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Try this new take on the #BOSU Superman- add the #pushup to make it a #totalbody #exercise. #findyourbosufit

Two of my favorites... Back day AND my #trx ! 💪🏻💪🏻 TRX tabletop low row to a TRX pull-up. You definitely want to add this into your back day routine!! 👊🏻 @trxtraining #gblivefit

A Section of Route 66 Will Become America's First Public Solar Road

A section of America’s most famous highway is going green, <i>The Christian Science Monitor</i> reports. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) …

Be sure to follow my main page @katiebumba !! Sending all the workout program orders I got last night out now! 😊🍑 Try these on your next 🍒 day! Before you start making comments saying it doesn't look like it's doing anything 🙄 I would try it. It burns to where I point in the video. Make sure it's adjusted far enough out so you feel a lot of resistance. Think about pushing your heels together during the movement. You won't feel anything in your knees so calm down. And If anyone asks say I know it's not how you use the machine thanks! 💋 #itsadonkthing

Am core work @anatomyat1220 weighted knee raise w/ overhead cable lateral flexion. 4x20 Have a positive day! @anatomyat1220 #fit #fitness #training #coreworkout #workcapacity #goldenrule #pushyourself #core #abs #motivation #bodyweight #core #strength #ambition #bands #movement #dreambigneverquit #thefutureoffitness #muscletech #Bodybuildingcom #dueltrainer #athlete #motivation #inspiration #muscletech @melanietillbrook @jaimerojasinc @randycarlosbakery @elstory @ethanmarinefit @weediddy @kasenfitness @dreambigneverquit @muscletech @bodybuildingcom #thefutureoffitness #bodyarchitects #alwayslearning @pilates_body #deadlift #steelmace #performance #thefutureoffitness #bodyarchitects video credit to @juancontrol #megnamethodpodcast @mikemegna #core

Early am training session. Pressing w/movement @anatomyat1220 pay close attention to the puppy mobility drill at the end. Have a great weekend. #anatomyat1220 #fitness #wellness #movement #thefutureoffitness #justakidfromfallriver #dreambigneverquit #bodyarchitects #muscletech #bodybuildingcom #puppies #dogmobility #steelmace #training #motivation #megnamethodpodcast @melanietillbrook @randycarlosbakery @jaimerojasinc @monarchproductions @ericstoryfit @kasenfitness @edwin__santiago @ethanmarinefit @weediddy @mikemegna @pilates_body @troytraining @dreambigneverquit @chibangbodies

Everyone meet my new toy JUDY 🍑! The Ultimate Glute Building Machine @theglutebuilder! Hence the reason why I named her "big booty Judy". 🤗 She was delivered to my 🏡 last weekend and I couldn't be more impressed or insanely SORE! 😅 TREMENDOUS Glute Activation 😲 Can't wait to show all the exercises I have been dying to do and demo but lacking proper equipment. @theglutebuilder also sent a box full of resistance bands. Peep how cute the hot pink ones are 😍 Thank you guys! So... Banded Iso Holds (my chest is up so I can better engage top of glutes/minimus) Banded 🌰 Crackers ☺️ 🍑 so strong could crack 🌰's 😆/ Bent Knee Glute Lifts Back to Banded Iso Holds 🐸 Kicks Single Leg Glute Kicks 👀 the direction my knee & foot are traveling 👌🏻 (Vid is sped up) Yep, I died 💀 Click the link in my bio for my favorite post workout Whey+ Protein 💪🏼 @legionath @legionath @legionath Code:"BRITTANY" for a discount

#TRXmondaymove - Try the Level 1 TRX Handstand for increased shoulder strength and core stabilization. Hold for 15s per leg and complete 4-6 sets. 💪 Film it, post it and tag it with #TRXmondaymove for a chance to win TRX swag! 📷: TRX Senior Instructor @migueltrxsf #TRX

A bench + a band = awesome booty burn !! ☺️👌🏽 Step Up with Kickback ..#buttguide #buttworkouts #legguide #legvideos #squats #squatguide #squat_clips #thesquatguide #eliminatecellulite #howtogetabooty #legworkouts #legroutine #legsecrets #squatchallenge @eliminatebellyfat @eliminatecellulite @lazyfitgirls @lazygirlsquat @squatguide @squatvideos @butt_workouts_for_women @buttworkoutvids @buttworkout @buttguide @legguide #legvideos @howtoburncalories @howtogetabooty @homesquat @squat_clips @squatguide @squatpage @squatvideos @squatgirlvideos @squat_exercises @squatexercises

Morning! 😃 Oooh k so last few clips of my previous Glute session. Hopefully you all are learning how amazing bands are 😍 I have yet to truly find a brand of resistance bands that can withhold the beating I give them for more than a month or so. I do not like to promote any products or even SFS if I do not believe in it or the person 🙈. Sorry ladies 🙊. This is why I have not disclosed of the brand 😏. Once I find a high quality brand I will let you all know 👌🏻. (Please leave your email in the comments section below if you are a bands manufacturer or distributor as I am looking to work with someone. Do Not DM me! I no longer open all that yuck 🍆🙈) Prone banded lateral toe taps 👌🏻 Gluteus Medius "Side Booty" Banded Hip Thrusts 🤑 Banded Hip Rotations 🤓 Click the link in my bio for the supps I take 💪🏼 @legionath @legionath Code:"BRITTANY" for a discount

Can't Stop The... Nah we're done with that now. Here's our weekly @trxtraining tip to help you perform those #trx #pushups correctly, effectively and safely. We don't care if it's light just do it right! #weareequilibrium #personaltraining #personaltrainer #training #fitness #hardworkpaysoff #motivationalmovement #motivation #fitspo #fitfam #instafit #specialeffects #cantstopthefeeling

Full clip of @rachelc00k doing the side cable kick backs 🔥💪 for extra booty 🍑 gainz!! We hit 3 sets of 15 reps🙌🏻. Check it out guys ☺️

Has Independence Ruined Women's Happiness in Relationships?

Today I read in an article that independent women, according to one author, are unhappy. Andrea Tantaros asserts that feminism has made women more …


5 Things You Can Do Today to Keep Stress From Getting You Down

If you're on a hike and a bear comes crashing out of the bushes you better believe that stress is the perfect response. If though, on an on-going basis, you're dealing with a miserable situation like an unhappy relationship, money worries or a crazy, unpredictable boss, you're depleting your mental …

Mediterranean-style diet reduces stroke risk in heart patients – study

Study of 15,000 people also finds consumption of ‘western’ foods does not increase risk in people with heart disease<p>People with heart disease have a lower risk of heart attack and strokes if they eat a Mediterranean-style diet, according to an international study of more than 15,000 people in 39 …

5 Research-Backed Reasons To Do Leg Exercises

Game on. 💪<p>There's a reason hardcore fitness geeks call squats the "king of exercises." When done correctly, they're fantastic for your body. Squats -- as well as other weight-bearing moves like lunges -- strengthen your glutes, quads, hamstrings and core. They can also do wonders for your balance …

PART. 1 Single Leg Floor Exercises 🤗 Cable is attached to my boot strap @kingkongnation This exercise was previously posted using a resistance band. If you want to increase the load, try using a cable machine. Followed by Floor Bridges 👋🏻 Click the link in my bio for the supplements I take. Let @legionath create a customized meal plan for you for the Summer 👙 @legionath @legionath Discount Code: BRITTANY (When is IG going to allow us to post longer videos? 😤)

Fat Shaming Your Kids May Make Them Gain More Weight, According to Study

Note to parents: Fat shaming kids often has the opposite of its intended effect. According to a new study published in the May edition of <i>Pediatrics</i><i>,</i> …

Holistic Medicine

Heavy cannabis use could lead to earlier death, study suggests

Teenagers who smoke a lot of marijuana could be prone to dying younger, according to the results of a new study. The results are from a study in …

Meditation tips: Exercise for your brain according to life coach Rebecca Hass

The best way to deal with stress is to train your mind to appreciate the present, says life coach Rebecca Hass.<p>She calls mindful meditation a "game …