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When Hubble Stared at Nothing for 100 Hours

In 1995, astronomer Bob Williams wanted to point the Hubble Space Telescope at a patch of sky filled with absolutely nothing remarkable. For 100 hours.

It was a terrible idea, his colleagues told him, and a waste of valuable telescope time. People would kill for that amount of time with the sharpest …


Met Police reveal huge hole drilled by Hatton Garden vault burglars

Burglars used a heavy-duty diamond core drill to dig through the 50cm concrete wall of a vault at the Hatton Garden safety deposit company, London’s Metropolitan Police said, demonstrating photos of the hole.

The hole was measured at 25cm high and 45cm wide and was made using a Hilti DD350 model, …


Spotify data hints at a 'musical midlife crisis' for 42-year-old music fans

Some encouragement for all the 42-year-olds suddenly getting into Rihanna or Rudimental: at least your midlife crisis is less dangerous than buying an unsuitably-powerful motorbike.

Streaming music service Spotify has identified 42 as the age when many of its users rediscover the joys of current pop …

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Tesla wants to power your home with a battery

Tesla will introduce a battery for your home during its highly anticipated April 30 event.

In a letter sent to investors and analysts on Tuesday, the electric car company said it will announce a "home battery" and a "very large utility scale battery." Similar products already exist on the market, …


Moon in Winter Circle, Jupiter, Venus, Mercury

Tonight – April 23, 2015 – look for the moon and Winter Circle stars. Jupiter and Venus are also nearby, as shown on the chart above. As seen from …


Injectable lab finds your best cancer drug by trying many at once

Injecting a mini diagnostic lab into your body may make the time-consuming trial-and-error approach used to find the right cancer drug a thing of the …


How to See All Six Apollo Moon Landing Sites - Sky & Telescope

Walk in the astronauts' footsteps as you explore the places they visited in the heyday of Apollo program. Use these helpful maps to start you on your



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Girlfriend Drowns Cheating Boyfriend’s Apple Products

Well, one way to get back at a cheating spouse and is to take the things that he loves and kill them. Especially if you are really hurt and want some …


2015 April 23 - Meteor in the Milky Way

Meteor in the Milky Way
Image Credit & Copyright: Marko Korosec

Explanation: Earth's April showers include the Lyrid Meteor Shower, observed for more …


Annual Lyrid meteor shower creates dazzling display over Britain

The clear skies and crescent Moon are creating the perfect conditions for stargazers to see this year's shower

Hundreds of shooting stars will streak across the night sky this week as the annual Lyrid meteor shower creates a dazzling display.

Although the spectacle peaks on Wednesday night, when …

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Cadenza - Electric Blocks ft. Fem Fel

Fadda Moses- Smart Phone promo

Mini organs mimic beating heart and liver

Floyd Mayweather has $15 million worth of exotic cars that he doesn't drive sitting in his garage

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has more money than he knows what to do with.

He's the highest-paid athlete in the world, and is expected to pull in well over $100 million when he fights Manny Pacquiao on May 2.

Mayweather, who's known to flaunt his wild spending habits, gave ESPN a look inside the garage at …

Floyd Mayweather, Jr.

100 objects that have been sent into space

Lego, a tandoori lamb chop, a lightsaber, Buzz Lightyear, a Chuck Berry record and the remains of Star Trek's Gene Rodenberry are among this list of 100 objects waiting to be found by aliens in space

"Send my love to the aliens. All the best, Paul."

That was the message from Paul McCartney when, in …


Rihanna - BBHMM (MDPC Remix)

Intoxxicated Riddim Mix (Troyton Music) (December 2014)


Record breaking clock invented which only loses a second in 15 billion years

Physicists have said they have fine-tuned an atomic clock to the point where it won’t lose or gain a second in 15bn years – longer than the universe has existed.

The “optical lattice” clock, which uses strontium atoms, is now three times more accurate than a year ago when it set the previous world …


Celebrate Earth Day 2015 with NASA

Image credit: NASA

There are (so far) 1,800 known planets beyond our solar system, but among all of them, there’s no place like Earth. To celebrate …

Solar System

Deepwater spill caused an underwater 'snowstorm'

Deepwater spill caused an underwater ‘snowstorm’

Five years after the Deepwater Horizon oil rig exploded, scientists are learning more about how oil …



Solowheel, as it´s name implies, is a new mode of city transport with only one wheel. It features an electric motor assisted by two gyroscopes to …

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The Treo Chair by Therm-a-Rest is a portable chair that delivers big-chair comfort in a exceptionally small package. The innovative and compact camp …


Quantum model reveals surface structure of water

Apr. 20, 2015 — Before Deepwater Horizon, scientists didn't know that oil and marine snow had anything to do with each other. "Marine snow is like …

Quantum Mechanics