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By Jim Jeff (Stanching Tyranny) | Warning: Useless Eaters and Useful Idiots dwell here. Enter with caution.

Opinion | Kids are bad for Earth. To save it, we must stop having them

A startling and honestly distressing view is beginning to receive serious consideration in both academic and popular discussions of climate change ethics. According to this view, having a child is a major contributor to climate change. The logical takeaway here is that everyone on Earth ought to …


15,000 Scientists Who Issued a Bleak 'Second Notice' to Humanity Say These 9 Steps May Save Us

First, the good news. Since 1,700 top scientists issued a dramatic warning 25 years ago about humanity pushing the Earth beyond its capacity to …


Inside America's Largest Religious Revival You Know Nothing About

For decades, demographic studies have indicated the steady decline of religion in America, but new measures suggest that, on the contrary, at least …


Scientists Claim To Have Found 234 Alien Civilizations

It seems that the long wait to receive a signal from outer space has finally paid off because after years of silence two astronomers from the Laval …


Cancellation of atheist shindig is a disappointment to me - seriously

To be honest, I'm disappointed.<p>Reason to Hope, the third Global Atheist Convention scheduled for Melbourne in February 2018, has been cancelled …


Communism's Defenders Still Don't Get It

When I was about 16, like many of my peers, I went through a brief “teenage commie phase”. Obviously, I knew absolutely nothing about Marxist theory …

Foundation for Economic Education

Skin Color Research Confirms Biblical Narrative

People over the ages have placed great emphasis on race and skin color. Eugenicist-minded Darwinists have used it as the basis for much ill-conceived …


Ancient ‘rat’ from dinosaur era was oldest human relative

Tooth fossils from 145 million-year old mammals discovered on the Dorset coast.

Facebook Founder Warns "God Only Knows What It's Doing To Kid's Brains"

700-year average real interest rate is 4.78% (must see chart).<p>Here's why the Saudi élite are panicking<p>Nov 9, 2017 10:23 AM<p>38-year-old founding …

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Russian Prodigy Who Claims He Lived On Mars Before Being Reborn On Earth Baffles Scientists [Video]

Experts are reportedly baffled by the testimony of Boriska Kipriyanovich, a Russian prodigy from the city of Volgograd, who claims that he had lived …


God Is a Bot, and Anthony Levandowski Is His Messenger | Backchannel

<b>Many people in Silicon Valley</b> believe in the Singularity—the day in our near future when computers will surpass humans in intelligence and kick off a …


Alien Life Is Probably A Lot Like Human Life Because Of Natural Selection, Says New Scientific Theory

Alien life is probably a lot more similar to human life than you would expect. That’s according to a paper that was recently published in the</i> …


What Darwin Can Tell Us About Aliens

What would life in a far-flung star system look like? Would humans even recognize it as life?<p>A new theory says yes, we would. In fact, life on other …


"This will be a new form of life": Stephen Hawking says artificial intelligence robots will replace humans COMPLETELY - Mirror Online

Renowned physicist Prof Stephen Hawking has said robots will eventually replace humanity COMPLETELY.<p>Prof Hawking said that he believes artificial …

Artificial Intelligence

The Staggering Toll of the Russian Revolution

Russian President Vladimir Putin would like to ignore the Bolshevik Revolution, which marks its 100th anniversary this month. Putin reportedly told …

Foundation for Economic Education

Tucker: Podesta Group Peddled Russian Influence All Over DC With Paul Manafort

Paul Manafort

5 Things Marx Wanted to Abolish (Besides Private Property)

Marx’s manifesto is famous for summing up his theory of Communism with a single sentence: “Abolition of private property.” But this was hardly the …

Foundation for Economic Education

You Will Lose Your Job to a Robot—and Sooner Than You Think

I want to tell you straight off what this story is about: Sometime in the next 40 years, robots are going to take your job.I don’t care what your job …


Cuba says cicadas are behind the “sonic attacks” that injured US diplomats in Havana

The US pulled the bulk of its diplomats from Cuba in September, blaming attacks on its staff that caused hearing loss and concussions. Cuba has denied any involvement, and now it is offering a counter-explanation: The alleged “sonic attacks” are coming from cicadas and crickets.<p>That detail comes …


Special Report: In the market for human bodies, almost anyone can sell the dead

1 / 6<p>Angela McArthur, director of the body donation program at the University of Minnesota, poses in her office in Minneapolis<p>Angela McArthur, …

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Trump’s Presidency Rides on the Next 10 Days

The post Trump’s Presidency Rides on the Next 10 Days appeared first on Agora Financial.


Alien BOMBSHELL: US Navy ‘filmed UFO that DEFIED PHYSICS’, former Area 51 insider claims

US Navy personnel aboard the USS Nimitz even filmed the UFO during the encounter that lasted several hours, according to Chris Mellon.<p>Mr Mellon …


Take a Shower Today? Science Says That Might Have Been a Mistake

Research on immunology suggests showering daily isn't the best for you.<p>Personally, I love to take a shower to start the day. A nice, warm one where I can stay, half asleep, as I think about mostly nothing. But it turns out we all might need to rethink that part of the morning routine if we want to …


The universe shouldn't exist, scientists say after finding bizarre behaviour of anti-matter

Our universe shouldn't exist, scientists say.<p>The most elite scientists in the world are still struggling to find why exactly our universe didn't …


"A Utopia Of Hermaphrodites?"

Here's why the Saudi élite are panicking<p>And if the nonchalant attitude of the media wasn’t enough, GQ published a piece called <i>Rand Paul Sounds Like</i> …

Rand Paul

The "Nightmare Scenario" For Publishers: Facebook Is Testing A 'Pay-To-Play' Model

And Mark Levin raises some excellent questions...<p>The news is filled with Bitcoin and Blockchain 'announcements' and little action. Few companies have …


Depravity, Frivolity, And Dissent: Are We Watching The End Of An Empire?

<b>A 40-year-old essay predicted the end of an empire and current events sure make it look like we’re watching it happen in real time.</b><p>I spend a fair bit …

Michelle Obama

Shocking discovery of ancient teeth could rewrite human history

There’s still many questions to be answered regarding the origins of mankind, but researchers have a pretty good outline of how it all went down — or …


Backyard Bird Feeders May Be Altering the Course of Evolution

Evolution works very slowly—except when it doesn’t. New research shows that certain British birds appear to be changing quickly as result of bird …