggest Questions in His New Branded Content Series

How can you spot a psychopath? When do we have to leave Earth? Can real food feed the world? Can we stop aging? Is happiness an addiction?<p>At some …

Craig Ferguson

Robot farmers have successfully planted and harvested barley by themselves

Humans have been cultivating plants for some 10,000 years and, for much of that time, we’ve used beasts of burden to help tend the fields. Just last …


Could Impossible Fish follow the Impossible Burger?

Impossible Foods wants to use its technology to replicate other meats with plant-based protein, but producing seafood substitutes has many challenges.


The future of edible insects depends on kids

<b>Once convinced that eating insects is healthy, tasty, and cool, kids will be the most effective ambassadors for the industry.</b><p>Arachnophobes, be …


A year in, Whole Foods' Englewood project still a work in progress

Almost one year ago, the doors of Englewood’s Whole Foods Market swung open, the culmination of a bold plan to open an upscale grocery store in one of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods.<p>No “mission accomplished” banner has yet been hoisted at 63rd and Halsted.<p>Whole Foods — anchor of the …


Worldnews - BBC award for sustainable insect food protein

MagMeal. (Photo: AgriProtein)<p>BBC award for sustainable insect food protein<p><b>UNITED KINGDOM <br>Friday, September 22, 2017, 21:30 (GMT + 9)</b><p>AgriProtein has …


Maggot farming venture wins global food award

South African maggot farmer, AgriProtein, has won fresh acclaim in the quest for a new source of stockfeed meal.<p>The waste-to-nutrient pioneer, which …


Global Plan To Streamline 'Use By' Food Labels Aims To Cut Food Waste

An estimated 133 billion pounds of food is wasted in the U.S. each year, enough to fill Chicago's Willis Tower 44 times. Globally, 1.3 billion <i>tons</i> of food is lost or wasted annually.<p>And one major culprit? The confusion over "date" labels on foods. Once a "sell by" date has passed, lots of us have …


Eight architects and designers imagine the kitchens of the future

<b>Dezeen promotion:</b> an elevated vegetable garden, a brass frame with sliding shelves and a wooden cube that folds open feature in these proposals for …