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Wicked witch bookmark. Wizard of OZ wicked witch of the West. Unusual gift for mom, for her, for child, bookworm, student, teen girl, women.

Wizard of OZ wicked witch of the West<br>You can’t fail to find MyBookmark Wicked Witch, because she will find you! Just keep to the West, where the sun sets, as in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.<p>Amazing stripy legs are sticking out from the book, catching everyone’s attention. It’s hard to get your eyes …

10 Best Book Club Books For Fall 2013

<i>Originally posted on Bookish by Nathan Rostron:</i><p>Sure, we love the wine and the camaraderie, but the among the top pleasures of a good book club discussion is having a great book to rave about or ravage through lively debate. This fall's lineup of top reading-group-ready reads brings us new novels by …


The Best Travel Photos of 2013

The 25th annual <b>National Geographic Traveler Photo Contest</b> has been a long, strange, and beautiful trip. We loved every minute of it, and we hope you did, too.<p>Our panel of judges had their work cut out for them since the contest closed on June 30, sifting through more than 15,000 entries submitted …

Sun About To Magnetically Flip

<b>As the sun reaches a crescendo in its 11 year activity cycle this year, it’s also getting ready to go topsy-turvy.</b><p>The sun’s global magnetic field is about to reverse—flipping its orientation so that north becomes south and south becomes north. Astronomers estimate that we may be only three or four …

Coves, cliffs and lighthouses of Canada's epic east coast

From harbor villages where the scent of fresh chowder wafts through the air to lighthouse-studded coastlines, this winding journey takes you through the best of Canada's east coast.<p>The world's second-largest country has a massive Atlantic coastline, and the best way to tackle its awesomeness is by …

Nova Scotia

The Biggest Thing Out Of Thailand: An Elephant Orchestra

The Thai Elephant Orchestra is, remarkably, just what it sounds like. At a conservation center in Thailand, made for former work animals with nowhere to go, a group of elephants has been assembled and trained to play enormous percussion instruments, holding mallets in their trunks and sometimes …

In Paris, a new spin on Bastille Day

Whether you choose traditional or alternative festivities to celebrate 14 July, there is something for everyone to make sure the day – and night – goes off with a bang.<p>Celebrated on 14 July each year, Bastille Day – France’s national holiday – is marked with a range of festivities, all of which …


National Geographic Travel

National Geographic Travel

Bungalows, Bora Bora. Photo found on Tumblr #borabora #island #pacific #beach #water #blue #green #bungalow #vacation #travel #romantic

Rock My World

Collected by Sherry Ott, AFAR Ambassador<p>List View<p>Map View<p>Rock Formations around the globe worth seeing<p>Popular Stories<p>110 Bohemian Jungle Getaways for …

April Fools' Day

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Polar Bear, Norway

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