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Awesome images show ‘Moonlets’ colliding with Saturn’s rocky rings

A newly-released image of Saturn’s ‘moonlets’ from the European Space Agency has delighted astronomy enthusiasts.

In the extraordinary picture, the small satellites can be seen disturbing the rings encircling Saturn, our solar system’s second-largest planet at almost 100 times the size of …


Researchers Just Discovered Hundreds of Galaxies Hidden Behind the Milky Way

Astronomers just uncovered hundreds of hidden galaxies a mere 250 million light years away from Earth—well within our own galactic neighborhood. But …

Milky Way Galaxy

NASA to send 13 tiny satellites into deep space in preparation for manned Mars mission

In NASA’s first Space Launch System testflight, 13 shoebox-sized satellites called CubeSats will be sent into deep space to learn, among other things, how the environment will affect astronauts on a future Mars mission.

The SLS, which replaces the Space Shuttle Program, is set to launch for the …


Black hole's twin jets shine bright, somehow

Astronomers have published new images of a bright jet of material, long enough to cross the Milky Way three times, fired into space by the black hole at the heart of a distant galaxy.

The observations confirm the existence of a second jet, blasting in the opposite direction.

The study uses this …


I waved

Watch the Sun's Magnetic Field Twist and Turn

Up close, the sun is a roiling mass of plasma with a surface that's whipped into a frenzy by its self-generated magnetic fields. While invisible to …


China posts hundreds of never-before-seen HD color photos of the moon

© China National Space Administration / The Science and Application Center for Moon and Deepspace Exploration / Emily Lakdawalla / FreeIn a


Methane Saturn

The soft, bright-and-dark bands displayed by Saturn in this view from NASA's Cassini spacecraft are the signature of methane in the planet's …


MWC 922: The Red Square Nebula

What could cause a nebula to appear square?


SPECTACULAR Photos of a Rocket Re-Entering Over Hawaii!

Steve Cullen Around 2:00 a.m. local time on Saturday, Jan. 30, 2016, astrophotographer Steve Cullen was driving home from visiting the summit of …


Andromeda smash-up: distant galaxy is rushing towards Earth at one million mph - with no hope of deviation

The Night Sky in February 2016: astronomical events like the Geminids meteor showers hint at the bigger picture - planetary catastrophe

Is this a space invasion? It does indeed resemble one. In fact it is a splendid Nasa photograph of a Geminid meteor shower:

Such events are caused when fragments of …


Huge gas cloud hurtling towards our galaxy could trigger the creation of 200 million new stars

The Smith Cloud, which was spat out from the edges of the Milky Way 70 million years ago, is on its way back


Astronomers generate image equivalent to telescope 63,000 miles wide

The cosmos came into sharper focus this week with astronomers releasing the highest resolution astronomical image yet. The product of 15 earthbound …


Moon was produced by a head-on collision between Earth and a forming planet

The moon was formed by a violent, head-on collision between the early Earth and a "planetary embryo" called Theia approximately 100 million years …

Moon Missions

The mysterious cataclysmic variable star Mu Centauri

(—Located about 510 light years from the Earth, Mu Centauri is a very interesting mysterious cataclysmic variable star. It is a dwarf nova, …


Scientists observe the largest solar system ever discovered

An exoplanet is a trillion miles from its star.

Astronomers have discovered that a huge planet and star 104 light years from Earth form the largest solar system ever seen. The planet, dubbed 2MASS J2126-8140, and its red dwarf star are a full 7,000 astronomical units (AUs) apart, or a trillion miles …


‘We’ve lost ’em, God bless ’em': What it was like to witness the Challenger disaster

The space shuttle Challenger exploded 30 years ago Thursday, killing its seven crew members, including high school teacher Christa McAuliffe, the woman touted as “the first private citizen” in space.

If things had gone differently, Kathy Sawyer might have become the second.

Sawyer, then a Washington …

Space Shuttle

Astronomers spot invisible ‘noodles’ crisscrossing the galaxy

It's probably not the Flying Spaghetti Monster, but we can't technically rule that out yet.


How Math, And Not A Telescope, May Have Found A New Planet

The scientists who made headlines this week by announcing evidence for a new planet in our solar system are basing the claim entirely on a …


Newly discovered star offers opportunity to explore origins of first stars sprung to life in early universe

A team of researchers has observed the brightest ultra metal-poor star ever discovered.


Using general relativity to magnify the cosmos

One of the most powerful known magnifying lenses isn’t found on Earth. The lens is built from stars, gas and dark matter and lies about 4 billion …


Astronomers say a Neptune-sized planet lurks beyond Pluto

Planet would orbit the sun once every 15,000 years

Martin Woodward on Twitter

Evidence of a 9th planet - 10 times the size of earth (diagrams and videos done using @WWTelescope and @dotnet)

Stunning NASA image shows Pluto's atmosphere

NASA has released an incredible image of the haze layers in Pluto’s atmosphere taken by the New Horizons spacecraft.

The processed image is the highest-resolution color look yet at the haze layers, according to the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, which engineered New Horizons …


Micro-gravity gardening: first flower blooms in space

Major Tim Peake has demonstrated his green fingers, coaxing a wilting zinnia flower into bloom on board the International Space Station

Britain is known as a nation of gardeners, so it seems appropriate that the first flower in space was coaxed into bloom by Major Tim Peake.

The UK’s first official …


Tim Peake - I think I found the perfect spot for a selfie.

'Green Pea' Galaxies May Hold The Key To Understanding The Early Universe

The universe began with a big bang followed by a great expansion. The subsequent creation of hydrogen and helium led to the dark ages of the …


NASA to Capture Best-Ever Portrait of Coral Reef Health

Coral reef in the Mariana Islands.
Credit: NOAA/David Burdick

NASA is about to get up close and personal with Earth's corals: The space agency will …


China aims to land probe on dark side of moon in 2018

The feat, which no country has yet achieved, would mark another milestone in the country's ambitious space programme

China plans to land the first probe ever on the dark side of the moon in 2018, marking another milestone in its ambitious space programme, the official Xinhua news agency …