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China Opens Corruption Inquiry Into Sinopec President

BEIJING — The second-ranking executive at Sinopec, one of China’s dominant oil and energy companies, is being investigated for “serious violations” of laws and discipline, according to official news reports and a statement by the commission of the Chinese Communist Party that oversees corruption …


The dangerous reality of corruption in the arms sector | World | DW.DE | 27.04.2015

In a new report, anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International, revealed that two-thirds of international defense companies are not doing …


South Carolina's Longest-Serving Sheriff Sentenced In Corruption Case

April 27 (Reuters) - The man who was South Carolina's longest-serving sheriff before he pleaded guilty in a public corruption case involving illegal immigrants was sentenced on Monday to a year and a day in federal prison and fined $10,000, a U.S. Attorney's Office said.

Prosecutors said James …


Corruption Currents: Russian Hackers Read Obama’s Email


Samuel Rubenfeld




Wall Street Journal

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Officials face corruption charges

Auckland officials face corruption charges

Three senior public officials have appeared in an Auckland court on numerous charges of corruption.

The …


TI Turkey’s survey: Corruption has increased, will continue to increase

A recent survey conducted by Transparency International Turkey (TI Turkey) has shown 67 percent of the population in Turkey believes that corruption …


OIG: Colorado's flawed Medicaid system open to provider fraud

Colorado paid more than 800,000 Medicaid claims that were missing required provider identifying numbers or had invalid numbers during 2011 and, until …


Report: Anti-Corruption Programs Lacking

LONDON — Two thirds of defense companies are not doing enough to publicly promote their anti-corruption policies, according to a survey by …


S. Korean premier resigns over bribery scandal

South Korea's president on Monday accepted the resignation of the country's prime minister over a bribery scandal involving several high profile figures.

Prime Minster Lee Wan Koo expressed his intention to resign last week following an allegation that he was given US$28,000 by a businessman while …


Guatemalans demand president, vice president resign over corruption scandal

GUATEMALA CITY, Guatemala — Thousands of Guatemalans gathered in the country’s capital on Saturday to demand the resignation of President Otto Pérez …


Guatemalan government suspected of censoring Transparency International Chair

Transparency International today demanded the Guatemalan government investigate why and who blocked internet access to a newspaper interview with …


Daily Corruption News: 22 April 2015

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Posted 22 April 2015

Today's top story

Indonesia: Indonesian general gets No. 2 police job despite graft scandal …

Deutsche Bank to pay $2.5 billion to settle interest rate manipulation charges

Deutsche Bank will pay $2.5 billion to regulators in the U.S. and U.K. to settle charges that it manipulated benchmark interest rates from 2005 to …


WASHINGTON: Pentagon can’t account for $1 billion in Afghan reconstruction aid | National Security & Defense

— The Defense Department can’t account for $1.3 billion that was shipped to force commanders in Afghanistan from 2004 to 2014 for critical …


Counting the cost of America’s insurance fraud epidemic

For those who work in the insurance industry, there are so many tales relating to insurance fraud. From slip and falls to arson and murder for life …


In new emails, Madoff says fraud wasn't so bad

Six years after pleading guilty to charges he ran the biggest investment fraud in U.S. history, Bernie Madoff is insisting that the extent of his …

Criminal Law

Mexico’s new (but old) anti-corruption fix

After a series of corruption scandals, Mexico has created a government-backed National Anti-Corruption System that — to my surprise — is getting good …


Brazil’s Petrobras Reports Nearly $17 Billion in Asset and Corruption Charges - WSJ

RIO DE JANEIRO—Brazil’s state oil company Petróleo Brasileiro SA put a price tag on a corruption scandal that has thrown the country into political and economic turmoil, writing off $17 billion due to losses from graft and overvalued assets.

The disclosures were part of the first audited financial …


Ebola and corruption: Overcoming critical governance challenges in a crisis situation

Since the end of 2013, the Ebola virus disease has been ravaging the economies and societies of Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea-Conakry, infecting …


Gambia: Auditor General's Report Reveals Findings At Defence Ministry

[The Point] The Gambia's Auditor General Karamba Touray recently told the National Assembly's PAC/PEC during presentation of the audit report, that …

News (South Africa)

The Foreign-Bribery Sinkhole at Justice

Following the Enron scandal, President Bush established a Corporate Fraud Task Force in July 2002 that tasked the Justice Department with ensuring that fraud investigations progressed with “promptness and thoroughness.” For several years Justice’s investigations did.

Unfortunately, in recent years …


Watch out for fraud, elder abuse

A recent study was conducted about fraud and elder abuse.

It found that 1 in 8 cases it was financial fraud that was reported to the National Center …


South Korea in turmoil over corruption scandal

Sometimes things just don't run right for politicians.

Lee Wan-koo only became prime minister of South Korea in February after a tough parliamentary fight for confirmation, during which a recording of him surfaced in which he boasted of his ability to suppress bad press coverage.

The recording of how …


China's anti-corruption campaign: The greatest hits

Huge stacks of cash, boxes of jewels and a pure gold statue of Chairman Mao: These are just a few of the items confiscated from Chinese officials during an anti-corruption drive now in its third year.

Hundreds of thousands of Communist Party officials, including major party bosses as well as local …


Do Public Fund Windfalls Increase Corruption? Evidence from a Natural Disaster

Elena Nikolova
European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) - Office of the Chief Economist

Nikolay Marinov
University of Mannheim - …

How disaster relief can increase corruption

The following is a guest post by political economist Elena Nikolova of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and political scientist

Disaster Relief

Former Emory University employee charged with wire fraud

Prosecutors say a former Emory University employee at the School of Nursing is facing federal wire fraud charges after she diverted about $317,000 in …


Peru Construction Executive Guilty of Tax Fraud

A Peruvian court has sentenced a top executive in the country’s construction sector to five years in prison for tax fraud, business daily Gestion …

Tax Fraud