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How to Force a Docs Copy WITH Pre-Loaded Comments to Help your Students

We are always looking for new and improved ways to provide additional assistance to our students when they are doing digital work. Recently Google …

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Teach Like The Tonight Show: Google Chrome Word Sneak Game #GAFE

Pinterest<p><b>Bring the fun of Jimmy Fallon into the Classroom with Word Sneak!</b><p>It’s time to Teach Like The Tonight Show again! I love to watch Jimmy …

The Tonight Show

Google has recently added the option to add drop shadows in Google Slides and Google Drawings. The most common reason I use drop shadows is to help text stand out over a background. Here’s how to add a shadow in Google Slides and Google Drawings: First, select a text box, word art, shape, or image and click the Format Options button. The Format Options panel appears. Clicking the arrow next to Drop Shadow reveals options that include color, transparency, angle, distance, and blur radius. Adjusting these options can create very different effects.

Like many educators you probably have a Google account for school in addition to your personal Google account. I like how the Chrome web browser can easily juggle multiple accounts. With Chrome on a Mac or Windows computer, you can work with your personal account in one window and your school account in another window. You don’t have to log out and log back in to accounts—Chrome keeps you signed in. To set this up you’ll need to sign in to all of your accounts you wish to use in Chrome. Do that by opening Settings, clicking Manage People, and clicking Add Person. The first thing you do when adding a person/account is to give it a nickname. This name will be shown in the top right area of the browser window. For clarity, I suggest using the names “School” and “Personal” instead of using your first or last name. Then, continue the signing in process to finish adding the person/account. You can click Add Person again to add another account. With your accounts added, you can simply click the current account’s nickname near the top right of the window to see the list of your accounts. Selecting an account opens a new Chrome window. Each tab you open in that window is automatically logged into the selected Google account. You can toggle between Chrome’s windows to work within the other Google account.

🖌 The Paint Format tool in Google Docs can save you time when formatting text… #GoogleEDU #GSuiteEdu

Google Maps gets a new look


Investing in Our Teachers by #Go(-ing)Open

This is the value of the teacher, who looks at a face and says there’s something behind that and I want to reach that person, I want to influence …


Five Google Drive templates for teachers

Google Docs, Sheets, Slides and Forms all have a range of great-looking templates that can help make teacher’s administrative work a bit quicker and …

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4 Ways to Play Videos in Google Docs

Google Docs lets you add lots of different content including text, links, images, emojis, tables, charts, and more. However, one thing we all wish we …

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Insert images more easily in Google Docs, Slides, and Drawings

A picture is worth a thousand words... especially when you can add it to your document, presentation, or drawing quickly and easily. That’s...

Hyperdocs: Create Interactive Google Docs

HyperDocs are an interactive Google Doc and provide teachers with a way of presenting information to students in a fun and engaging way. They replace …

👀 Google Slides now has a Grid view (no extension needed). Grid view makes it easier to view and reorder your slides. #gsuiteedu #googleEDU

Improvements in Google Classroom

Google Classroom has released a few updates recently that are small, but make it a little easier to use. Let's take a look at three of them. Google …

View and manage form responses - Docs editors Help

You can view and restrict replies to a form with Google Forms.<p>View responses<p>You can see responses to your form in 4 ways:<p>Open a form in Google …

#ISTE17 San Antonio

Matching was always one of my favorite games when I was young. I could play it for hours. As a classroom teacher, I used to love to incorporate games …

7 Ways to Make the Most of Your Chrome Bookmarks Bar

1. Folders<p>It’s nice to have easy access to lots of sites, but that bookmarks bar can get crowded. Use Bookmark folders on your bar to categorize them …


Google and iOS 11 images (HEIC files)

<i>This post and tutorial originally appeared on my lab blog @HeathcoteTech:</i><br>The new operating system for the …


"One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" Sorting with Google Slides

With the <b>birthday of Dr. Seuss</b> coming up this week (March 2nd) millions of children will be doing activities related to many of his wonderful books. I …


Embedding Slides in “New” Google Sites

• Be sure that the Google Slides file has sharing settings that will allow the appropriate people to see it on the site. If your file is private and …


Expanded page hierarchy in the new Google Sites

We know that many of your sites require a deep page hierarchy. That’s why we’re making it possible to nest five levels of pages in the new Google …

Google Calendar gets a fresh new look

One of Google’s most-used (but least updated) apps just got a new coat of paint. Launched over a decade ago, Google Calendar, aka GCal, has coasted through existence with a series of mostly iterative updates. 2015 brought “reminders,” 2016 saw the launch of “goals” and AI-driven “smart …

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How to avoid a common Google Calendar mistake

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QR Code Generators and Readers for Chromebooks

Last week a teacher contacted me to see if it was possible to read QR codes with a Chromebook. I had never tried this myself, but I figured it was …

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PowerPoint has Slide Sorter view. Keynote has a Light Table view. Now Google Slides has Grid view. Whatever you call it, it’s handy to see your slides sequenced horizontally in a grid. The grid also makes it easy to change the order by simply dragging and dropping. To see Grid view, click Google Slides’ View menu and select Grid view. To return to the standard Flipstrip view, click the icon in the bottom left of the window.

Google Classroom Try It Do It

I LOVE Google Classroom! It is a simple tool for teachers to learn and use. It is a powerful tool and it can become the digital hub of your classroom.<p>…

Making Posters with Google Drawings

As mentioned in earlier blog posts, Google has loads of awesome tools, but one thing that seems to be missing is a dedicated <b>desktop publishing app</b> to …


Since you can enter emojis pretty much anywhere you can enter text, you can use them to add visual cues, illustrations, and emphasis in Google Classroom. I choose an emoji to represent each topic I add to a class. I also choose an emoji to represent each post. Not only do emojis help visually differentiate my posts, Google Classroom includes an assignment post’s emoji in notifications, emails, and class calendar. The emoji becomes the mascot for that assignment. 👍


Where do I find Hyperdocs?<p>Primary Examples:<p>Intermediate Examples:<p>The book that started it all!<p>Hyperdoc PD in Action: