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Obama Issues Gun Control Executive Order

Hillary Clinton's entire Planned Parenthood speech

Donald Trump on Dr. Oz Show says Birth Control "should not be done by prescription"

Hillary Clinton on Gun Control - Late Night with Seth Meyers

Donald Trump On Firearms

No, Donald Trump Can't Overturn Roe v. Wade Overnight—But He Can Severely Limit Your Reproductive Rights

Throughout his campaign (and in his first interview as president-elect), Donald Trump has repeatedly vowed to overturn <i>Roe vs. Wade</i>—and take additional actions to curtail reproductive rights. Women’s reproductive health care options are bleak already—since 2011, 320 abortion restrictions have been …

Health Care

10 Things Every Woman Should Know About Birth Control and Abortion Access Under Trump

With a Republican in the White House and Republican majorities in both houses of Congress, it will be a totally different landscape for reproductive rights.<p>The dust is still settling after Election Day 2016, and the one thing everyone can agree on is that it will be a completely different landscape …


Five Fast Gun Reforms President Trump Will Sign Into Law

President-Elect Donald Trump stunned the world last night with a commanding upset victory over the heavy favorite, Democrat Hillary Clinton. In …

What Trump Can Undo On Day One, According To The Congressional Research Service

The Obama legacy wasn’t built in a day, and it will take Donald Trump more than a day to tear it down, despite his promise to rescind many of President Obama’s actions on day one.<p>Trump can rescind Obama’s executive actions with a stroke of the pen, but according to the Congressional Research …

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Trump Moves To Destroy Public Education

In the last two weeks Donald Trump has backtracked, charmed, fudged, modified, and hedged on positions he took during his campaign for president. Some critics, like the <i>New York Times</i>, even start to hope a Trump presidency might not be as bad as they initially feared. Trump will probably never …


It turns out we should have taken Trump literally as well as seriously

He’s really doing what he said.<p>In one of the better stories written about Donald Trump’s core base of supporters during the 2016 campaign, the Atlantic’s Salena Zito observed that while the national media had a tendency to take Trump literally without taking his presidential ambitions seriously, …

Donald Trump

‘I will give you everything.’ Here are 282 of Donald Trump’s campaign promises.

In Donald Trump’s final days on the campaign trail, he promised his supporters that “every dream you ever dreamed for your country” will come true if he becomes president — one of dozens of sweeping promises he made and is now expected to fulfill.<p>In January, I compiled a list of 76 campaign …


Trump Won With One of the Lowest Percentages of the Popular Vote in History

Donald Trump lost so badly that if he wins the electoral vote on December 19, he will enter the White House with one of the lowest percentages of the …

Recount? Why Not.

This election is more than sketchy enough to warrant it.<p>So, what are we to make of Dr. Jill Stein's multi-state effort to audit/recount the vote in the presidential election? It is not impolite to wonder whether or not this is a way for Stein and the Green Party to finance another campaign in 2020, …


Trump Turned Away Intel Briefings But Spread A Rumor Made Popular By One Guy On Twitter

WASHINGTON ― President-elect Donald Trump falsely claimed on Sunday that “millions of people” voted illegally in the 2016 presidential election. In a conference call with reporters on Monday, Trump’s campaign team did not produce any evidence to support that allegation.<p>But the strangest thing about …

G4S Specialist Training

Bouncer Tactics: How To Escort Someone Out

Has the American “experiment” run its course? The empire of chaos has overtaken America

This election reveals that the United States is not impervious to existential threats<p><i>This piece originally appeared on TomDispatch.</i><p>The one thing you could say about empires is that, at or near their height, they have always represented a principle of order as well as domination. So here’s the …

Political Science

Democrats lack power, top leaders as they face a steep comeback

Just a week ago, political analysts believed that Hillary Clinton would deliver Democrats the presidency, and that the party would take control of …

Adobe hackers strike again: PR Newswire grovels to clients after latest hack'n'grab

PR Newswire has been forced to reset its clients' passwords following a security breach linked to the same hackers who smashed into Adobe earlier …


Lockheed Mounted A Laser Turret On Business Jet

Just for testing<p>Lasers could be the future of aerial warfare. Defense giant Lockheed Martin, which has already tested a directed energy weapon (or laser) on the ground, announced yesterday 60 successful tests of a laser turret on a business jet between 2014 and 2015. While the turret only fired a …


The Embraer Legacy 450 Business Jet Receives U.S. Certification

The mid-light jet makes travel a breeze for both passengers and pilots…<p>The Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer has achieved U.S. certification …

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