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I Went to the Drone World Expo and Saw the Future. It Sounds Like Bees

Standing in front of a drone in a mesh cage, a somewhat nervous man with a somewhat Southern accent tells us about his machine, which a pilot is …


Goodbye apps, hello smart agents: Are you ready for the post-app world?

Anyone who has a smartphone bursting with downloaded apps is a rare breed – and getting rarer. Apps are on the wane. According to analysts at …


Ultrasonic, Highly Sensitive Graphene Microphones Developed By Researchers

Graphene, a technological innovation from the University of Manchester that won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2010, has been used to develop tough …


My weekend with Pepper, the world's first humanoid robot with emotions

An ambitious first step towards a new generation of household robots, Pepper talks, dances and feels. Danielle Demetriou took him home for a stay with her family

My house guest is not happy. This may be because my three-year-old is looping purple plastic necklaces around his neck while ordering him …


New Desalinating System Uses Shockwaves For Turning Salt Water Into Drinking Water

Researchers at MIT’s Department of Chemical Engineering have discovered a new way to remove salt from ocean and brackish water. If it works on a …


15 astounding technologies that DARPA is working on right now

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is responsible for some of the world's most significant scientific and technological breakthroughs.

DARPA has had a hand in major inventions like GPS, the internet, and stealth aircraft. And it's always developing new technologies — military or …

Military Aircraft

Scientists have discovered a material that could create quantum optical computers

When people talk about the next-generation of computers, they're usually referring to one of two things: quantum computers – devices that will have …


Best Tablets: Holiday 2015

After kicking off our yearly holiday guides with a look at some of the best Android smartphones on the market, it's time to take a look at the best …


Target Sold an iPad Every Second on Thanksgiving

Target has announced a strong start to Black Friday sales with its most popular items being the Apple Watch and Apple iPads, Beats Solo 2 headphones, …

Wii U

Apple To Abandon Headphone Jack? Leak Reveals Massive Gamble

17 months ago, I called it. Apple opened up its MFi (Made For) licensing program to include headphones which use its proprietary Lightning port and I predicted this would lead to it replacing the standard 3.5mm headphone jack “in a few years”. Now this move looks to be underway…

Picked up by the …


Toymaker VTech says data was stolen from its kiddie app store

VTech, the brand best known for its electronic kid's toys and cordless phones, said Friday that hackers had earlier this month stolen some of its customer data. While VTech is hardly the first company to see its user info compromised, the target here was relatively unusual: an app store for …

App Store

The NSA's bulk metadata collection authority just expired. What now?

The language in the US Justice Department statement is far from inspiring, written in bland legalese, but it still represents an important victory for the whistleblower Edward Snowden.

The statement, dated 28 November 2015, says: “Final temporary reauthorization of the Section 215 bulk telephony …


This is the biggest shift going on in artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is making huge strides in problems that have traditionally plagued the field by harnessing the power of machine learning, a statistical method that relies on a lot of data.

Machine learning superficially mimics the interconnected structure of the human brain, but beyond …


21 technology tipping points we will reach by 2030

From driverless cars to robotic workers, the future is going to be here before you know it.

Many emerging technologies that you hear about today will reach a tipping point by 2025, according to a recent report from The World Economic Forum’s Global Agenda Council on the Future of Software & …


Sleek Valkyrie Private Plane Lets You Fly in Style

So you're thinking about buying yourself a private plane — but who wants a dusty old Cessna or Mooney? Anyone who's anyone is getting a Valkyrie. This ultra-fancy new private plane from Cobalt looks more like a spaceship than a propeller-driven aircraft, and if it comes to a race, the Valkyrie …


China joins hunt for extra-terrestrials with FAST - the world's biggest-ever telescope

The massive structure will allow scientists to gather signals from tens of billions of light years away when it is completed in 2016

China is in the final stages of building the world's largest-ever radio telescope, which will give Beijing a leading role in space research and the hunt for …


These 15 sci-fi books actually predicted the future

Does science fiction predict the future or does it merely inspire future discoveries?

That’s the question these 15 books force readers to ask themselves as they read about computer hackers, bionic limbs, and iPads, all thought up by authors decades and sometimes centuries before the inventions were …

Science Fiction

Samsung T1 Portable 500GB USB 3.0 External SSD (MU-PS500B/AM)

• Super fast read-write speeds of up to 450 MB/s driven by Turbo Write Technology.
• Easy Password Protection - Embedded AES 256 bit encryption for …

DJI gets serious about drones with its new $15,000 MG-1 for agriculturists

Most drones sold today are designed for recreational use: flying it around your backyard or shooting videos of your outdoor adventures. But it’s not all fun and games. DJI has entered agricultural airspace with its new Agras MG-1, a $15,000 crop sprayer.

The Chinese manufacturer’s latest offering is …


How Video Games Are Helping New Orleans Rebuild

A decade after Katrina, the Crescent City has turned to video game developers for new growth.

New Orleans is celebrating 10 years of growth post-Katrina. One of the economic areas the city, as well as the state of Louisiana, has focused on since the Category 5 hurricane caused an estimated $150 …

New Orleans

Microsoft's Xbox One Elite console is worth the extra cash

Microsoft’s Xbox One console hasn’t changed much since its introduction two years ago. It’s still a big black set-top box that will dominate your living room, but Microsoft has a new, slightly more powerful version available this month. The Xbox One Elite console switches out the traditional 512GB …


Astronomers watch black hole burp after eating a star

Scientists have for the first time witnessed a black hole swallow a star and then quickly eject a flare of stellar debris moving at nearly light …

Space Science

Why, in 2015, is ripping CDs still illegal in the UK?

The UK government has dropped attempts to change UK-specific law that makes ripping CDs illegal

You may not know it, but copying music CDs onto your computer, or making copies of your digital music files, is illegal under UK law.

Despite the Government's efforts to update the law to reflect how …

Law (UK)

Forget Wi-Fi: You may soon access the internet via ordinary light bulbs

Light-speed internet may be upon us. A technology called “Li-Fi” uses light waves from ordinary LED light bulbs to deliver internet connectivity that that is cheaper, more secure and 100 times faster that broadband internet.

Velmini—a tech company in Tallinn, Estonia—is the first to test visible …


Amazon Instant Video app to launch on tvOS ‘within a few weeks’

Since the new Apple TV launched last month, one notably missing app has been Amazon Video. There’s been a lot of speculation as to what the reasoning for the unexplained absence, with some accusing Apple of blocking Amazon from launching the app on tvOS and others accusing Amazon of not developing …


Legal Streaming: Build Your Audience Without Getting GG’ed

Tens of thousands of broadcasters, game developers and fans converged on San Francisco’s Moscone Center during TwitchCon 2015 — Twitch’s inaugural celebration for the video game streaming community.

Since its launch in 2007, Twitch has grown into the world’s most popular streaming platform for video …


Future of human gene editing to be decided at landmark summit

The question could hardly be more profound. Having stumbled upon a simple means to make precise changes to the code of life, should humans take control of their genetic fate, and rewrite the DNA of future generations?

Once an idea explored only in fiction, the prospect is now a real one. The …


Silicon Valley exploits time and space to extend frontiers of capitalism

The US Congress quietly passed an important piece of legislation this month. The Space Resource Exploration and Utilisation Act – yet to be signed by Barack Obama – grants American companies unconstrained rights to the mining of any resources – from water to gold. The era of space exploration is …


My phone is finally replacing my wallet… and it’s brilliant

At some point in the past year, my phone went from ‘useful communications tool that I mainly use for email and Twitter’ to ‘truly viable wallet replacement.’

For years we’ve been promised a ‘mobile-first’ future of payments, where just about any transaction you need to do can be done most easily on …