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Look at all the weird counterfeit tech you can buy in China

China has a reputation of making and selling counterfeit products, including a lot of tech and gadgets.<p>Dom Esposito of 9to5Mac traveled to Shenzhen in China, where tech products from companies like Apple are often made.<p>After visiting the Shenzhen electronics market, he shows some of the excellent …


JayBro Music - Timeline

Posted by JayBro Music<p>AUG28<p>Leeds Carnival Soundsystem<p>AUG28<p>Leeds Carnival Soundsystem<p>JUL19<p>Live Reggae at The Old Printworks<p>AUG6<p>Roots Reggae<p>JUL17<p>JayBro …

JayBro Music - Timeline

AUG28<p>Leeds Carnival Soundsystem<p>AUG28<p>Leeds Carnival Soundsystem<p>JUL19<p>Live Reggae at The Old Printworks<p>AUG6<p>Roots Reggae<p>JUL17<p>JayBro live on PCR<p>2 people …

Kideko & George Kwali feat Nadia Rose & Sweetie Irie Crank It Woah! Original Mix

NASA’s Juno spacecraft will snap the first up close images of Jupiter on Saturday

NASA’s Juno spacecraft will get cozy with Jupiter this weekend, as the vehicle makes its closest approach to the gas giant early Saturday morning at 8:51AM ET. Juno, which is in orbit around Jupiter, will come within 2,500 miles of the planet’s clouds — the closest the probe will get during its …


Vybz Kartel - Too Lie (Prod. by ShortBoss Muzik) - August 2016

Let's Talk About Seven-Way Flops: Carnage and Regret

To resume yesterday's narrative... Nine players are seated at a poker table. Each pays a 25 ante, and two post blinds of 150 and 300 in turn. The …


Spitzer Space Telescope begins 'Beyond' phase

Celebrating the spacecraft's ability to push the boundaries of space science and technology, NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope team has dubbed the next …


New NASA photos of Pluto reveal Earth-like terrain that is "a total, complete mystery" to scientists — Quartz

Close-up imagery of Pluto’s surface has scientists wondering how the dwarf planet’s terrain came to be. The photos, which show expansive mountain ranges and valleys, were taken by the New Horizons probe in July 2015 and were released by NASA this week.<p>“We traveled 3,000 miles and found something a …


Hello, Nihonium. Scientists Name 4 New Elements On The Periodic Table

It's time to update your copy of the periodic table. Four new elements discovered in recent years have now been named, pending final approval by the international group of scientists in charge of the table.<p>The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry has announced these proposed …

Tiny1 Astronomy Camera

Tini1 Astronomy Camera has just landed on the market and it has made quite an impact, it´s the tiniest camera there is designed and developed to …


7 Olympian-Approved Ways To Eat Healthier

Nutritionists working with Olympians share athletes’ medal-worthy sports nutrition secrets that will work for you, too.<p>When the difference between gold and silver can be a hundredth of a second, it’s no surprise that Olympic athletes not only optimize their training to perform at their best, but …


5 Lessons: The Transition to Becoming a "Semi-Pro"

Caught between amateur and pro status as a poker player, Carlos Welch draws five lessons from Will Ferrell's 2008 comedy "Semi-Pro." Share: Facebook …

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awwww-cute: “Relationship Goals? (Source: http://ift.tt/2bdKeB9) ”

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The Secret of Floppy Paper - Numberphile

How to Record Thicker Guitar Tones - Part 3

3 Easy Beginner Tom Beats - Drum Lesson | Drum Beats Online

Foresta feat. Royal Blu & Lila Ike - Believe [Official Video 2016]

Leon Demaria - Tanta Belleza [Official Video 2016]

Beyond Terminator: Squishy "Octobot" Heralds New Era of Soft Robotics

Ditching conventional electronics and power sources, the pliable robot operates without rigid parts


Rosetta captures comet outburst

Comet outburst<p>25 August 2016<p>In unprecedented observations made earlier this year, Rosetta unexpectedly captured a dramatic comet outburst that may …

Rosetta Mission

A cockroach and a DNA nanorobot just changed drug delivery

Researchers released drugs into a cockroach using only the thoughts of a man hooked up to an EEG machine<p>A man has used only his thoughts to release a drug from a nanorobot into a cockroach. But this isn’t some bizarre study into mind-control, this new way of delivering drugs into the body could be …


Fossilized rivers on Mars' surface suggest the red planet had a warmer, wetter climate

Scientists have found over 17,000 kilometers of fossilized river beds in a region on Mars called Arabia Terra.<p>This is the latest discovery in a …

Space exploration

10 Little-Known (But Fascinating) STEM Fields to Explore

Interested in a career involving science, technology, engineering, or math? The world is your oyster (or your robot, as it were). STEM disciplines …


DNA chip offers big possibilities in cell studies

A UT Dallas physicist has developed a novel technology that not only sheds light on basic cell biology, but also could aid in the development of more …