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Penis length isn’t everything … for barnacle males

Longer isn’t always better, according to some men, and it seems the same is true for barnacles, too. The hermaphroditic filter-feeders can grow …


Five Thoughts: Bovada Becoming a Force, Chad Batista's Passing, and More

When Black Friday hit in April of 2011, it rocked the poker world like never before. Money was seemingly lost forever into the abyss of Department of …

Sheldon Adelson

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Heat Wave

Our Solar System May Have Had A Fifth 'Giant' Planet

The four gas giant planets in our solar system -- Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune -- may have a long-lost relative. According to a new study, our system was once home to a fifth gas giant that suddenly vanished some 4 billion years ago after a run-in with Neptune.

Indirect evidence for this …


Two galaxies smash into each other 30 million light-years away from Earth

A collision of intergalactic proportions has been found relatively nearby the Milky Way.

The new formation — known as Kathryn's Wheel — likely formed when two galaxies of similar mass collided with one another. The collision creates a "bull's eye" pattern of ring-shaped star formation sparked by …


The weather in space is causing power outages on Earth

The Earth’s magnetic field—known as the “magnetosphere”—protects our atmosphere from “solar wind.” That’s the constant stream of charged particles flowing outward from the sun. When the magnetosphere shields Earth from these solar particles, they get funneled toward the polar regions of our …


'Ghost particles' from space found in South Pole ice

A neutrino observatory based in Antarctica has confirmed the detection of massless particles deep within the South Pole’s ice. They were created from astrophysical sources like black holes and exploding stars throughout the Milky Way and beyond.

The IceCube Neutrino Observatory employed 86 optical …


Our Biggest Planets Grow From Tiny Space Pebbles

Scientists have figured out that gas giants like Jupiter and Saturn started out as nothing more than tiny space rocks of about a foot round.

The formation of these large planets has always been something of a mystery, as existing planetary models don’t really give enough time for gas giants to come …

Space Science

Nanotube implants show diagnostic potential

Devices could track insulin levels in the body or sniff out cancerous cells.

The future of medical sensors may be going down the tubes. Chemists are …

Health Care Technology

We Can Now 3D-Print Glass And It Is Entrancing

That glass is so hot right now

The process of making glass was already amazing. Take tiny grains of sand, melt them at staggering temperatures with other chemicals, then carefully cool it into a brand new solid, ready to be a vase, window, bottle, or bead. It's possible to make glass on your grill …


Nasa Curiosity rover takes selfie on Mars

The Curiosity Rover has taken a panoramic selfie after stopping to drill into rocks at the Marias Pass on Mars

Nasa’s Curiosity rover used its inbuilt ‘selfie stick’ to capture this 360 degree image of itself sitting in the Marias Pass region of Mars.

The robot has been in the area drilling into rock …


Scientists Pull Carbon Nanofibers Out Of Thin Air

Pulling some strings to capture CO2

Rumpelstiltskin may have been able to spin straw into gold, but even he couldn't pull carbon fibers from thin air. Yet that's exactly what researchers at George Washington University have managed to do.

Led by Stuart Licht, researchers have created a solar-powered …


In the Jungle, You Can Swim in a Stream of Stars

Two weeks ago, I was staring at an unbelievably star-studded sky. We were in the Peruvian Amazon, far from city lights, and had set up camp along the Alto Madre de Dios, one of the region’s mighty rivers. I wasn’t there to star gaze – my assignment was to report on the jungle tribe that has been …