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Blurring The Line Between Rhythm And Solos [Lessons]

<b>Practice Tips</b>: In this lesson we are going to talk about what type of playing you use to express yourself. Whether is rhythm or lead is important to …

The Simple Exercise That Makes You Play Melodic [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: Today we will be talking about a famous lick by Eric Johnson that opened the doors to a world of musical possibilities for me.

The Doors

Want To Master Two-way Pickslanting For Maximum Shred Powers? Learn This Lick! [Lessons]

<b>Guitar Techniques</b>: Hey guys! When Troy Grady unveiled his incredible Cracking the Code series on Youtube, he exposed us all to the secrets of the …


5 Must-Know Hand Care Tips For Guitarists [Lessons]

<b>For Beginners</b>:

Riff Rundown: Melvins' Edgar the Elephant


What the Ell? How to Keep Your Chops Up on the Road

<b>Chops:</b> Beginner <b><br>Theory:</b> Beginner <b><br>Lesson Overview:</b><br>• Develop a systematic approach to practicing.<br>• Improve your alternate picking and string skipping.<br>• …

Electric Guitar

This Simple Trick Will Make Your Guitar Sing! [Lessons]

<b>Practice Tips</b>: In this lesson I will show you an awesome trick for getting unstuck when you are writing a piece of music.


What Scale Should I Use Here? [Lessons]

<b>Music Theory Tips</b>: Which scale I'm using? is probably one on the questions I get asked the most. In this lesson I want to show you why you probably …

Crafting Melodic Themes Masterclass [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: One of the most asked questions I get is how you come up with melodies. The first thing I do is to put away the instrument to get rid of any …

Riff Rundown: Mastodon's "Roots Remain"

Bill Kelliher elaborates how he uses open notes, bends, and hammer-ons for this <i>Emperor of Sand</i> track.

Gibson Les Paul

How Yngwie Malmsteen Unleashes the Fury

So how exactly does the undisputed king of neo-classical shred do his thing? It’s mostly a combination of magic, dragons, and some hellacious picking.

Electric Guitar

Learn Finger-Plucked Blues Guitar [Lessons]

<b>Guitar Styles</b>: Learn how to take a standard 12-bar Blues harmony from within the key of “A Blues” and change it up so that it gets performed on …

Blues Music

Improve The Dynamics In Your Guitar Performance With These Exercises [Lessons]

<b>Music Theory Tips</b>: You can really tell a great guitar player apart from the rest by the subtleties in their playing. Of course, who doesn't enjoy …


How To Learn To Play Guitar As A Beginner [Lessons]

<b>For Beginners</b>: Steps to learn to play guitar as a beginner.


Learn To Guitar Solo [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: If you'd like to learn all about the collection of the basic skills involved with playing guitar solos, this lesson post is going to be …

Guitar Solos

Where Are You Going With This? (A Lesson On Improvisation) [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: In this video we are going to talk about an important topic for improvising and that is having a thread that conducts your musical ideas.

How To Solo In Multiple Keys - Fusion Concepts #3 [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: In this third lesson on soloing over multiple keys we are going to take a different approach. Instead of thinking in terms of scales and …

Stuff Mastodon Does [Lessons]

<b>Guitar Styles</b>: Hey kids! Do you like Mastodon? Do you like stuff??? Do you want to learn what Stuff Mastodon Does??!?! If so, Uncle Ben has the …


Twang 101: How to solo over “Folsom Prison Blues”

Develop a strategy to methodically work through the changes of Johnny Cash’s classic jam.

Electric Guitar

How To Solo In Multiple Keys Fusion Concepts #2 [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: In this lesson we will be dealing with improvising over three different keys.

How To Solo In Multiple Keys - Fusion Concepts #1 [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: In this lesson we are going to talk about playing in two different keys.

Riff Rundown: Between the Buried and Me's "Telos"

Dustie Waring challenges your picking-hand efficiency with this ripping speed-metal number off <i>The Parallax II: Future Sequence</i>.

Gibson Les Paul

The Subversive Guitarist: Trapped in a Box!

Do you feel like you play the same things every time you pick up the guitar? This exclusive new <i>PG</i> column by Joe Gore can help.


Learn The Number One Exercise So You Never Miss A String With Your Picking Hand Again [Lessons]

<b>Practice Tips</b>: I'll explain in a video and article how to get rid of this messy guitar playing.

Guitar Playing

How To Play Over Maj7#5 Chords - Improvisation Masterclass #7 [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: Today we are going to discuss the augmented chord in our series about playing over single chords.

How To Make Chord Tone Soloing On Guitar Easy [Lessons]

<b>Music Theory Tips</b>: "I am playing the right scale over this backing track, but it still does not sound good" is something I heard from more than one …


Improvise With The Blues Scale In 2 Positions On The Fretboard [Lessons]

<b>Guitar Scales And Modes</b>: The blues scale is created by adding an extra note to the minor pentatonic scale. Below is a diagram of the guitar freboard …


How To Play Over MMaj7 Chords - Improvisation Masterclass #6 [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: In our ongoing series about playing over single chords the turn today is for the mMaj7 chords.

How To Play Over Diminished Chords - Improvisation Masterclass #5 [Lessons]

<b>Soloing</b>: The Diminished chord is super tense and that means that we have a lot of options available to us.

Dexterity Exercises - Solution for Sloppy Guitar Players | Guitar Lesson

Here's a lesson that does more than just show you a few dexterity exercises. This post is going to teach you the THREE elements that make a …

Electric Guitar