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Apple Classroom vs. Google Classroom

Apple Classroom was released in March 2016, but from things I read online, or hear when talking to other educators, I feel that it still gets …

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Phil Schiller Says iPad Pro Can Both Supplement and Replace the Mac

Apple's marketing chief Phil Schiller believes the iPad Pro can be both a PC replacement and a supplementary device to the Mac.<p>In a wide-ranging interview with <i>T3</i> about the iPad Pro and other Apple products, including the iPhone X, iMac Pro, HomePod, and AirPods, Schiller said the iPad Pro's exact …

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iOS Magic: iPad and iPhone Tricks Revealed


Google updates Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps with 'drag and drop' and iPhone X support

Google has released updates for its Docs, Sheets, and Slides apps for iOS, with the trio of productivity tools adding support for Apple's iPhone X …


iPad tip: build audio library of music for students in Google Drive to use as background audio in video projects. #ipaded #ipadedu #ettipad YouTube Audio Library -> Drive -> Open in iMovie, @BookCreatorApp, etc... https://t.co/l6pwcZvrOL

Apple launches Apple Support YouTube channel featuring how-to tutorial videos for iPhone and iPad

Apple began a support Twitter account early in 2016, answering customer queries and tweeting out the occasional iOS tip. It has now expanded into a dedicated Apple Support YouTube channel.<p>The account features highly-produced tutorial videos explaining all sorts of iOS features from how to change …

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11 iOS 11 Features for iPad Educators

Apple describes iOS 11 as “a giant leap for iPhones but a monumental leap for iPads.” Whether you agree or not, there are a number of fantastic new …


Cool iPad Tip: In Notes, to search for handwritten text within a note you wrote by hand, tap the Share button, then tap Find in Note. #iPadTips https://t.co/lh4eWh8hpV

Check out GarageBand’s amazing new features on iOS

GarageBand for iOS often gets dismissed as a toy by more experienced musicians. That’s partly because it’s free, and partly because it looks so simple when you first fire it up. And it <i>is</i> dead easy to use — making some great music is simple even for a first timer. But if you take a while to dig in, …


From Consumption to Creation on the iPad

Technology integration can be difficult. Often times when schools go one-to-one with iPads, teachers continue to do what they’ve always done. Digital …

Apple has hidden some characters on the iOS keyboard. For example, tapping and holding the Zero key reveals the degree symbol. Sliding up and releasing on that symbol enters it as a typed character. Want to type a bullet? Hold down the hyphen key and slide up to the • symbol and release. How about a cents sign? Hold down the $ key and you’ll see the ¢ symbol (along with symbols for other currencies). Holding down certain letters reveal that letter with a variety of accents. And, if you’re entering a web address, holding down the period is a quick way to type .us, .org, .edu, .com, or .net.

Top iOS 11 Tips & Tricks

Thanks to iOS 11, your iPhone and iPad just got a lot more powerful. With each new release, Apple focuses on improving old features as well as delivering new ones. So whether you’re looking to kickstart your productivity by scanning documents in the Notes app or train yourself to be a safer driver …


How to Scan a QR Code Using Your iOS 11 Device’s Camera App

QR Codes are those squares full of pixelated block patterns that you see in ads and other postings that are used to send users to websites, download …

iPad as the Teacher's Pet - Version 4.0

Download the PDF An iPad can be a teacher’s very handy assistant! This very popular infographic has been <b>updated October 2017</b>! It’s all about what can …

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Developer Demonstrates iOS Phishing Attack That Uses Apple-Style Password Request

Developer Felix Krause today shared a proof of concept phishing attack that's gaining some traction as it clearly demonstrates how app developers can use Apple-style popups to gain access to an iPhone user's Apple ID and password.<p>As Krause explains, iPhone and iPad users are accustomed to official …

Solving for iOS 11 Control Center's new Wi-Fi and BT toggles

Apple has to meet the needs of hundreds of millions of customers from first-time users to long-time pros. Sometimes those needs are in conflict.<p>For …


How to unlock an iOS device when you've forgotten your password or changed your account

Apple's use of an Apple ID on iPads is something Apple does towards keeping your device secure. But it can also be problematic, especially if you …


There’s a new feature added to iPad’s onscreen keyboard in iOS 11. The keyboard now has a gray character above each letter. For example, there’s a gray 5 above the letter T key. To type a 5, simply flick down on the T. Or, to type an @ symbol, flick down on the A key. This a little faster than tapping the “.?123” key to switch to the number/symbol keyboard and then selecting the 5 or the @ symbol.

iOS 11.0.2 Starts Rolling Out

Last month, Apple released the much awaited iOS 11 operating system and has released a minor update to fix bugs that are plaguing the users.<p>Recently, …


Everything You Can Do With the Files App on Your iPhone or iPad

In iOS 11, Apple finally added a file manager to both the iPhone and iPad. Dubbed “Files”, this app is a central place where you can view and manage …


Best shelf apps for iOS 11 so far

iOS 11’s neat Split View and Drag and Drop implementation has spawned a new class of apps, for iOS at least: shelf apps. These apps provide a slide-out shelf, or junk drawer, into which you can drag items for temporary storage.<p>This proves useful for all kinds of reasons. You may want to gather up a …

iOS 11: 18 new and hidden features for your Apple iPhone and iPad


When using an iPhone or iPad, you don’t want to stop what you are doing to rate an app. And you certainly don’t want students to be distracted by any unnecessary popups. Yes, it’s quick to dismiss the “Please rate our app” dialog boxes, but it would be nice to just never ever see them. Good news! With iOS 11, you can disable app rating and review popups! You can find the option to turn them off in the iTunes & App Store section in the Settings app.

With iOS 11 you can scan documents with the Notes app. In a new or existing note, tap the + and choose Scan Document. The camera opens, looking for a rectangular shape. The detected shape is highlighted in yellow. Press the white circle to snap a photo, and then you can adjust the corners of the document before keeping the scan. You can then add more pages to your scan or tap Save. The saved scan is cropped, sharpened, and straighten to make it look like you put it through a flatbed scanner. I like that the document does not have to be perfectly lined up with the camera because scanning works at an angle. This is great for adding student work to Google Drive and Seesaw.

Google Drive for iOS updated to make stored documents accessible in Files app

Google has updated its Google Drive app for iOS to fully integrate the cloud storage service with the Files app introduced in iOS 11, with the latest …

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How to use Apple’s terrific document scanner in iOS 11

You don’t need a separate app anymore<p>One of the most useful tricks in Apple’s iOS 11 update is found inside the Notes app: it’s a document scanner. If there’s a business card, receipt, or any other document you want to save or mark up, this tool makes getting it on your iPhone or iPad dead simple. …


iOS 11: Secret features you're probably not using

If you're still dismissing pop-ups from apps asking for reviews, or writing your Wi-FI password on a Post-It note, you're not living your best life.<p>In addition to a new design and big features like augmented reality support, Apple has added a number of solid smaller changes and settings options to …


How to Record Your iPad Screen in iOS 11

One of the features that educators have been most looking forward to in iOS 11 is screen recording. There are lots of ways to record your iPad …