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YouTube's built-in video editor is going away in September

Do you use YouTube's own web-based video editor to cut together your YouTube videos?<p>Statistically, you probably don't. Google has noticed that less than 0.1 percent of all YouTube creators are using that particular feature, and so it -- and YouTube's Photo Slideshows feature, which I can't say I've …

Video Editor

Welcome to Outer Space View

<i>Editor’s note: Starting today, you can now explore the International Space Station in Street View in Google Maps. Thomas Pesquet, Astronaut at the</i> …


Send and receive chat messages in Hangouts Meet

Sharing written communication is a critical part of successful meetings. Meeting participants may want to share links, chime in when they c...

Adventures Abound: Explore Google Expeditions On Your Own

Google Expeditions makes it possible for teachers to take their classrooms on virtual reality field trips to amazing places like the Taj Mahal or …


Google Sites Tutorial

Google Sites has been redesigned from the ground up. It is now an easy to use tool that creates beautiful, professional looking websites in just a …

☑️ Set a minimum or maximum character count for a response in Google Forms. The form won't submit unless the response fits the rule.

🎨 How to make a colorful Venn diagram in Google Drawings... (works in Google Slides, too) #classygraphics #gpsummit

5 New Google Forms Features

Earlier today Google announced the release of five new features for Google Forms users. Four of the five new features are significant for most users. …

Google Forms Updates

I so love Google forms and use them all the time!<p>The new features in Google forms that have been released lately are AWESOME!<p>Below are two of my …


How to update a PDF in Google Drive without replacing the link

Google Drive

How to Create Stop Motion Videos on a Chromebook

Last night I published an article about the Stop Motion Animator Chrome app. To clarify some of the nuances of using that app, in particular the …


Introducing Backup and Sync for Google Photos and Google Drive

You probably keep your most important files and photos in different places—your computer, your phone, various SD cards, and that digital camera you …


DriveSlides is a free extension for the Chrome browser that turns a folder of images into a slideshow. After installing, it’s very simple to use: While viewing a Google Drive folder with images, simply click the DriveSlides button. Within a few seconds a new Google Slides presentation opens and each image in the folder has been placed on its own slide. It would take a good bit of time to accomplish what DriveSlides does with one click.

Smarter Google Forms to save you time

Google Forms makes it easy to collect information, plan events, solicit feedback, and more. Today, we’re adding new features and using mach...

Easily turn a Google™ Spreadsheet into a Set of Online Flashcards and Other Cool Stuff

Flippity Flashcards<p>Easily turn a Google spreadsheet into a set of<br>online flashcards.<p>The fastest way to get up and running with Flippity.<p>Flippity Quiz …

Google looks to make Chrome OS much more touch-friendly than before

Traditional, non-touchscreen Chrome OS were very popular in the past, but partly due to the inclusion of Android app support, Google has slowly made its desktop operating system more touch-friendly over the years. That trend looks to continue with an updated look and feel that make Chrome OS more …


Print and export as PDF

Awesome Table can be used to create beautiful <b>printable documents</b> from simple data in a spreadsheet. It can be especially useful within organisations …


⚙️ Set a Google Form to give instructions and a clickable link after the form is submitted... #gsuiteedu #googleedu #gafe

How to Create Your Own Placemarks in the New Google Earth

A new version of Google Earth was released yesterday. In my initial review of it I was excited that it now works in your web browser while also being …

My First Impression of Book Creator for Chromebooks

As a 1:1 Chromebook district, we are continually looking for ways to unleash our students' creativity on a laptop-style device. As Chromebooks become …

iOS Apps

Love the new updates to Sheets @GoogleForEdu - Don't see the chart you want? Type it into explore & voilà! #gttribe Storytelling w/ data.

I know I've been off the grid, but love the update to get to presenter controls on @GoogleForEdu #Slides now! #easy #mwgs #gpsummit #itecia

Here Are 3 Chromebooks That Are Great 10.5-inch iPad Pro Alternatives

There is no doubt that the 10.5-inch iPad Pro is Apple’s most capable tablet to date. Featuring a 10.5-inch Retina Display with an astounding 120Hz …


16 Ideas for Student Projects using Google Docs, Slides, and Forms

<b>As you probably know, Google Drive is far more than a place to store files online.</b> It also includes a suite of versatile creation tools, many of …

🎨 Did you know you can change the background of a Google Doc? #gsuiteedu #googleedu #gafe

When authoring a Google Form you can set rules that people have to follow when they fill out your form. One of the rules you can set is a minimum or maximum character length for a response. Here’s how: After adding a Short Answer or Paragraph question to a form, click the three dots in the bottom right of the question’s box. Click Response Validation, and change the first pop-up field to Length. Choose Maximum Character Count or Minimum Character Count and input a number. Then enter a message for the Custom Error Text. Now when someone fills out your form, it cannot be submitted until that response meets the rule you set. A maximum character length is helpful when you want students to be brief in their responses. A minimum character length invites students to write more.

Hub Tutorial

Microsoft Word