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EdTech Updates 2018: Book Creator

<b>Choose Platform:</b> Book Creator offers 3 options to create your stories. For iPad, there is the free Book Creator One which allows you to create 1 book …

Comic Books

Making Animated GIFs with Google Drawings

Looking for easy ways to make animated GIFs with Google Drawings? You’ve come to the right place. In this short blog entry, we’ll walk through the …

GIF Animations

5 ways the new Gmail can help you get more done

Tiny Tip #10. #cbcsd

[NEW FEATURES LAUNCH]: Post materials, add Classwork page, and updates on the To Do page

Hi everyone -<p>Last month, we announced the biggest refresh to Google Classroom ever. Those changes were a result of over a year of partnership with …

🔖 Now that I can add "Material" to topics in #GoogleClassroom, I have a topic with things students can do when they are "done." I moved it to the top to make it easy to find. I'm excited that I can easily update the list. #GoogleEdu #CBCSD #5thchat

15 Science projects for Book Creator classrooms - Book Creator app

Here’s the next in our series of ebooks made in Book Creator.<p>Monica Burns is back again with another fantastic free ebook about using Book Creator. …

Education Technology

Yes! The new #GoogleClassroom now has a "Materials" option where teachers can post resources for their classes/topics! #boom #EdTechTeam #GoogleEI #KyGoDigital #EdTech

Create animations and Pecha Kucha presentations in Google Slides

<i>By publishing your Google Slides to the web you can control how viewers see your slides. Go a step further and customise the auto-advance speed to</i> …


How to Create an eBook on Book Creator

On Tuesday I shared five ideas for making ebooks with your students. Book Creator is a great tool for making those ebooks. With Book Creator your …

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Powtoon on Twitter: "It's live! #Powtoon is officially integrated with @BookCreatorApp! Add your #Powtoons to your books with ease. Try it here: #edtech #BookCreator #appsmash #UnleashAwesomeness…"

YouTube videos, Google Docs, creations from other apps – you name it. With our latest update you can bring all of this content into Book Creator for …

Google Docs

Eric Curts on Twitter: "Google Sites adds option to "add buttons" to your site for more convenient and visible hyperlinks: #edtech #GSuiteEDU #GoogleEDU…"

We’re making it easy to add buttons to the new Google Sites. These are clickable graphics which link to other content within your site or at an …

Book Creator Team on Twitter: "🎶 Imagine being able to share your @Soundtrap songs or podcasts directly inside your Book Creator book! Coming soon... #appsmashing…"

G Suite on Twitter: "You told us you needed your embedded Forms to look great, especially in Google Sites... so we made some improvements →…"

We’re making Google Forms look and work better when they’re embedded in websites created with Google Sites. These improvements will also mean Forms …

Google Doc Tip: Long document, but you want people to have quick access to a specific page or part? Insert a Bookmark! Get your cursor flashing in the exact spot you want people to land, on the menu, click Insert

Writing up a science experiment with Book Creator - Book Creator app

This teacher had a theory: using Book Creator in his science class would make students more engaged. Was he right?<p>Looking for ways to enhance …

It happens. You close a browser tab and then, oops, you realize you actually wanted to keep that tab open. The next time this happens, try the keyboard shortcut of Shift + Control/Command + T. This key combination reopens the last tab that you closed. Perhaps the phrase “Surf the Closed Tab” can help you remember the combination of keys. The shortcut works in most web browsers, including Chrome, Explorer, and Safari.

Embedding Padlet in Book Creator

5 Things to Know About the New Google Classroom

Pinterest<p>At the end of June, Google announced some pretty big updates that are coming to Google Classroom. Although these features will not …

Google adds lots of new tools to its Education suite

A new Classroom and updated Docs will change the face of learning.<p>Summer break is normally a time for rest and recreation, but Google has been busy updating Classroom, Google Earth and other Google for Education tools in preparation for the next academic term.<p>Since its 2014 inception, Google …

Education Technology

Your Google for Education Guide for Back to School

Time for a refresh: Meet the new Google Classroom

Embedding Adobe Spark Video in Book Creator

10 useful Gmail settings you’ll wish you knew sooner

More than a billion people use Gmail. That’s about 1 in 7 people on Earth actively using this free email platform in 74 different languages.<p>Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported some third-party developers were collecting data on Gmail users. If you are worried about this practice, I’ve got …

Keyboard Shortcuts


Fast drawing for everyone. AutoDraw pairs machine learning with drawings from talented artists to help you draw stuff fast.

Gfycat makes it dead-simple to drop GIFs into your Gmail replies

If you’re all about GIFs in your digital correspondence, you’ll be glad to know that Gfycat’s built a tool to bring them to your inbox, so your replies are 💥<p>The company’s taking advantage of Gmail’s add-ons platform, which lets you add plugins from third-party developers and access them from a …

Google Launches New Feedback Tool ‘Course Kit’ to Eliminate Assignment Uploads

Do your school’s students submit their school assignments by uploading PDFs or other files within a learning management system? If so, a new tool …