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Switzerland begins postal delivery by drone

Switzerland’s postal service said on Tuesday it had begun testing parcel deliveries by unmanned drones, although widespread use of the flying postmen is not likely to kick in for another five years.

Postal service executives showed off the drones for the first time on Tuesday and said initial tests …


This ultrasound technology can turn TV screens into malleable surfaces

As much as the displays we use for our home computers, TVs and smartphones have become clearer, higher resolution, and much more interactive thanks …

Augmented Reality

Meanwhile in the Future: Extreme Body Modification

We all want to be our best selves. But what if you could add almost anything to your body and mind? A camera here, an exoskeleton there. This is the …

Body Modification

Forget Siri, DARPA wants to build a personal assistant that can read your mind

It's the age of the smart device. From Apple's Siri to the Amazon Echo, helpful personal assistants are being built into the world around us.

While we are still waiting for Siri to get a little better, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) wants to go a step further — they want to …

Personal Assistants

Is this the design for the first road-ready 3D-printed car?

The future of driving may not just be autonomous, it could be 3D printed.

This week, Local Motors, the company that brought you the world’s first 3D-printed car (the Strati), took another significant step forward on the road to highway-ready 3D printed vehicles: On Tuesday, it awarded 39-year-old …

Volkswagen Promises Battery Breakthrough for Electric Cars (And a Weird Little Scooter)

Photo: VolkswagenBattery technology has advanced to the point where consumer vehicles like the Tesla Model S can go between 300 and 450 kilometers on …


Getting a checkup will be very different in the not-so-distant future

Sometime in the not-so-distant future, getting a checkup will be very different.

When the doctor writes down your symptoms, it will be cross-checked with others in your area, making it easier to identify outbreaks and epidemics sooner. If you complain of shortness of breath, your phone’s heart rate …

The Future

This Lamp Runs On Salt Water

Got some water? Got some salt? Now you also have a light.

As you can imagine of a country that is spread over more than 7,000 islands, many people in the Philippines aren't hooked up to the power grid, so a common light source is the relatively dangerous kerosene lamp. In addition to the fire risk, …


Philips’ LED-based indoor farm could change the food industry, aid in world hunger crisis

The world’s population keeps growing and we keep using up the Earth’s land to grow more food – so what happens when traditional agriculture can no …


Amazon Web Services adds more fine-grained controls for provisioning cloud infrastructure with Auto Scaling

Market-leading public cloud Amazon Web Services today announced an improvement of its Auto Scaling feature that could prove useful to companies that depend on Amazon to keep their applications running, no matter what happens. Now it’s possible to set fine-grained policies for what to do with …


A visual tour of the Pokémon Research Lab

There's no better way to inspire children into a career in animal taxonomy and species classification than Pokémon. Possibly. A temporary Pokémon Lab in Japan is opening its doors to wannabe researchers (and their parents), offering them a Poké ball and 12 different stations to test and identify the …


As Reddit Burns, Some Hard-Earned Lessons on Building an Open Community

Last week, Reddit, the user-submitted news site known as the “front page of the Internet,” was thrown into chaos after the firing of a popular administrator. In a sign of solidarity, Reddit’s unpaid moderators revolted, shutting off access to some of the sites most popular communities, many with …

Big History

Hyped Up: Startups Race To Bring The Hyperloop To Life

The audacious plan to build a train that travels 760 mph

Maybe it was the Guns N’ Roses pumping from the speakers. Or maybe it was the spell of Dubai itself, a newly minted megalopolis whose explosion from the Arabian sands screamed that the past was dead and the future had arrived. Whatever it was, …


Boeing just patented a jet engine powered by lasers and nuclear explosions

Last week, the US Patent and Trademark Office approved an application from Boeing's Robert Budica, James Herzberg, and Frank Chandler for a laser-and-nuclear driven airplane engine.

With airplane makers constantly on the look out for new and more efficient ways to power their products, this laser …


NASA Is Seriously Considering Terraforming Part of the Moon With Robots

The robots shall inherit the moon

Announced yesterday, NASA is moving ahead with funding to study several ambitious space research projects, including one that would transform an inhospitable lunar crater into a habitat for robots — and eventually, human explorers. Located on the moon’s South Pole, …

Moon Missions

Leap Motion's Augmented-Reality Computing Looks Stupid Cool

We have a habit of filling new technologies with old ideas. Television borrowed from vaudeville in its early days. Personal computers were built …

Virtual Reality

Netflix Moves Into Original Feature Films, Starting This October

Netflix is ready to become a home for feature films, giving the industry a new outlet for movie production in an era of declining ticket sales – a trend that has led to a large influx of what studios’ believe will be sure-fire hits, like remakes and sequels. The first film out of the gate is …


Can you spot the important change in Facebook’s friends icon?

Did you notice that the little, unassuming “Friends” icon in the upper right corner of your Facebook has undergone a major makeover?

Caitlin Winner, a design manager at Facebook, wrote in a Medium post today that she noticed something off about how the faceless silhouettes of a man and a woman were …


Uber’s China Rival Said to Raise Funds From Ping An, Capital

Didi Kuaidi, the Chinese car-booking business, has attracted funding from Ping An Insurance (Group) Co. and Capital International Private Equity …


Showtime now available on Apple TV w/o a cable subscription, iOS app soon

CBS’s channel Showtime is now available on Apple TV. The company this morning began rolled out its version of the service that does not require a cable subscription. Instead, users simply pay $11 per month for the service, after a 30-day free trial.

In addition to coming to Apple TV, a new Showtime …


You can now subscribe to Showtime online

Showtime is now offering an online subscription, allowing customers to watch its shows and movies without also getting cable. The subscription is being offered through a few different apps and sites, including Showtime's iPhone and iPad apps, the Apple TV, Roku, Hulu, and PlayStation Vue. The …


SurveyMonkey appoints former HP COO Bill Veghte as new CEO

Online survey platform SurveyMonkey announced today the person who succeeds Dave Goldberg as CEO. Bill Veghte, Hewlett-Packard’s former COO and lead of its enterprise group, will take over SurveyMonkey starting August 3. He has also been named as a board member, joining newly installed directors …

Sheryl Sandberg

5 Incredible Trends That Will Shape Our 3D Printed Future

Self-repairing pipes. Printed organs. Bulletproof t-shirts. Seriously?

In April I was asked to speak at the annual TED conference in Vancouver (following Bill Gates…gulp) on the topic of 3D printing production and its implications. I have detailed my thoughts on why the shift to 3D printing …

The Future

Tiny wires could provide a big energy boost

Wearable electronic devices for health and fitness monitoring are a rapidly growing area of consumer electronics; one of their biggest limitations is …

Emerging Technology

NASA funds low-cost probes and other futuristic space tech

Low-cost probes, an extraterrestrial submarine and spacecraft propelled by electric sails: these are but three of the seven projects moving on to Phase II of NASA's Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program. All the entries have only just begun development, since the program's specifically meant …


The inventor that inspired Elon Musk and Larry Page predicted smartphones nearly 100 years ago

Nikola Tesla was a famous 20th century Serbian-American scientist who is most famous for designing the alternating current (AC) electricity supply system.

The world-famed engineer could speak in eight languages, had an eidetic memory and held 300 patents by the time he died. His name was borrowed …

Elon Musk

10 things in tech you need to know today

Good morning! Here are the 10 things in tech you need to know today.

1. In celebration of its 20th birthday, Amazon has declared July 15 "Prime Day," a day of sales that will have "more deals than Black Friday." Starting at midnight on July 15, Prime members can shop from thousands of deals …

Edward Snowden

How Microsoft plans to make HoloLens attractive for business

The software giant is turning to academia to help research how its augmented reality device can be used for business-related applications.

Microsoft has big plans in store for its upcoming augmented reality device HoloLens that go beyond video games and Minecraft.

The software giant wants HoloLens to …

Augmented Reality

Army scientists build smaller, tougher, cheaper solar cells

Army researchers at the Redstone Arsenal have announced a significant breakthrough in solar energy production. They've created a photovoltaic solar panel that is smaller, more robust and less expensive to build and operate than any other panel currently available. Virtually every solar panel …

Renewable Energy