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7 Things Remarkably Happy People Do Often

Happiness can be a choice -- especially when you take the right actions.<p>Happiness: Everyone wants it, yet relatively few seem to get enough of it, especially those in their early 40s. (I'm no psychologist, but that's probably about when many of us start thinking, "Wait--is <i>this</i> all there is?")<p>Good …

3句打氣英文 說到人心坎裡 - 商業周刊

英文裡有一些表達方式栩栩如生,話一出口,聽者可以輕易的想像當時的窘樣,或感受到對方的挫折。不過,適時向對方表達同理心與安慰,就和傾聽一樣重要。如何聽懂抱怨、回以加油打氣?以下試舉狀況說明。<p><b>狀況1:擺脫鬱卒的安慰法</b><p>同事A說,I got/woke up on the wrong side of the …

Pilsbury Castle

入夜時分~ 超美的小鎮寂靜夢幻 看介紹》》

How Lego Become The World's Hottest Toy Company

They will add to the already gigantic heap of Lego bits: 86 for every person on the planet. The toymaker has enjoyed ten years of spectacular growth, almost quadrupling its revenue.<p>In 2012 it overtook Hasbro to become the world's second-largest toymaker. The number one, Mattel, is now seeking to …


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「天氣惡劣」受困機場,英文怎麼說? - 商業周刊

日本東京遭遇20年以來最大暴風雪,積雪達27公分;美國也大雪紛飛,小慧剛結束這學期在紐約大學的碩士班課程,正準備搭機返回台灣過寒假,但是面對窗外紐約市的大風雪,根本無法出門。航空公司的電話也被塞爆,打不進去。她用網路進了紐約市LaGuardia機場的網站,機場公佈的訊息如下:<p>Adverse weat …

Congratulations to B.G. Boyd of BG Boyd Photo, winner of our Photo Contest! His photograph will be the next cover image. His photo captures Jupiter, Auriga, the Pleiades and the Milky Way belt over the Pantano Ghost Town in Vail, Arizona. You can see the full image here on our timeline. Boyd says of his shot: "I explored the location of an 1800's ghost town in the middle of the night to snag this photograph of the last standing structure, a water tower." Photo information: 10s/ISO 3200/8mm fisheye lens/F/3.5 You can see more of his work here:

Incomprehensible as it sound, inflation poses that the universe initially expanded far faster than the speed of light and grew from a subatomic size to a golf-ball size almost instantaneously. Read the story here:


Barnacle Covered Rock at Bandon, Oregon

Jony Ive 是如何工作的? | T客邦

看過無數報導,總結為一句話「公司要創新,不創新就等死。」但如何創新呢?一句話難倒英雄漢。回頭一看,滿大街都是美其名曰「創意管理學」的課程,也難怪更注重驗證的「精益創業」如此風行,也難怪幾乎所有人都想知道蘋果是如何創新的。<p>換言之,Jony Ive 以及他團隊的工作方法,到底是怎樣的?最近由中信出版社引 …

人生無常,不做這七件事就等著後悔! » ㄇㄞˋ點子

最近保羅沃克喪身車禍的消息讓我們好震驚又好感嘆,原來人生的驟變是這麼令人措手不及。不過也正因為事事無常,人生無法倒帶,所以我們才希望每一刻都不要有後悔。<p>現在就跟我們一起來看看,人生不做會後悔的七件事吧!今天,你愛上自己的人生了嗎?(同場加映:保羅沃克懷念特輯:永遠的帥氣身影)<p>每一秒的我們都在為自己寫 …

Alabama Hill Nightscape

tiercé gagnant !

LEGO Car Has LEGO Engine, Actually Drives

"The Super Awesome Micro Project", as this has become known, is not a special effect. That really is a life-size car made out of LEGO, and it really …

學會這6句英文,讓你跟老外討論多元成家 - 商業周刊

最近「多元成家」的議題被熱烈討論,如果你的國外客戶此時正在造訪台北,問了你一句:<p>Do you agree with same-sex marriage?(你同意同性婚姻嗎?)<br>Do you agree with gay marriage?(你同意同志婚姻嗎?)<p>你會如何作答?很顯然地,這個問題是要你陳述 …

Hubble captures Horsehead nebula in stunning infrared

I just rewatched Ridley Scott's "Prometheus," and I think the soundtrack's opening horn melody would go perfectly with this NASA pic.<p>The Hubble Space Telescope has photographed the Horsehead Nebula in stunning detail. The nebula, about 1,500 light years away in the constellation of Orion, was …

How to Take a Picture of a Single, Ultra-Magnified Snow Flake

You—yes, you!—can help prove that no two flurries are alike. All you need is a good camera, a plastic bag, and some tape.<p>No two snowflakes are alike, they say. And yet: We rarely get proof of that. Our eyes perceive snow not as individual, idiosyncratic crystals ... but rather as uniformly fluffy …

電腦壞了怎麼辦?10句報修必學的實用英文 - 商業周刊

BBC(英國廣播公司)官網下的「Learning English」,最近以「Using technology at work」為題,列出10句如何與IT人員(Information Technology)打交道的英文用語。這些英語句都很實用,而且句中幾個字與國際職場及多益測驗有關。如果在國外開會,但 …


Imposing, Eye-Catching And Mysterious: The Running Wall Residence

The <b>Running Wall residence</b> in Kerala, India by <b>LIJO RENY Architects</b> is built more as a fort house that reminds us of the Great Wall of China. The …

突破封鎖,輕鬆暢看土豆網影片 | T客邦

One More Mabry Mill

Cold Air (Explored 11-11-13)

Mr Mouse