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Scientists have been observing the wave-particle duality of light for centuries, but never has light been seen to behave like matter. Until now, that …

Scientific Research

Quantum Record! 3,000 Atoms Entangled in Bizarre State

Using a single particle of light, scientists have for the first time linked together thousands of atoms in a bizarre state known as quantum …

Quantum Mechanics

Instant Expert: The Quantum World

Fascinated by quantum physics and want to find out more? Six leading experts in the field will guide you through this intriguing and often bizarre …

Quantum Mechanics

How gallium arsenide could outcompete silicon

Computer chips, solar cells, and other electronic devices have traditionally been based on silicon, the most famous of the semiconductors, that …

Computer Hardware

Sound scientific thinking finds a cleaner way to extinguish fires

It happens so quickly you almost don’t believe it: Seth Robertson and Viet Tran ignite a fire, snap on their low-rumbling bass frequency generator and extinguish the flames in seconds. And even after you’ve seen it over and over, it’s still unbelievable.

But the two last-year engineering majors at …


Discovery uses virus to boil water three times faster

Scientists have found a way to boil water faster, although they admit the discovery is unlikely to revolutionise tea-making.

The technology works by coating a heating element with a virus found on tobacco plants. The coating dramatically reduces the size and number of bubbles that form around the …


Mathematicians solve 60-year old-problem

Mar. 23, 2015 — Contrary to the statistician's slogan, in the quantum world, certain kinds of correlations do imply causation. New research shows …


Earth Has A Layer No One Knew About

Just like onions and cartoon ogres

Our perspective of Earth tends to be very shallow--literally. Everything we experience, from the deepest depths of the ocean to the highest mountain peaks, only skims the top of the outermost layer of the Earth, the crust, which is about 4 miles thick under the …


Urine test finds kidney cancer sooner

If kidney cancer is diagnosed early—before it spreads—80 percent of patients survive. However, finding it early has been among the disease’s greatest …


Light-Up Fabric Could Make Glowing Clothing An Everyday Reality

Flashy threads? That's an understatement

The stylish glowing jumpsuits of the Tron-like future have just come a step closer, with the creation of a weavable fabric that lights up. Huisheng Peng and colleagues from Fundan University in Shanghai and UCLA created 1-millimeter thin fibers made from …


Small BeeRotor Drone Learns To Fly By Sight Alone

A less creepy alternative to cyborg beetles

Secretly, a lot of drones are cell phone parts disguised as flying machines. Advances in cellular technology, like miniaturized powerful batteries, cheaper smaller cameras, and sensors like accelerometers have all found their way from our pockets to the …


Short Circuit in Magnet Delays Large Hadron Collider's Restart

A short circuit in one of the Large Hadron Collider's eight magnet sectors will delay the restart of the world's most powerful particle accelerator, Europe's CERN particle physics center announced Tuesday.

The LHC was due to start recirculating beams of protons this week, in preparation for the …


Remote control of brain activity with heated nanoparticles

Two teams of scientists have developed new ways of stimulating neurons with nanoparticles, allowing them to activate brain cells remotely using light or magnetic fields. The new methods are quicker and far less invasive than other hi-tech methods available, so could be more suitable for potential …

The Brain

How to make graphene at room temperature

Scientists are testing a new method for manufacturing high-quality graphene that doesn’t require super hot temperatures.“With this new technique, we …


'Guitar Hero'-Style Videogame Helps Stroke Victims Recover

Rehabilitating with games is more fun, and it works better

Of the 700,000 people who suffer from strokes every year in the United States, only 10 percent fully recover. The rehabilitation process can be long and challenging, especially for older victims in more fragile states of health. Researchers …


Wireless Sensors Help Scientists Map Staph Spread Inside Hospital

Whatever lands you in the hospital or nursing home also puts you at risk for acquiring an infection, possibly one that's resistant to antibiotic treatment.

Staph infections are common problems in health care facilities, and many Staphylcoccus aureus bacteria are now resistant to drug …


Do bug wings work like gyroscopes?

Many animals can move with more precision and accuracy than our best-engineering aircraft and technologies—and they do so without gyroscopes, which …


Small study reignites hope for Alzheimer's treatment

An experimental drug from Biogen Idec became the first Alzheimer's treatment to significantly slow cognitive decline and reduce what is believed to be brain-destroying plaque in patients with early and mild forms of the disease, according to a small study likely to reignite hopes of a …

Alzheimer's Disease

Flying beetle remotely controlled by scientists

Tiny electronic backpack mounted on back of giant flower beetle allows scientists to instruct it to take off, land or change directions

Scientists have been able to remotely control a flying beetle - paving the way for search and rescue cyborgs.

A tiny electronic backpack mounted on the back of a …

Animal Behavior

A new audio app claims to treat tinnitus

Tinnitus affects the ears but it originates in the brain. The condition, which causes ringing in the ears, is mainly triggered by age-related hearing loss and prolonged exposure to excessively loud noise. But neuroscientific studies reveal that tinnitus is a symptom of abnormal hyperactivity in the …


Science Snaps: the art and science of cancer, the universe and everything

An example of Livvy Fink's artwork / Photograph courtesy of Nic Walton, used with permission

This entry is part 10 of 10 in the series Science …


Nanospheres cooled with light to explore the limits of quantum physics

A team of scientists at UCL led by Peter Barker and Tania Monteiro (UCL Physics and Astronomy) has developed a new technology which could one day …


Pencil sketches turn paper into a sensor

MacGyver would be proud. By drawing a rectangle on a piece of paper with an ordinary pencil, researchers in China have made a strong, highly …


Advanced optical fibers could give rise to human-like AI brains

We haven't built a truly sentient artificial ntelligence system yet, like the Terminator or C-3PO -- you know, the kind of AI that scares Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking. But a team of researchers believe they've at least found the secret to creating human-like artificial brains. More specifically, …

Artificial Intelligence

Quantum dots 'breathe' in response to stress

Researchers have watched nanoscale semiconductor crystals expand and shrink in response to powerful pulses of laser light. This ultrafast "breathing" …

Quantum Mechanics

Ancient Genetic Switch Gives Mouse A Sex-Change

Yup, still works

Before the Y chromosome evolved, the gene Dmrt1 determined an animal’s sex. The gene is still active in a number of vertebrates, such as lizards and birds, but mammals no longer used Dmrt1 for sex determinacy. But according to a study published in the journal Development, a team of …


Carbon3D printer is super speedy thanks to light and oxygen

3D printing startup Carbon3D has demonstrated a new approach to fabricating commercial-quality objects from resin using oxygen and light.

On stage at the TED conference in Vancouver, CEO Joseph DeSimone ran through how it works, while one of the company's machines produced a plastic ball in about …


Exercise pumps up effectiveness of breast cancer therapy, study finds

Aerobic exercise is no friend to breast tumors, says a new study which suggests that regular physical activity may be a "novel adjuvant treatment" for women with breast cancer.

New research conducted on mice finds that a body that gets regular physical activity is a more hostile environment for …


Soft Bionic Power Trousers Could Help Us Walk Up Stairs

Exoskeletons that are actually comfortable

The word “bionic” conjures up images of science fiction fantasies. But in fact bionic systems – the joining of engineering and robotics with biology (the human body) – are becoming a reality here and now.

Getting older and less steady on your feet? You need …