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Ras Attitude - Marijuana (We Ah Bun) [Official Video 2016]

'Fluffy' Seeds Grow Into Baby Planets

How do baby planets form? This question would seem to have a simple answer: You take a huge quantity of dust in orbit around a young star, compress …

Cassini completes first ring-skimming dive

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has completed the first of 20 close-proximity passes of Saturn's outermost rings. The pass, which took place on Dec. 4 at …


Scientists Find Legendary Sea Blob After Century Of Searching

B. charon is a deep sea Godzilla compared to normal larvaceans.<p>After more than a century of searching, scientists have rediscovered a relatively …


Deep-Space Photo Shows Four Galaxies Colliding

About 300 million light-years away, four galaxies are colliding in a flurry of superheated gas and X-rays, and a Hungarian astrophotographer captured …


Verde Green & Dona V - Twight Zone ( Too Experienced Riddim )

Pentateuch Movement - Crime

Elephant Man - Gully Creepa

The sun looks like a creepy jack-o'-lantern in this NASA photo

Photos taken by a NASA space observatory in 2014 capture the sun in all its incredible, scary glory.<p>The images show our home star shining with a menacing, jack-o'-lantern-like smile.<p>The image, taken by the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) just before Halloween two years ago, actually shows active …


Life’s subatomic secret: How we’re cracking the Hoyle state

By<p>YOU are made of carbon. So are your pets and all your houseplants. Every living thing on Earth owes its existence to carbon atoms’ ability to join …


Weird Extragalactic X-Ray Flares Baffle Astronomers

A new class of stellar objects could be causing ultrabright repeating outbursts from old, quiescent galaxies


NASA Is About to Test a Plane with Bendable Wings

When you look out the window of an airliner and see the flaps moving up and down, you’re really watching the wing change shape. The flaps change the …


Our Best Map Yet of Io's Volcanic Activity Looks Terrifying

Jupiter’s moon Io is the most volcanically-active body in our solar system, and a recent observational campaign offers a little more insight into the …


The Best Camera Settings to Start With for Star, Moon, Milky Way & Night Sky Photography

Once you’re comfortable creating communication between yourself, your camera, and the universe at night, it’s time to bring those technical and …

Look Out Below! Landslides Spotted on Pluto's Moon Charon

Look out below! Scientists have found evidence of landslides on Pluto's moon Charon. This is the first time this geologic feature has been discovered …


lematworks: “Produced by LEMAT WORKS Portfolio / Blue Moon / Jupiter / Life of Planet ”

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Terrifying Viral Video Shows Dude Jumping Off 8-Story Building and Almost Missing Water

There's brave, and then there's stupid—and an extremely thin line between the two. Daredevil 8Booth rides that thin line often, and so far hasn't …

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Ultaviolet Imaging Is Showing Us Mars Like We've Never Seen It

For the first time, scientists have obtained images of Mars’s fabled “nightglow,” a mysterious atmospheric phenomenon on the Red Planet, that could …


Universe may hold 10 times more galaxies than once thought

We just can't see most of them.<p>The observable universe was already incomprehensibly big, but it now looks to be even bigger. Astronomers have determined that are likely about 10 times more galaxies than previously thought, or between 1 trillion to 2 trillion. We just don't have the technology (or …

Treat you Better (Reggae Cover) - Conkarah

Traktor Tutorial- Sample Decks


Reggae Music Combo Drumless

7 Tips to Relax Before A High Stress Situation That I Learned From Poker

Boardroom meetings, a marriage proposal, work or university presentations, meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time – there are …

Two-Dimensional Materials Combined to Produce "Quantum LED"

One of the many scientific and engineering challenges to realizing the prospects of quantum computing—which involves the use of quantum phenomena, …


Galaxies Found Close Together Show Signs Of Impending Doom

, Contributor<p>They might call it “empty space” because of the great distances between the stars and galaxies, but the reality is that space is filled with billions of them.<p>Most often, there are millions of light years separating the galaxies from one another, with galaxy mergers and collisions a …


In Daylight on the Night Side

Photojournal: PIA20505<p>October 10, 2016<p>NASA's Cassini spacecraft looks down at the rings of Saturn from above the planet's nightside. The darkened …

Dancehall Mix October 2016 - Vybz Kartel, Alkaline, Popcaan & more - Clean & Fresh Mix (Dj Wass)

A Big Freeze, Rip or Crunch: how will the Universe end?

Many theoretical physicists believe the Universe could end between 2.8 billion and 22 billion years from now, but they can't agree on its ultimate fate<p>The "most precise measurement" ever made recently suggested our Universe is expanding much faster than previously thought, casting doubts on earlier …