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12 Things You'll Be Surprised To Learn About Steve Jobs

Where do you think he owned the most valuable stock? Not Apple. Catch Jobs, starring Ashton Kutcher as Steve Jobs, in theaters August 16.

25 Quotes By Steve Jobs

In honor of today's release of the new movie "Jobs", we've put together some of our favorite quotes by the man himself. These are quotes we find inspiring, motivational, and some are just plain funny.<p>If you get a chance to see the movie "Jobs", leave us a comment and let us know what you think? Do …

Timeless Branding Lessons From A Young Steve Jobs

To understand how a legacy lasts, let’s flash back to when Steve Jobs rebuilt his own.<p>“It’s a complicated and noisy world,” mused a younger Steve Jobs, “and we’re not going to get a chance to get people to remember much about us. “<p>That chance to make a memory, he says, is the essence of brand …

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9 Ways Steve Jobs Changed Your World

Of course he reinvented personal computers, but did you know he also enabled the selfie? Catch Ashton Kutcher as the famous innovator in Jobs, in theaters August 16.

15 Insanely Successful Dropouts

No degree? No problem! These dropouts went on to much bigger, much better. Catch Jobs, about the innovator--and yes, dropout--in theaters August 16.

'Jobs' Director on Capturing the Complicated Life of Steve Jobs

Attempts at capturing the essence of Steve Jobs, the temperamental genius who built one of the world's most valuable companies, have been made before and will likely be made many times more. But one could argue that the new movie <i>Jobs</i>, starring Ashton Kutcher and directed by Joshua Michael Stern, …

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TRANSCRIPT–Bill Gates and Steve Jobs at D5

<i>Following is a transcript of the interview Kara Swisher and Walt Mossberg conducted with Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates and Apple CEO Steve Jobs at</i> …

Here's Steve Jobs Giving The Best Advice On How To Lead A Happy Life

In 1994, Steve Jobs sat down in front of a camera for the Silicon Valley Historical Association and offered a lot of awesome advice about success and failure from his own personal experience.<p>We previously posted a clip from this interview, less than two-minutes long, where Jobs gave the best tip …

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Steve Jobs' 2005 Stanford Commencement Address

Steve Jobs and NeXT

Steve Jobs, "Computers are like a bicycle for our minds." - Michael Lawrence Films

Steve Jobs explains the Apple Store

Full hour-long 1983 Steve Jobs speech from International Design Conference surfaces [Audio]

<b>Update:</b> Earlier this week we shared the full hour-long Steve Jobs speech from the 1983 International Design Conference in Aspen. At the time, we mentioned John Celuch of Inland Design, who provided the recording to LifeLibertyTech, actually met Jobs at the conference. John apparently approached …

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Steve Jobs flips the bird to IBM, one of my favorite Steve Jobs photos

Steve Jobs' 1983 Speech Makes Uncanny Predictions About The Future

In 1983 Ronald Reagen was president, the Washington Redskins went to the Super Bowl and Steve Jobs spoke about the future of the tech industry at the International Design Conference in Aspen, CO.<p>In August, the first 20 minutes of the now infamous speech (titled "The Future Isn't What It Used To …

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Steve Jobs Through the Years: Highlights and Clips From the D Conference

Since the inception of the <b>D: All Things Digital</b> conference in 2003, Steve Jobs was a frequent guest onstage, and his appearances have always made for …

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In A Newly Released Video, Steve Jobs Shows Rare Modesty

In a never-before-seen clip, Steve Jobs admits that Apple’s legacy will be buried under future innovation. We disagree.<p>Steve Jobs was known for hyperbole–using rhetoric like “magical” to sell us processors and pixels. For all of its snake oil aftertaste, the messaging ushered in an era and …

New Yorkers Get Free Power In The Parks

Months after Hurricane Sandy left New York scrambling for power, the city is unveiling 25 solar powered charging stations in parks and public spaces throughout the five boroughs, starting today.<p>The pilot project between AT&T and the city of New York is officially called AT&T Street Charge. (DUMBO …

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The ten fastest supercomputers on the planet, in pictures | Ars Technica

Chinese supercomputer clocks in at 33.86 petaflops to break speed record.<p>A Chinese supercomputer known as Tianhe-2 was today named the world's …


Steve Jobs's 10 Best Quotes for Advertising Agencies

Five ingredients for innovation

The political, social, and economic problems of tomorrow aren’t going to be solved using the methods honed by Baby Boomers and their parents (no offense to either generation). That message took center stage at this year’s World Innovation Forum, which took place on June 12th and 13th. But no matter …


Steve Jobs, part 2

Steve Jobs, part 1

Steve Jobs on designing a product

How Steve Jobs Influenced the Modern World of Digital Design

If you are a design professional, chances are one of the Apple computers was where you first learned your trade. You would also be somewhat familiar …


The 6 Pillars Of Steve Jobs’s Design Philosophy

Beyond some phenomenal products, Steve Jobs helped define exactly what good design meant for the computer age. Here are his most enduring ideals.<p>[<i>This is the second installment in a series of posts that we’re doing as we read Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs biography. Click here to read the first.–Ed.</i>]<p>…

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5 Incredible Apple Products Designed By Steve Jobs We Still Haven’t Seen [Feature]

The visionary co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, may have been dead for a year today, but the fruits of his incredible imagination, indefatigable quest for perfection and keen design eye are still ripening and shaking from the tree of the company that he created. The recently released iPhone 5 and …