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Rare 1940s color shot from Crosley Field (#Reds home 1912-70) July 17, 1949.

Fenway Park, Boston, MA, May 20, 1937 – Indians Jeff Heath flies like a butterfly in 16-5 romp over Red Sox

The Indians Jeff Heath leaps over prone Red Sox catcher Gene Desautels for Cleveland’s 16th and final run of the day in a 16-5 rout. The Tribe …

Polo Grounds, Manhattan, NY, June 28, 1951 – Giants Don Mueller snags a hard hit liner by Dodgers Carl Furillo at the top of the right field wall

<b>Giants Don Mueller snags a hard hit liner by Carl Furillo at the top of the right-field wall for the first out of the 6th inning. Gil Hodges, who</b> …

New York City

Shibe Park, Philadelphia, PA- Philly police seat on Hire’s Root Beer crates during 1914 World Series

Here is a wonderful photo of the Philadelphia policemen with their billy clubs on duty sitting on Hire’s Root Beer wooden cases. This photo was most …

Tribute to Frank Robinson, the 1956 Rookie of the Year!

<b>Frank Robinson Photo Gallery<br>Click on any image below to see photos in full size and to start Photo Gallery:</b><p>Jim Turner, Frank Robinson, Fred …


Braves Field, Boston, MA, April 21, 1935 – Braves Babe Ruth hits his 710th career HR in 8-1 loss

<b>The Boston Braves Babe Ruth hits his second home run of the season and his 710th of his illustrious career in the first inning against the Dodgers</b> …

Mickey Owen the “Goat” of the 1941 World Series…But He’s Not the Only One to Suffer!

<b>Mickey Owen and the 1941 World Series Photo Gallery<br>Click on any image below to see photos in full size and to start Photo Gallery:</b><p>Billy Herman, …

Fans are "relieved" as BABYMETAL was "defeated" for 67th Kouhaku Uta Gassen appearance

#BABYMETAL #4コマ漫画 #あーっもーっ

よんよんっ…をお知らせします。 #BABYMETAL


Ruth Safe at 3rd 1925 vs Washington @Nationals @Yankees @OTBaseballPhoto @BBHistoryDaily @Baseball_Photos

Female New York Giants team - 1913

Griffith Stadium, Washington Senators. Famous jog in right center field because homeowner would not sell. Clearly built section by section!

Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died at age 90. A baseball legend in his own mind #Cuba @UniWatch @PhilHecken

"Here's how Stan Musial poles out extra-base hits" (1949 Hamm's Beer Ad) #STLCards #StanTheMan #MLB

Comiskey Park, Chicago White Sox home, in opening season of 1910. No betting allowed in this park. #MLB

Jarry Park, former Montreal Expos home. Note RF pool where Stargell, McCovey, Fairly, perhaps Staub homered. Now national tennis stadium.

Baseball Magazine - November 1912 ⚾ World’s Series Number (cover illustration by Gerrit A. Beneker) #MLB

Lost Advertisements–Ty Cobb in San Francisco

A 1920 advertisement that appeared in The San Francisco Call for The Emporium, a local department store, welcoming Ty Cobb. He was on a nearly …

San Francisco Bay Area

Close-up view of original (pre-1910) main entry to League Park, 66th & Linwood! Thx again for find @OldTimeHardball

6年という長い旅で、彼女たちはいつもいつもそれまでの自分達を追い越してきた。 とてつもない速さで、とんでもないスケールで、圧倒的な力強さで。 これからも続く旅を楽しみにしています。 6周年おめでとう。 #BABYMETAL

Two Old Baseball Warriors: John McGraw and Honus Wagner

<b>John McGraw & Honus Wagner Photo Gallery<br>Click on any image below to see photos in full size and to start Photo Gallery:</b><p>John McGraw towards the end of …