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How To Make a Custom Control Tutorial: A Reusable Knob

<i>Update note</i>: Lorenzo Boaro updated this tutorial for iOS 11, Xcode 9, and Swift 4. Sam Davies wrote the original tutorial.<p>Custom UI controls are …

iOS Programming

Digging Deeper: Steve Lukather’s Fantastic Chromatics

Toto’s legendary guitarist can move from ear-twisting triplet licks to soaring bends at the flick of a pick.

Electric Guitar

What Bohlinger Plays: Tommy Emmanuel-Inspired Pull-Off Riff

Wrap your mitts around a shockingly easy pentatonic pattern that the Aussie flattop master uses on numbers such as "Classical Gas."


The Lumineers Vocal Plate Sound Explained


Guitar Essentials: How to Harness the Powerfully Versatile Mixolydian Mode

0<p>SHARES<p>The Mixolydian mode is a favorite among guitarists in a number of different genres. It’s constructed starting on the fifth degree of any major …

Electric Guitar

Easy guitar theory: dominant 7th chords

<b>Over the last two months we’ve been looking at major and minor 7th chords, so now we move on to the tense, bluesy-sounding ‘dominant’ style 7th.</b><p>Like …

Electric Guitar

How to Play Rapid-Fire Hard Rock Licks in the Styles of Five Eighties Shred Gods

0<p>SHARES<p>This month we’ll look at fast-and-furious repetition licks in the styles of five Eighties rock guitar shred gods.<p>Using these kinds of licks …

Electric Guitar

Allan Holdsworth's 10 Most Useful Scales

28<p>SHARES<p>One of the late Allan Holdsworth's many strengths as a guitarist was his ability to improvise.<p>"I knew if I wanted to improvise over chord …


These Five Licks Will Help You Memorize All the Pentatonic Positions

4.4K<p>SHARES<p>Guitarists are creatures of habit, like everyone else. And that can be a problem when it comes to playing our instrument, particularly when …

Electric Guitar

Charlie Parker For Guitar – Licks, Patterns & Cliches

Charlie Parker (aka “Bird”) is one of the founders of bebop. He was the master of chord tone improvisation and that’s why his playing is so …

Electric Guitar

Guitar Essentials: These Open Tunings Will Inspire Your Solos

3<p>SHARES<p>One of the best ways to bust out of a rut is to take a break from standard tuning.<p>Open tunings—tunings that are tuned to the notes of a chord, …

Electric Guitar

Discover the Power of the Dominant Diminished Scale

0<p>SHARES<p>My “Quartal Chords in Motion” article in the June 2014 issue of <i>Keyboard</i> presented an overview of various types of chordal (including quartal) …

Electric Guitar

Guitar Lesson 35: Speed, fluidity, phrasing, form and building confidence in your improvisations

Electric Guitar

Using Chord Positions As a Springboard for Soloing

1<p>SHARES<p>Over the last two columns, we’ve focused on applying various approaches to two-chord vamps for both rhythm guitar and soloing.<p>Many players …

Electric Guitar

Prog-Gnosis: An Introduction to Double Picking

0<p>SHARES<p>This month, I'd like to talk about a cool, useful technique I sometimes use called “double picking,” which involves repeating each note in a …

Electric Guitar

Mastering iOS auto layout anchors programmatically from Swift - The.Swift.Dev.

Looking for best practices of using layout anchors? Let's learn how to use the iOS autolayout system in the proper way using Swift.<p>Creating views and …

iOS Programming

Design Patterns in Swift: Composite Pattern

Composite pattern is a nice little pattern that will help you manage complex hierarchies. It’s commonly used to represent menus and …

Stock Markets

Swift techniques to filter duplicates out of large JSON arrays

reduce, used properly, can be lightning fast. Here's where it yielded 200x improvement over nested for-in loop.<p>Jun 18, 2018 by Aleksandar Vacić 4 …

MacBook Pro

Introduction to Spread Triads for Guitar, Part 1

1<p>SHARES<p>When learning how to play guitar, many of us begin by exploring major and minor triads, often in the open position.<p>As we advance, we might …

John Petrucci Lesson: Combining Triad Arpeggios to Form Polytonal Chordal Allusions

2<p>SHARES<p>I often use triadic arpeggio forms within my riffs and solos as a tool to create rich-sounding, poly-chordal sounds. I’d like to continue in …

Electric Guitar

Creating a UITabBarController Framework

Navigation is one of, if not, the most important aspect of any application. Choosing how users will navigate through the different screens plays a …

Object-Oriented Programming

A Beginner's Guide to Quintuplets

3<p>SHARES<p>Recently, I've been experimenting with five-note patterns, or quintuplets.<p>A quintuplet is when you fit five notes where you'd usually fit …

Exploring the Phrygian Mode’s Evil Sister Scale, Phrygian Dominant

531<p>SHARES<p>Last month we investigated the dark sound of the Phrygian mode, which is spelled intervallically 1 b2 b3 4 5 b6 b7.<p>In the key of E, the …

Electric Guitar

Three Fingerpicking Patterns Every Guitarist Should Know

4<p>SHARES<p>Fingerpicking is an essential guitar technique, but unless you’ve had some formal training on the instrument, you might not know where to …


Why optional closures in Swift are escaping

In a recent episode of the podcast, JP and I discussed the implicit escaping of closures in Swift. As Swift has matured and evolved, the default …


What's new in notifications in iOS 12

One of the things that caught my attention in the WWDC videos I watched last week were the improvements in the notification system, meant to on one …

iOS Programming

What’s New in Swift 4.2?

Good news: Swift 4.2 is now available in Xcode 10 beta! This release updates important Swift 4.1 features and improves the language in preparation …


Fail-safe Algorithm for iOS DateFormatter

<b>iOS applications</b> in most cases use REST API to get and post data, we relay on the data we receive to show any UI back to the user, in some cases we …


Paul Gilbert's Secret Arpeggios

Here’s a cool bit from a Paul Gilbert guitar clinic that he did in Rome. In it he talks about taking a five note shape and moving it up the neck in …

How Arpeggios Can Improve Your Alternate Picking

2<p>SHARES<p>Very few people use alternate picking to play arpeggios unless the tempo is very slow. That’s what sweep picking is for, right?<p>But what if …

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