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Weirdness: According to Iowa State, the Pokewalker is the most accurate pedometer ever

Chalk this one up to weirdness that I just couldn’t help but share. We know Nintendo has always strived to make quality products, but according to a …

Nintendo Wii

X-rayed games consoles are art, look

ORIGINAL STORY 9AM GMT: Ever broken a bone and wondered, while being X-rayed, what your games console at home would look like examined in the same …


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Two Incredible Glitches Make The First Pokémon Games Way Easier

The indie game console may already be dead

Last year, I predicted that the rising tide of Android gaming would raise all boats — that indie game consoles like the Ouya, the Shield, and the Gamestick could mount a challenge against Xbox and PlayStation because of all the attention they were getting as a whole. Sadly, it looks like I was …

Gaming Consoles

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Connection lost: The Cinderella story of online multiplayer - Slideshow

Over the past two decades, we’ve seen plenty of bizarre hacks, strange devices, and oddball services that enable online multiplayer gaming. …


Controllers? Pft. Watch This Guy Play Tekken With A Piano.



Concept Art

Six things Nokia did to make the modern cell phone

Microsoft has completed its purchase of Nokia's phone business for $7.2 billion. For that cash, Microsoft is getting a lot of cell phone …


Android KitKat unveiled in Google surprise move

Google is calling the next version of its mobile operating system Android KitKat.

The news comes as a surprise as the firm had previously indicated version 4.4 of the OS would be Key Lime Pie.

The decision to brand the software with the name of Nestle's chocolate bar is likely to be seen as a …


Watch this: Official 'Street Fighter' documentary celebrates 25 years of the quintessential fighting game

Technically, 2012 marked the 25th anniversary of Street Fighter, the classic Capcom fighting game franchise that's made a comeback over the past few years. This weekend, however, Capcom has made "I Am Street Fighter," a 72-minute documentary film, available to stream free on YouTube. Originally …


Microsoft buying Nokia's phone business in a $7.2 billion bid for its mobile future

One of the most enticing "what-ifs" of recent years has come true: Microsoft has purchased Nokia's devices and services unit, bringing the Lumia lineup under the Redmond roof. The move unites Windows Phone 8 with its biggest hardware supporter, giving the company the integrated mobile offering it's …


VC&G | Why Super Nintendos Lose Their Color: Plastic Discoloration in Classic Machines

Sure, consoles age and get dirty. Heck, I remember a suspicious incident involving my Super Nintendo (SNES) console and a can of Coca-Cola in the …


Japanese animation legend Hayao Miyazaki to retire, says Studio Ghibli

Hayao Miyazaki, the legendary Oscar-winning Japanese animator known for directing Studio Ghibli movies such as Spirited Away, My Neighbour Totoro, and Kiki's Delivery Service, is retiring from feature-length film production. Studio Ghibli president Koji Hoshino made the announcement at the Venice Film …


Microsoft's mind-blowing IllumiRoom Xbox projector costs too much to release

Microsoft unveiled its Xbox coffee table projector concept earlier this year, but it's unlikely to see a release any time soon. After previously describing IllumiRoom — an augmented reality projector that expands content onto living room walls — as "just research," Microsoft now says cost is an …


Transparent gel speaker plays music, paves way for biocompatible 'soft machines'

Material scientists at Harvard University have developed a translucent speaker made out of a thin sheet of rubber squished between two membranes of saltwater gel.

By running a high voltage ionic signal across the surfaces, the rubber can be made to rapidly contract and vibrate, producing sounds that …

One Direction

Parallels Access: Run Mac and Windows Apps Like They Were Made for iPad

Parallels Access is a new iPad app launching tonight – that promises to let you experience Mac and Windows applications as is they were made for the iPad. It ‘applifies’ your Windows and Mac apps to make them feel as it they’re native iPad apps.

The app is published by Parellels, the makers of the …


This App Can Make Anyone A Video Game Designer

Draw the design for a level on graph paper, and Pixel Press can translate it into a real, playable game

Who hasn't sat on the couch at the end of a marathon gaming session and wondered what it would be like to make a game rather than just play one? With Pixel Press, anyone can do both—no coding …

Remote control your (now) headless Android phone

Last night a terrible thing happened, I dropped my Razr Maxx and shattered the screen. In its defense, I have dropped it on many occasions, including …

Read Facebook’s ad sales presentation from April 2004, two months after it launched

Add this to the annals of internet history: Facebook’s presentation for potential advertisers in April 2004, just two months after the nascent social network launched at Harvard University.

Digiday earlier today published a similar slide deck from October 2004, which led us to this one from half a …


ParaShoot wearable camera lets you shoot stealthily, monitor on a smartphone

GoPros are great, but if you'd rather film discretely without your subjects going into "dude" mode, there's now the ParaShoot wearable camera on Kickstarter. The idea is to sport the 1.3 ounce device like an amulet or on a belt during your day-to-day activities, so you can shoot 720p, 30fps video …


Low-cost hacked mobile devices can block incoming calls to nearby phones

A team of Berlin-based computer scientists have modified common mobile phones so that they can block incoming calls or text messages intended for nearby devices connected to the same mobile network.

The system exploits second-generation GSM networks, which are widely used for mobile communication …

Mobile Devices

Creative Dad’s Photography Turns Heads

It’s not unusual for parents to take frequent pictures of their sons and daughters. There are blogs featuring kids around every bend of the web. With …


Photographer Blends Portraits of Fathers and Sons to Show Genetic Similarities

People often comment on how similar sons look to their fathers, but how similar are they, really? Photographer Craig Gibson decided to find out, and …

Remarkable Series of Then and Now Composite Photographs of NYC with Interactive Slider

NYC Grid has quite an entrancing photo series that can have you staring for hours. For the uninitiated, NYC Grid is “an exploration and documentation …

New York City

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Layton 7 for mobile, 3DS will put a new spin on the series

Layton 7, the next game in Level-5's Professor Layton series will put a new spin on the six-year mystery adventure series, the company announced today during its Vision 2013 conference.

According to a post on NeoGAF summarizing the conference, Layton 7 will take the franchise in a "brand new …

Professor Layton

Aperture Science DS transports Portal onto the Nintendo DS

Two indie developers have created an homage to Valve's puzzle game, Portal — on the Nintendo DS.

Developer Jordan "Smealum" Rabet and an artist who prefers to go by the name "Lobo" worked on the homebrew DS version of the PC and console game, called Aperture Science DS, drawing inspiration from …


With 'Ingress,' the world is Google's game board

Your Android smartphone becomes your entry into a new dimension of video games with 'Ingress,' a sci-fi game that is played in the real world, in real-time, around the globe.

Want a glimpse into the future of video games? Tap into Ingress.

The real-world augmented reality game was launched quietly in …