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May 2015

Bhaktapur, Nepal, after the 25 April 2015 magnitude 7.9 earthquake.
The narrow main street was passable for relief vehicles within hours of the …

March 2015

The ancient Newari cities are remarkably similar to the
Reference District proposed in Carfree Cities

The ancient Newari cities can serve as a template …

December 2014

Roxanne Warren has written a comprehensive examination of rail and its supporting infrastructure, urban planning, energy, and social effects as they …

October 2014

Carfree Day celebration in Kathmandu
2014 Shail Shrestha

Feature Article

Growing a Carfree Day Event

By Dristy Shrestha and Shail Shrestha

The …

June 2014

View of the Kathmandu Valley choked in dust and pollution
2014 Shail Shrestha

Feature Article

Before I Leave Kathmandu

By Shail Shrestha

It had been some …

April 2014

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The photographs below were taken in late 2013, all within 30 kilometers of Bhaktapur.

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December 2013

News Bits

All the photographs below are from the Kathmandu Valley. Most are from the city of Bhaktapur, soon to be the home of the Carfree …

September 2013

Mount Lavinia Beach on a weekend
Photo: Udan Fernando

Feature Article

How cars squash livability

A South Asian example

By Debra Efroymson

While parts of …

June 2013

A car-lite street in the Bairro Alto, Lisbon
2013 J.H. Crawford

News Bits

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March 2013

2012 J.H. Crawford

News Bits

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Thanks to all who …

November 2012

©2012 Robin Bassett

Feature Article

From Rickshaw to Car as Culprit

Changing Newspaper Coverage of Traffic Congestion in Dhaka

By Debra …

September 2012

A typical view of the rolling hills in southern Piscataquis County
©2012 J.Crawford
View Random photographs of Piscataquis County on Flickr

Feature …

May 2012

Mount Katahdin, Maine
©2011 Lisa Adkins

Feature Article

Piscataquis Village

By Tracy Gayton

A group of Maine residents is mounting an effort to create a …

March 2012

Bergen, Norway, a pedestrianized area three blocks long in the center of the city
©2011 Karen Sandness

News Bits

The articles I consider most important …

December 2011

Scientists are investigating the connection between air pollution and an array of health effects. In the Los Angeles region, recent research has …

September 2011

Museumplein, Amsterdam
©2011 J.Crawford

News Bits

Methane Hydrates Are Really Dangerous

The massive extinctions that occurred 200 million years ago did …

June 2011

Feature Article

Pedestrian Improvements in Dhaka: Attempting the Impossible?

By Debra Efroymson

For those who enjoy quixotic causes, trying to improve …

March 2011

News Bits

Hansen Demands Carbon Tax

James Hansen has become increasingly frantic about the dangers of climate change. The threat is dire, and the need …

December 2010

Revolting Quote of the Decade

"I can't support bike lanes. How many people are riding outside today? We don't live in Florida. We don't have 12 months …

September 2010

News Bits

Temperature anomalies for June 2010
Red indicates hotter than normal.

Hottest June

June was the hottest June ever recorded worldwide and …

July 2010

Siena, Italy
One of the cafés on the central square.
©1998 J.Crawford


We round off the "sidewalk cafés of Europe" theme in this issue. You could …

March 2010

This friendly city has many fine outdoor cafés.
©2005 J.Crawford


We continue the "sidewalk cafés of Europe" theme in this issue. …

November 2009

This friendly city has many fine outdoor cafés.
©2005 J.Crawford


The sidewalk café is a great boon to city dwellers, especially when no …

September 2009

News Bits

The Charles Bridge, facing the Old Town, Prague
©2006 Mark Fleischmann

Let Them Cut Emissions

George Monbiot recently published a column …

June 2009

News Bits

Roder Lane with Markus Tower in the background
Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany
©2007 A. Fox

Copenhagen Conference

The recent climate change …

February 2009

The Masdar district, now under construction in Abu Dhabi, can reasonably be seen as the world's first purpose-built new carfree city. The nation has …

December 2008

A Century Ago

We continue our tour of cities from a century ago, as seen through the eyes of photographers of the day. Their images are scattered …

September 2008

We'll spare you the 200 adjectives we could list about how transformational it was, for it was beyond anything on the printed page. The general …

May 2008

©2002 J.Crawford


Cars Are Driving Us Nuts

We drive ever longer distances in order to satisfy the same needs

An interview with Hermann …