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A Tour Maker for the new Google Earth - Google Earth Blog

Last week we had a look at the new Voyager tours in the new Google Earth and suggested that Google create a tour maker or at least release …


30 Free Google Drawings Graphic Organizers

Several years ago when I started making webinars, my first one was on creating <b>Graphic Organizers with Google Drawings</b>. This was before I had started …


Inside Google Tango's augmented reality dreams

Augmented Reality

7 Hidden Tips for Google Sites - Teacher Tech

I have been loving using Google Sites to create tutorials. The autosizing of pictures, the easy insertion of items from Google Drive, mixing text …


Create your own Lit Trips (and more) for Google Earth

Recently I shared a blog post on how to use Google Lit Trips in the new web-based Google Earth. Lit Trips are a great way to put students in a story, …

Upcoming changes to chat in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides

Chatting in Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides makes collaboration easier, as users can discuss a document while they work on it—without lea...

Adding Audio in Google Slides (Hack)

Listen, I get it – when you’re showing your students the chambers of the heart, you want to have “<i>Total Eclipse of the Heart</i>” playing. And, when you …

Quick Change in Drive

How Google Took Over the Classroom

CHICAGO — The sixth graders at Newton Bateman, a public elementary school here with a classic red brick facade, know the Google drill.<p>In a social-science class last year, the students each grabbed a Google-powered laptop. They opened Google Classroom, an app where teachers make assignments. Then …


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Google Drive now offers quick create, choose between blank or from template

5 new features of the New Google Sites - Logos, Team Drive, Dividers, Sub pages, Vertical Groups

Microsoft is trying desperately to get into schools—but Google has already won this fight

Microsoft recently and dramatically unveiled what it says it is “the complete solution to education.” The company’s bundled launch last week included an education-specific version of the Windows 10 operating system, a handful of new programs and applications to be distributed to schools as teaching …


How to Annotate Images on Chromebooks

Google Keep is a versatile tool that can be used for everything from simple bookmarking to collaborative task management to image annotation. In …

Education Technology

You’ve probably clicked a link to a Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, or Drawings file and had to click a Make a Copy button before proceeding. This method of sharing forces a user to make a copy of the original, and the copy is now fully owned by the user and placed in her Google Drive. Sharing a file this way is super handy for when you have created a document in G Suite and want students to have their very own copy. Students can fill in blanks, finish a slideshow, label a drawing, annotate text, or complete some task in their own document (and then possibly share it back with the teacher). Sharing this way is also useful for sharing templates with other teachers. They can simply click to make their own copy and customize it without affecting your original. Creating a Make a Copy link to a Google document is a hidden feature–it’s not in the document’s menu. Instead, you change the /edit in the URL to /copy while keeping everything else the same. Share the link online, as a QR code, on a website, through a shortened links, in another document, in an social media post—however you get links to others.

Google Drive now hosts more than 2 trillion files

Google likes to talk about its stable of billion-user products — apps and services that have more than 1 billion people around the world using them.<p>Google Drive isn't one of them just yet. But in April, it quietly passed another major milestone.<p>2 million files are now stored on the file-hosting …


Google turns Raspberry Pi into a dirt cheap Home competitor

If you've ever wanted to have a conversation with your own tiny home-made computer, then your prayers have just been answered. Raspberry Pi has teamed up with Google, bringing voice integration to the Pi with a clever combination of hardware and software. Packed with the same tech that powers …

Raspberry Pi

9 Great Apps and Websites That Integrate with Google Classroom

You may be familiar with Google Classroom-integrated apps and sites, or you may be wondering what integration even means. Either way, our breakdown …


Group items vertically in the new Google Sites

We’ve heard that you need to caption photos, arrange content in columns, and do more vertically in the new Google Sites. With your feedback...

Content front and center. Slides on point. #TuesdayTip

10 Powerful Gmail Extensions To Supercharge Your Productivity

To improve your productivity using Gmail you should consider using powerful extensions to help you organize your tasks, follow-up important emails, track them and work offline.<p>With over 1 billion monthly active users, Gmail is a clear leader of email providers. If you work online, there’s a big …


How it works Drive Uploader

1<p>Create an upload page on<p>2<p>Send the generated link to a colleague or insert the uploader into your website<p>3<p>The colleague securely …

Google Drive

Google opens up Classroom so anyone can now become a teacher

Google is opening up its Classroom educational service to allow anyone to create and teach a class on its platform.<p>The web-based tool works across devices and Google says it can be used to help manage classes for adult education, hobbies, and after school programs.<p>Classroom should come in handy for …


Lit Trips on Chromebooks with the New Google Earth

<b>Google Lit Trips</b> have been a popular learning activity for many years. With the new version of Google Earth, they are now available for <b>Chromebooks</b>!<p>If …


Five new things you can do with Google Earth

Happy Earth Day<p>Earlier this week, Google unveiled a new version of Google Earth, an app that was considered amazing when it launched in 2001 but hadn’t really evolved in the same way that Google’s other technologies have. Now, thanks to this latest update, Google Earth is replete with 3D imagery, …


15 Expert Google Drive Tips for Teachers

15 Expert Google Drive Tips for Teachers<p>By Jessica Sanders<p>Google Drive makes your life easier and encourages collaboration and 21st century skill …

Google Drive

Export Quizzes from Google Docs to Google Forms with Formenate

We have found an add-on that can help alleviate some of the time it takes to create surveys or quizzes. Although in its current form, it does not …

Google Docs

Print Custom Sticky Notes with Google Slides

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