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Leak inquiry into Queen's Nazi salute film focuses on palace exhibition

Royal aides examining whether clip was leaked during preparations for a public show held at Buckingham Palace last summer<p>A royal inquiry into the broadcast of footage of the seven-year-old future Queen giving a Nazi salute is focusing on whether the clip was leaked during preparations for one of …

Buckingham Palace

Anti-LGBT Leaders Launch Coalition to Fight Gay Marriage

Tue, Jul 14, 2015 at 2:22 pm CST<p>Spewing hateful rhetoric, a group of anti-LGBT leaders gathered in Dallas on Tuesday to launch a new coalition to …

Texas Denies Birth Certificates to Children of Immigrants

Mon, Jul 13, 2015 at 2:08 pm CST<p>For nearly 150 years, the United States, under the 14th Amendment, has recognized people born here as citizens, …

Un día difícil para la versión de la fuga de “El Chapo”: le llueven desmentidos a Segob

julio 14, 2015<p>9:19pm<p>25 Comentarios<p>SECCIÓN MÉXICO<p>Ciudad de México, 14 de julio (SinEmbargo).– El lunes pasado, la Procuradora General de la República, …



Elecciones NL 2015: Encuestas finales a 4 días de la elección

<i>Staff Movimet: Presentamos la segunda entrega de la recopilación de encuestas y el resultado promedio de estas. Han quedado excluidas aquellas que no</i> …

Bibliotecas del Observatorio Ambiental

Las colecciones del Observatorio Ambiental se encuentran conformadas por documentos y referencias de publicaciones enfocadas en las problemáticas de …

Synopsis: Quakes in Neutron Stars

Simulations of the magnetic field of a neutron star show that shear stresses induced by the field are strong enough to fracture the star’s …

Neutron Stars

Citizen Scientists Find Green Blobs in Hubble Galaxy Shots

In 2007, A Dutch schoolteacher named Hanny van Arkel discovered a weird green glob of gas in space. Sifting through pictures of galaxies online, as …

Chuy Garcia Hopes To Make History As Chicago's First Latino Mayor

Jesus "Chuy" Garcia, a Cook County Commissioner, is running against the incumbent, Mayor Rahm Emanuel.<p>Transcript<p>ARUN RATH, HOST:<p>As the campaign for Chicago mayor enters its final days, the race is heating up. Former White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel is trying to win a second term on Tuesday …

Cook County

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Marcia Barbosa Public Lecture: Seeking Solutions in the Unusual Properties of Water

Kim Bernard Stuff Moves


Flying over ALICE


This Webpage Uses Centuries-Old Physics To Let Anyone Scroll Hands-Free

The Doppler effect is a well-documented phenomenon in physics which causes a change in the frequency of a wave as the source moves closer to the …


Clocking The Fastest Bicycles On Earth

As bike design improves, old records are getting shattered<p>Any car can outpace a typical human-powered bike. But within an aerodynamic carbon-composite casing (picture a large bullet with a windshield), even an average cyclist can accelerate to more than 50 miles per hour. “Here’s this teardrop …


See how your brain morphs when you learn physics

Think about a weighing scale. You know that it’s going to tell you how much you weigh when you step on it, and that’s probably it. To reach that conclusion you’re mostly using the occipital cortex, in the back of your mind.<p>Then somebody shows you a diagram of how a scale works, and the physics …

Carnegie Mellon University

HTML5 Coding Essentials and Best Practices

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