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6 Alternatives To Bloom's Taxonomy For Teachers


Will 'Publish or Perish' Become 'Clicks or Canned'? The Rise of Academic Social Networks

Scholars want peers to find—and cite—their research, and these days that increasingly happens on social media. The old adage ‘publish or perish’ …


Academic journal publishing is headed for a day of reckoning

Imagine a researcher working under deadline on a funding proposal for a new project. This is the day she’s dedicated to literature review – pulling …


We have to rethink what “educated” means in a post-truth world

It used to be fairly easy to explain what it means to be educated. Education involves schooling, and as a general rule, the more schooling you have, the better educated you become. Unfortunately, as I will argue below, that answer may no longer be sufficient; there is evidence to suggest that the …

Science Fiction

Ten books every teacher should read

In the last decade, a wealth of books has brought together ideas to help teachers have the greatest impact on student learning. Here are just a few<p>Plato’s Republic, Rousseau’s Émile and Dewey’s Democracy and Education – there’s a strong case to be made, as Dennis Hayes has, that these are the only …


' Too many teaching methods are based on myths and assumptions – it's time to wake up to reality'

I always take pleasure in seeing teachers being celebrated for their hard work and contribution. Although I was travelling for much of World Teachers …


6 Reasons to Try a Single-Point Rubric

As educators, we know the power of a good rubric. Well-crafted rubrics facilitate clear and meaningful communication with our students and help keep …


The Little Nudge That Makes A Big Difference To Student Grades

In the search for ways to improve student outcomes, it is usually the big initiatives that attract all the attention: maximum class sizes, literacy hour, common core, Shanghai maths and the like.<p>But a new study shows that a little nudge can make a big difference to student grades, at a fraction of …


Imagine a New Learning Paradigm

« Be a Talent Coach, Not an Evaluator | Main | Evolving Issues With Social Media and Appropriate Usage for Students and Staff »<p>When children start …


Blackboard Intros Mobile App for Instructors

Blackboard today unveiled Blackboard Instructor, a mobile app designed to help faculty manage their courses, engage students and complete …


Online learners say these social perks are program musts

As competition for fully-online students grows, new research calls for universities to update their strategies in order to win over students.The …


Free eLearning And Instructional Design Books

If you know a <i>free e-Learning book</i> that is not included in the list please I will highly appreciate if you write a comment with a link to that …


Infographic: The Periodic Table of Instructional Design

Students and scholars of chemistry make frequent use of the periodic table of the elements in order to contextualize and organize their understanding …


Online learning not working

Can online learning disrupt the status of higher education?<p>When I moved to Silicon Valley to study at Stanford University four years ago, I thought …

Critical and Alternative Perspectives on Student Engagement

Provocative excerpts from the Higher Education Policy journal


Why Is Student Debt So High?

<b>To the Editor:</b><p>Re “Student Debt’s Grip on the Economy” (editorial, May 21):<p>Hand-wringing over the cost of a college education, which is two and a half times what it was in 1978-79, adjusted for inflation, while median income has risen only 20 percent, is certainly warranted. And your suggestions for …


3 Ways Schools Condition Students

Several times a year, I will receive emails from parents about a post I wrote in 2010 titled, “The Impact of Awards”. Often, they are reaching out …


Digital learning: how to keep your students switched on

Delivering teaching online is increasingly important for academics, but it needs to be more than a content dump<p>Universities will be busy this year adapting to the changes introduced by the government’s higher education reforms. But they mustn’t forget that there is more to the future of higher …

Higher Education

Yes There’s ‘Disruption’ in College Market, But the Bigger Trend Is Growth of ‘Enabler’ Companies

The rallying cry among many higher-education startups is “disrupting” college as we know it. Some of the education sector’s most celebrated and …

Higher Education

Maybe Colleges Should Take A Lesson From Zoos

<i>By Michael Preston,</i> <i>UCF Forum columnist</i><p>What would it take to create a more learning-efficient campus? What elements must we have, what culture must we extend to promote a more responsive campus to bolster student success?<p>The answer may be in the seemingly unrelated work of Australian architect and …


Easing conflicts between instructional designers and the faculty

When Michael Knemeyer was approached last year about converting his logistics management course to an online class, he had his share of reservations. …


3 musts for creating a high-quality online course

The growth of online education, and the acknowledgement that it works, is heartening to those of us who recognize its importance in reaching …


The Education Trust

People who haven’t hung around schools much might be puzzled by the essential argument that I am making in my new book, <i>Schools That Succeed</i>, which is …


6 Considerations For Adapting Virtual Reality In Education

...The post 6 Considerations For Adapting Virtual Reality In Education appeared first on TeachThought.

Virtual Reality

More online courses at public and private colleges, but pace slowing

While struggling for-profit institutions are scaling back their online programs, public and private nonprofit colleges and universities are adding …


Digital Privacy in Education

Our voices can go anywhere. GUEST COLUMN | by Jennifer Dalsen and Caroline Hardin We live in a technological world where sharing videos, uploading …


Supporting Interactive Instruction With Quality Feedback

Whether online instruction is lecture-based, totally flipped or something in between, providing high-quality instructional feedback can be a …


Help Your Students Fact-Check the Web Like Professionals

Stand up to falsehood on the web with tips, resources, and practical advice on helping students find credible information online.<p>Get more tips, …


MOOCs Started Out Completely Free. Where Are They Now?

I took one of the very first MOOCs, and back then the videos, assignments, and certificates were all free. That was in 2011. Unfortunately, this …