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What The Apple Watch Could Be

What is the Apple Watch? The simple answer is Apple’s first smartwatch. In fact Apple calls it its “most personal device ever”. But early reviewers have wrestled with the raison d’être of the Apple Watch.

“Do you want another tiny computer in your life that you have to worry about and charge every …

Apple Watch

Jay Z's Tidal CEO Leaves Company Amid Staff 'Streamlining'

"We're streamlining the company and refocusing our resources to ensure the platform continues to grow, and listeners can make a connection to their favorite artists. No one else is doing this," interim CEO Peter Tonstad says

Less than a month into Jay Z's Tidal reign, the rapper is already effecting …


Three Weeks After Launch, Vessel Gets Another $57.5 Million In Funding Led By IVP

Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has an ambitious plan for transforming the way we think about online video. His new startup Vessel is taking some of the same basic concepts that were successful in getting people to pay to watch streaming versions of their favorite TV shows on Hulu and applying it to …


Google's Project Loon Close to Launching Thousands of Internet Balloons

Whether you think Google's plan to provide Internet to far-flung regions via thousands of weather balloons is audacious genius or misguided boondoggle, there's no denying it's a fascinating engineering project. Project Loon doesn't just fill wireless-equipped balloons with helium and send them on …


Satellite photo shows Tesla's secretive 'gigafactory' in the Nevada desert

Like any good Elon Musk project, there's a hint of magic to Tesla's planned "gigafactory" — it is secretive, ambitious and definitely larger than life.

Hidden away in the Nevada desert, construction of the gigafactory has been underway since last July. A February satellite image provided to Mashable

Elon Musk

We’re not talking about what VR is doing to our eyes … and our brains


OK, so it’s pretty funny seeing someone

after trying a virtual reality headset for the first time. But with companies like Facebook, Valve, and Sony all pushing to bring their own VR solutions to a mainstream market — worth an estimated $30 billion by 2020 — maybe we should have more concern …

Virtual Reality

Inconvenient truths about the Apple Watch

When Apple first showed off the Apple Watch, I was stunned. It looked glorious and larger than life. Shiny and precision-machined. Like an object …


Apple considering how best to add Force Touch to iPhone 6s

Apple is reportedly testing two different designs for incorporating Apple Watch-style Force Touch technology into its next iPhone, according to a new report citing the Taiwanese supply chain.

With around five months until the next iPhone is unveiled, Apple is apparently experimenting with different …


Nvidia could be the next big thing in gaming. Here's why.

The Santa Clara, Calif., -based computer chip manufacturing company is launching a gaming console with a new business model that’s poised to leapfrog right over Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo.

Nvidia wants to do for gaming what Spotify did for music.

Jen-Hsun Huang, CEO and co-founder of the chipset …


Here’s how Apple Pay will win with small merchants

A couple of days ago, I stopped into my little neighborhood market to pick up a paper, and I noticed a new credit card reader sitting on the counter. It looked a lot like the old one, but it had an Apple Pay symbol on it.

I asked Les (the proprietor) if it cost a lot to put in a new point-of-sale …

Apple Pay

French Senate Backs Bid To Force Google To Disclose Search Algorithm Workings

It’s been a bad week for Google in Europe, with the Competition Commission on Wednesday adopting a Statement of Objections regard its shopping comparison service — marking an escalation of a five-year long antitrust investigation. The Competition Commissioner also launched a parallel in-depth probe …


Bringing Apple Pay to other countries will be an agonizingly long process

Apple Pay might be the most popular mobile payments solution to date, despite having been available only in the U.S. for a few months, but Apple may …

Apple Pay

Locking Yourself In This Cage Will Lock Out Digital Spies

Your curtains may be closed, but how many devices in your home are still seeing inside?

The home used to be a private escape. With the pull of a curtain, you could seal yourself off from the outside world. But now with the rise of smartphones, Nest thermostats, Kinect cameras, and Amazon Echos, …


This Robotic Hand Is Inspired By A Chameleon’s Tongue

The FlexShapeGripper is like your very own chameleon tongue, except it can pick up much more than insects.

For creatures without opposable thumbs, chameleons are exceptionally good at reaching out and grabbing things. That's thanks to their very special tongues. At one and a half times a chameleon's …


Jumping Off the Hype Train: Are Flagship Smartphones Still Worth Buying?

5 Ways The New MacBook Could Be Better!

The single-person social network is a strangely beautiful thing

I’m the kid who never learned how to play with other kids. My cousins lived in the big city, and the majority of my schoolmates were in another town, so I ended up developing single-player versions of most board games. All it took was a little bit of imagination and a healthy disregard for the …

Social Media

'Star Wars' has an amazing new droid: How does the BB-8 work in real life?

Star Wars obsession is a totally natural and not at all life-threatening condition, but it will make you fixate on minutiae. For die-hard fans, Thursday was a day full of Star Wars minutiae to mull over. In addition to an action-packed second teaser trailer, we got a live glimpse of the rolling BB-8 …

Star Wars

Google Replaces A Site’s URL In Search Results & Uses Its Site Name & Breadcrumb Path

Google announced they’ve begun replacing the URL within the search result snippet area with a site name and breadcrumb path. This only impacts the …


EV owners in San Francisco can now recharge their cars off the grid with solar energy

As of today, electric vehicle owners in San Francisco can revitalize their car's battery at any of three off-the-grid charging stations powered entirely by solar energy. For free. The Level 2 charging stations are the work of a company called Envision Solar; San Francisco's Department of the …


Apple Pay Plans to Launch in Canada This Fall

Apple Inc. is planning to launch its mobile payments service in Canada this fall, marking the start of its international expansion of Apple Pay, according to people familiar with the matter.

The company is in negotiations with Canada’s six biggest banks about a potential November launch of the …

Apple Pay

Canada's banks form consortium to deal with Apple Pay: reports

Apple Pay is coming to Canada, and by the looks of it Canadian banks are keen to avoid the mistakes made by U.S. banks during the initial roll-out of the mobile payment service last year.

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Canada’s Big Six banks are negotiating with Apple Inc. about a …

Apple Pay

Coin, the universal credit card, finally ships

The crowd-funded universal credit card finally becomes available.

When Coin debuted two years ago, it promised to streamline your wallet by putting all of your credit cards, debit cards and gift cards on a single credit card-like device. After shipment delay last year, Coin is finally shipping its …

Coin Collecting

Cybercriminals Had Banner Year in 2014, Symantec Report Says

Cybercrime is on the rise and the criminals are finding new ways to attack us.

The 2015 Internet Security Threat Report from Symantec (makers of Norton security software) released on Tuesday characterizes 2014 as a year with "far-reaching vulnerabilities, faster attacks, files held for ransom and …


Star Wars: Battlefront looks just like the movies, and it’s coming November 17th

I remember the first time I played Star Wars: Dark Forces back in 1995. It’s an oldie, but it was a goodie: a first-person shooter that put you inside a little corner of the Star Wars universe, where you could battle it out with blasters and thermal detonators to your heart’s content. It was …

Star Wars

It's staggering how good 'Furious 7' stars are on social media

Vin Diesel, Jason Statham, The Rock, and other stars of the "Furious" movies are much bigger on social media than any other ensemble movie — yes, even "The Avengers."

Crowdtangle provided some data on how they compare in followers:

What makes the "Furious" family so good? Here's some insight from …

Social Media

Steve Wozniak didn’t have time to buy an Apple Watch

If you were to look at Steve Wozniak’s wrist today, you would see a very unusual watch. It lights up only when he lifts his wrist, costs over $350 and is hand-crafted. It’s also not an Apple Watch.

“March and April are the two busiest months of my life each year,” explained the Apple co-founder who …

Apple Watch

Bell faces $750-million lawsuit over tracking of customer’s cellphone Internet usage

A national class-action lawsuit has been filed against Bell Canada over alleged breaches of privacy arising from its recently discontinued target ads program.

The suit against subsidiaries of Bell alleges that the defendants used the program to track, collect and sell the sensitive account and …

News (Canada)

Spotify, Rdio, Beats Music, and more: How to get started with subscription music services

Need help getting started on all-you-can-stream services like Spotify and Beats Music? This primer fills you in on the good and the bad of …