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The Use of Collocation Server for Business

developed with YouTube<p>Due to the development of information technology, the necessities of people that are related to this matter are getting more …

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Things to Know about Collocation Server

Collocation server or it can be called only as collocation is a sort of hosting used for small business that wants to have the features from big …


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Nex Datacenter Indonesia

Premium carrier neutral data center in Jakarta Indonesia. Provide colocation server, data center, and internet exchange point.<p><b>60</b> Views, Last viewed …

Buenoseo - Why Colocation Can Make Your Business More Profitable - Page 1

Why Colocation Can Make Your Business More Profitable In this era where technology is in its prime and the world is connected due to internet …



Data Center Indonesia

Choosing the right <b>data center</b> is a very important decision for your business. How well the colocation of your choice operates will determine the …


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Why Should Data Center Elements be Monitored?<p>Tuesday, May 16, 2017<p>Placing Your Data Server in Collocation Indonesia : stucel : GroupSpaces<p>Tuesday, …



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Colocation Server

$10.00<p>NEX Datacenter menawarakan colocation server dan layanan data center di Indonesia dengan berbagai keuntungan. Pusat penyimpananan data Tier 3 …

luis andrianto's Newsletter featuring "Cyber 2 Tower | Jakarta" and other interesting stories

Nuzzel<p>article<p><p>Cyber 2 Tower | Jakarta... Read more about these stories in luis …


Nex Datacenter

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NEX Datacenter Indonesia

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Aspek-Aspek Penting Sebuah Data Center

Berbicara mengenai data center, hal yang satu ini memang menjadi sangat penting karena terhubung secara otomatis dengan kepentingan akan suatu …

Spesiikasi Pasokan Listrik Pada Tier 3 Data Center

Tier 3 data center adalah level minimum yang sebaiknya Anda pilih atau gunakan untuk sebuah fasilitas data center untuk menjamin tingkat …

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Premium Neutral Carrier Data Center Indonesia Cyber2 Tower 2nd Floor, JL .HR Rasuna Said X5 No.13, RT.7/RW.2, East Kuningan, South Jakarta City, …


Bagian Bagian Neutral Data Center di Indonesia Beserta Fungsinya.pdf

Bagian Bagian Neutral Data Center di Indonesia Beserta Fungsinya.pdf...<p>Di Indonesia data center sudah berkembang begitu pesat, kemajuan dibidang IT …

Blog View - What to Do in Choosing Colocation

You have to admit that it is already hard enough to deal with your company by yourself. That is why you need staffs in many fields so that you can …


Expansion Solution For Data Center Indonesia

Data center has been considered as a cost center for enterprises all parts of the world, for the past few years data center Indonesia is catching up …

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Benefits of Collocation Indonesia - jodiwruck's Blog

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Two Important Roles of Internet Exchange Point in Developing Countries

Reliable internet connection is a huge problem in most developing countries. It is a very difficult situation because excellent internet can help …


Keep the data handy and safe at the same time!

When you are handling a company, you have to handle bundles of data every day. You need to handle the account of different companies and you have to …


Picking the Best Collocation Indonesia

In many companies, data server becomes the main problem. It is simply because where you put the data is very important. The data holds the secret of …


DE-CIX, the Largest Internet Exchange Point in the World

When we are talking about internet exchange, DE-CIX (Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange) must be one of the first things that come to my mind. …