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LHC Re-creates First Moments Of The Universe And Sets New Energy Record

Big Bang Theory IRL

What was the universe like in the first few moments of its existence? We may not have a time machine to go back and witness that exact moment, but scientists are now able to recreate that brief and momentous time in the lab.

Today, the operators of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) …


Unusual Pits Discovered on Pluto

Why are there unusual pits on Pluto?


Watch Blue Origin’s surprise rocket launch and safe landing

The rocket firm owned by Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has just announced a successful test and historic landing of its New Shepard rocket

Jeff Bezos

Could Liquid Lakes Form on Mars Today?

Water from sources such as aquifers could last long enough to pool, with larger pools remaining liquid for at least a year, according to researchers


In 40 million years, Mars may have a ring (and one fewer moon)

Nothing lasts forever – especially Phobos, one of the two small moons orbiting Mars. The moonlet is spiraling closer and closer to the Red Planet on its way toward an inevitable collision with its host. But a new study suggests that pieces of Phobos will get a second life as a ring around the rocky …


See a whole day on Pluto in one NASA image

NASA's New Horizons spacecraft witnessed and photographed Pluto's rotation during a day in the life of the dwarf planet and its largest moon, …


Scientists say the universe has a ‘resolution limit’ that governs how far telescopes can see

Is it possible that those distant galaxies are just too far away to ever be seen clearly? That’s the suggestion of researchers at the National …


Animal That Survives in Space Has Weird DNA

The only animal known to survive the extreme environment of outer space without the help of special equipment turns out to have the most foreign DNA …


What else is possible if space and time can change?

Milky way over La Palma in the Canary Islands in Spain. Photo by Dominic Dähncke and Getty ImagesNicolaus Copernicus is famous for having suggested …


Earth May Wear An Invisible Fur Coat Made Of Dark Matter

Mysterious substance may form hairs that are hundreds of thousands of miles long

Regular matter--the stuff that makes up everything humans have ever seen or felt--makes up just 5 percent of the universe. The rest is made up of dark matter and dark energy.

Although we’ve never detected dark matter, …

Dark Matter

Astronomers share first images of new planet in formation

Australian and US scientists capture imagery of the accumulation of dust and gas particles onto a new planet, which is the process of formation

Astronomers have taken the first images of a planet still in formation, a discovery expected to shed light on how giant planets manage to beef up early in …


NASA, Russia working together again on a mission to explore Venus

Simulated global view of Venus, without its thick clouds, taken by the Magellan spacecraft. (credit: NASA/JPL)After more than a year on ice due to …


Tour the Orion Nebula in This Gorgeous Image

The Orion Nebula has taught astronomers a great deal about how stars are born and how planetary systems form.

Officially called M42, and also known …


Space meteorologists: Cloudy, with a chance of 8,600 kph winds?

For the first time, scientists have measured wind speeds on a planet outside the Earth’s solar system.


Journeys of a lifetime: 7 stories of how the cosmos made you

Find out how 13-billion-year-old calcium atoms forged in the stars got to be part of your bones – and how you may one day become stardust again

Water …

Solar System

Over a thousand years ago, the sun exploded — and changed life on Earth forever


New model explains how the Earth stole the Moon’s lighter elements

The Earth and its Moon are very similar in composition, a fact that's neatly explained by the idea that the two formed from the shared debris of a …


New Evidence Points To A Local Origin For Earth's Oceans

The origin of Earth’s water is a bit of a mystery. While water is common in our solar system, it’s much more common in the outer solar system, such as Jupiter’s moon Europa or Saturn’s moon Enceladus. Most of the worlds of the inner solar system are fairly dry. So how did Earth come to have large …


Astronomers find ‘surprise’ pulsar, ‘most important planet ever’ outside solar system

Space-watchers have a lot of news to digest after the discoveries of a new pulsar in a faraway galaxy. A Venus-like exoplanet was also spotted, a mere 39 light-years away, and a rocky dwarf planet in our own solar system.

NASA announced on Thursday that its Fermi space telescope has found a …

Space Science

Construction Begins On The Giant Magellan Telescope

When it's finished, it'll be the largest in the world, and up to 10x sharper than Hubble

You can get a great view of the stars in the Atacama Desert in Chile. There's seldom a rain cloud in the sky (it's one of the driest places on Earth), and it's far from any big cities and their accompanying …


Obliterated asteroid forms glowing star ring in new photo

A white dwarf star, recently photographed by researchers at the University of Warwick, has a bright red ring around it, one formed by the dead star’s …

University of Warwick

Mysterious grooves on this moon point to almost certain death

We’ve said it before: Mars’ moon Phobos is doomed. But a new study indicates it might be worse than we thought.

One of the most striking features we see on images of Phobos is the parallel sets of grooves on the moon’s surface.

They were originally thought to be fractures caused by an impact long …


Space debris poised for fiery reentry

Small object WT1190F. It will become the first chunk of space debris whose time and location of re-entry has been predicted. This image, acquired …


Mars's Moon Phobos Is Falling Apart

Better visit it soon!

You'd think that something as solid as a moon would be around forever. But Mars's moon Phobos has an expiration date.

Scientists recently presented a theory that the moon is slowly being pulled apart by Mars's gravity, and could cease to exist within the next 30-50 million …


SpaceX Dragon Capsule Photo Gallery

The folks at NASA’s Johnson Space Center have released a bunch of really cool photos of (or related to) the SpaceX Dragon capsule. And by “a bunch” I …


Galaxies, part 2: Crash Course Astronomy #39

The Earliest and Faintest Galaxies in the Universe

A new research observation by an international team of astrophysicists using the Hubble Space Telescope has led to the discovery of the largest sample of the faintest, smallest, and earliest known galaxies in the Universe.

Gravitational lensing is an awesome natural phenomena that allows us to study …


Today's kids could walk on Mars, says Britain's first official astronaut

Major Tim Peake, Britain’s first official astronaut, has packed family photos, Christmas gifts and a pack of balloons for his trip to the International Space Station, and confessed his only fear ahead of the mission is leaving something behind.

In a final pre-launch briefing at the Science Museum in …


SETI team seeks deliberate radio signals from mystery star

The star system KIC 8462852 made headlines a few weeks ago for its mysterious dimming by 20 percent and more. That is a huge amount of dimming, and …