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9 of Britain’s best castles

From medieval fortresses to dramatic clifftop ruins, Britain boasts countless awe-inspiring castles. Here we round up nine of the best and explore …


8 Hotel Secrets From Industry Insiders

When you stay in a hotel room, there are a few things you expect: the sheets may not be as clean as you’d like (proof), the bed won’t feel just like …


The 10 Most Beautiful Beaches in America

What’s your favorite American beach? We’ve obsessed over that topic for weeks to deliver the tastiest waves, loveliest sand, and balmiest breezes …


The 10 Best Island Getaways in National Parks

Travel<p>When you need to cross the water to get away from it all, head off to these beautiful retreats across America.<p>Solitude, romance, adventure, excitement—all these words and more come to mind when travelers think of island getaways. The National Park System encompasses hundreds of islands, some …

National Parks

Ride the Stunning Mountain Railways of India

TravelWorld Heritage<p>These serpentine tracks, arched bridges, and hairpin turns are feats of engineering.<p>TravelWorld Heritage<p>The British colonization of India left behind at least one institution that’s still maintained and cherished to this very day—a sprawling railway system. Though tracks span …


Stunning Under-the-Radar Hikes in Europe

Travel<p>Explore Europe's natural landscapes through these lesser known hikes.<p>Global tourism is on the rise. There was a six percent increase in worldwide travelers in 2017, and nearly 52 percent of Americans plan to visit Europe in the next two years, according the World Tourism Organization. While …


The Wonder of Water in 33 Dreamy Pictures

TravelBest Of<p>Let instant calm wash over you with these stellar submissions to the 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest.<p>We’re hardwired to seek out water. The majority of the world's population today lives near some form, settling along coastlines, bays, or rivers. For …

Travel Photography

5 New UNESCO World Heritage Sites That Exemplify the List

If you've ever scrolled through social media and seen a friend posing proudly at Machu Picchu or the Egyptian pyramids, you've witnessed the majesty …


These Are the 10 Best Family Vacation Bargains in America

Excellent, action-packed destinations.<p>Traveling with any other human being can be stressful at times. Planning a trip with the whole family can seem …


Debauchery in Brentford and man-eating crocs – the world's most fascinating river islands

From the biggest to the most crowded - via one straight from the pages of Gabriel Garcia Marquez - we go on the trail of 11 fascinating islands on rivers.<p>Marajó, Brazil<p>The world’s largest river island? It may well be Marajó, in the mouth of the Amazon. This wedge of rainforest covers an area of …

Santa Cruz

Why you should visit France's incredible new World Heritage Site

Who knew France had volcanoes? Last week Unesco unveiled 20 new World Heritage Sites - it now recognises a staggering 1,092 - including the Chaine des Puys, a string of cones and craters in the Massif Central.<p>Tell me more<p>The Chaine des Puys, which translates - rather prosaically - as “chain of …

Will the World Cup convince more people to visit Russia?

It would take Russia well over a year to welcome to its shores the same number of British visitors Spain does in a week.<p>The world’s largest country by area - nearly twice the size of its closest rival, Canada - severely underperforms when it comes to tourism. The continent-straddling nation saw …

17 photographs that prove Ireland is the most beautiful country on Earth

The rise of astrotourism: Why your next adventure should include star-gazing

Apologies to readers who expected this column to be about Virgin Galactic’s efforts to pelt Richard Branson and a planeload of wealthy show-offs towards Pluto. “Astrotourism” is in fact a clever rebranding of stuff we’ve been doing for ages: stargazing, eclipse-chasing and generally getting moony …


Mapped: The world's most - and least - crowded countries

Do you long for peace and solitude on your travels? Then you'll do far worse than to take your next break in one of these countries. To mark World Population Day, we've researched the 10 least densely populated, measured in number of people per square kilometre, according to the latest available …


America’s 25 Cutest Main Streets in Small(er) Towns

America’s main streets are staging a comeback.<p>Not so long ago, Main Streets everywhere were being boarded up, caving into the fight against big …


20 incredible new World Heritage Sites to visit before the crowds do


Incredibly popular tourist attractions you haven't even heard of

National Parks

Which is the world's shortest airport runway?


These are the 12 best ghost towns to see in Montana

Adventure, mystery and history await visitors to Montana's ghost towns.<p>But with summer weekends a limited (and precious) commodity, one has to be choosy. Here's our picks for the best ghost towns to visit.<p><b>12.</b> Castle Town<p>• <b>The story:</b> Once home to 2,000 residents, Castle Town was founded in 1891. The …

National Parks

20 Ski Towns That Are Just as Spectacular in the Summer

<b>Can’t Miss:</b><br>When it opens later this summer, the Mammoth Mountain Zip Line will be the tallest top-to-bottom zip line in North America. The …


Here are the top 10 Instagram-worthy beaches based on hashtags

Looking for an Instagram-worthy vacation spot that will make your friends and family feel all kinds of FOMO? Price-comparison website TravelSupermarket has revealed the world’s most popular beaches, according to how many times people have posted a photo on Instagram that includes a hashtag with the …


Northern lights hotels: where to watch the aurora borealis

European Travel

Europe's most overcrowded beaches – and their unspoiled alternatives

10 reasons why this summer will be better up North

The Tyne, not the Thames, is the place to be for this summer’s leading British cultural event, says Chris Leadbeater.<p>Great up north<p>Go prune yourself, Chelsea Flower Show. Take that mime act to Glasgow and see what they think of it there, Edinburgh Festival(s). Give it a rest, Glastonbury. What’s …

National Parks

Saudi Arabia's travel highlights – would you visit the world's most conservative country?

Living on the edge: 21 of the world's most dramatic villages

European Travel

The beautiful paradise for walkers you'd never thought to visit

It was the British Army’s Royal Engineers who put an airport beside the large freshwater lake on Vagar in 1942. Until then, the only air access to this and the other 17 Faroe Islands was via flying boat – and the notorious North Atlantic seas made landing anywhere else virtually impossible. Today, …

These Are the Best Types of Liquor You're Not Drinking Enough Of

Bartenders make their case for the lesser-loved booze on our shelves.<p>Booze popularity comes and goes. Right now, for example? You’re probably seeing amaro and mezcal on every cocktail list. But that doesn’t mean the less-popular stuff isn’t any good! Below, bartenders share beloved spirits that …