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I hope everyone is finding joy in their weekend! If you have an aloe vera plant, lucky you! They are amazing for so many benefits, both internally and externally. Be careful with commercially prepared aloe, it is often processed with harmful chemicals. Consider having your own small plant. They are easy to grow and maintain! RawganicVegan

Chard is one of the healthiest green leafy vegetables, and it makes easy convenient wraps for all of your yummy fillings like shredded vegetables, some sprouts and some hummus! RawganicVegan

GET SOME SUN! And be sure to stay away from sunscreen. Not only is it directly linked to cancer, but it completely blocks your body's natural ability to synthesize Vitamin D. Build up your tolerance to sun by getting some sunlight every day on your body. Use coconut oil and other pure oils that have a natural protective factor. Also, eat a diet high in phytonutrients, especially carrot juice which is high in beta carotene and provides protection against burning.

10 SIGNS OF TOXICITY If you experience any of the following symptoms, you may be experiencing autointoxication (a process where substances produced by your own body cause a type of self-poisoning that is the result of inadequate digestion and elimination), and it is important to stop the toxicity with a THOROUGH internal cleansing and detox program. DETAILS HERE for my Complete Juice Fast Guide and Parasite Cleanse: 1. SWEATING OFTEN Sweating is a normal and healthy function of our detoxification via the skin, and happens when we increase the heat in our body and have an increased heart rate. However, if you find you are sweating without doing any activity to increase your heart rate, this may indicate toxicity. 2. COATING ON THE TONGUE When you wake up in the morning, check your tongue. White film or white spottiness indicates that the liver is stressed out and not processing toxins effectively. 3. FATIGUE Regular fatigue can be a sign that bodily processes are out of balance. When your liver is constantly working to filter high levels of toxins, absorption of nutrients is hindered, which leaves us tired and fatigued. 4. CONSTIPATION If regular removal of waste material is not happening on a daily or more than daily basis, uneliminated materials remain in the body and contribute greatly to toxicity. 5. ACNE The skin is our largest organ of elimination, and as such, the quality of our skin is directly related to our hydration levels, mineral levels and cleanliness of our cells. When we are toxic, our body cannot properly regulate hormones, and it often manifests as acne. 6. BELLY FAT The liver is an organ that is a key factor in fat burning. When our liver is over stressed, it will deposit fat quickly so it can resume the functions of detoxification. Fat burning is the liver's secondary function, so it will always naturally bypass that process when it is being asked to continually process toxins. So, excess belly fat is a sign of toxicity. 7. INFLAMMATION Swelling is the body’s way of protecting you from an injury. But chronic inflammation is a precursor to serious disease, including heart disease. If you find that our body is exhibiting signs of inflammation such as joint soreness, it may indicate chronic inflammation caused by an acidic/toxic diet. 8. BLOATING Water retention and swelling often indicates that there are toxic substances in the body, including an excess of salt, which the body processes as a toxin when consumed in excess. 9. HEADACHES Frequent unexplained headaches can be a sign that your body has toxins which are preventing proper blood flow to the brain. 10. GAS OR INTESTINAL DISCOMFORT When certain foods give us gas or intestinal discomfort, it is a very clear warning sign that our digestive system is performing below optimal levels, and needs a tune up. DETOX DETAILS HERE:

Did you know you don't have to have a juicer to drink green juice? Of course, having a juicer is a HUGE convenience, and the best investment in your health you can make. If you can make room in your budget for a high quality juicer, you will get even more nutrients, more juice from your produce, and save money over time. But in the interim, you can use your blender to blend up the greens, then simply pour through as inexpensive nut milk bag or cheesecloth to get juice. The idea is the nutrients, without the excess fiber. Juicing is the best way to flood your cells with nutrition. Share | Like | Comment l Tag Friends... RawganicVegan

One of my favorites :) RawganicVegan

I get asked for recommendations all the time on natural deodorants. There are tons of GREAT recipes to make at home, and lots of people use regular coconut oil. I am always trying new products, and I recently tried The Deodorant Club and loved it. It works, is all-natural, and great quality.