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Pop this chicken in the oven, and they’ll soon come running

This is the kind of dish that will drive your family crazy because not 10 minutes after you pop it into the oven, the house fills with the smell of garlic butter.<p>It’s based on a wonderful recipe by my good friend and mentor, cookbook author Jean Anderson, with choice ingredients added to take it to …

This 7-minute workout might be the best thing that’s ever happened to your mornings

Want to change your life? Switch up your morning routine, says Patricia Moreno, the founder of cult-favorite mind-body workout …

Living Rooms

Road Trip: California's Pacific Coast Highway

Travel<p>Strap in and get ready for an exhilarating driving experience along this twisting, cliff-hugging route.<p>An exhilarating driving experience, this twisting, cliff-hugging, 123-mile (198-kilometer) route along the central California coast takes about five hours to complete at a leisurely pace. …

25 Rooms Transformed Beyond Belief

The 50 best burger joints in America, ranked

Our friends at Foursquare dug through their troves of user data to compile the list. Because the site now allows users to save and favorite venues they love, Foursquare was able to track down which burgers diners are raving about most across America.<p>To create this list, Foursquare included the …

San Francisco

25 Summer Essential Recipes You Should Master

Summer foods shouldn't be complicated—they don't need to be when so much is in season—it should just be good. We've gathered up 25 classic recipes to take you from Memorial Day to Labor Day.<p><b>Summer, man. It's back.</b> And with it comes long, warm days and nights that should be spent next to the grill, …


How to Make Homemade Butter: Why Churning Your Own Is Worth the Effort

Learning how to make butter is easy—and it's also one of the most satisfying DIY kitchen tasks there is.<p><i>Associate web editor Rochelle Bilow may work on the internet, but when it comes to cooking, she prefers to keep it old-school. From making her own butter (seriously) to grinding her coffee beans</i> …

Located just a few hours outside Los Angeles, San Diego, Las Vegas and Phoenix, #JoshuaTree #NationalPark in #California is a true #desert wilderness. Two distinct environments -- the Mojave and the Colorado deserts -- come together in @joshuatreenps. Joshua trees dwell in the higher elevations of the #Mojave, while creosote bushes and cholla cactus dominate the lower Colorado desert. #Sunset photo by Jaganath Achari (www.sharetheexperience.org).

"Grand Monsoon"

Droplets of Happiness

7 Simple Steps To Help You Clean Up Your Eating Habits (Infographic)

Chances are there's something you'd like to change about your life — maybe it's losing weight, maybe it's reading more often or learning how to cook. …


Desperation - Verzweiflung

Sunset at #Sundance. Photo by @cmarinai

6 Mouth-Watering Cheeseburger Recipes You Can't Swiss Out On

Swiss, blue cheese, Monterey Jack— it all tastes so much better when melted over a giant, juicy burger cooked on your very own home grill.<p>In honor of …

mishroom wishes

Night view on Paris #paris #ontheroofs #france

75 - Paris - Sacré Coeur

Supermoon 2012

The Lonely Mountain

These 5 Margarita Recipes Just Made Your Weekend That Much Better

Whether you’re prepping for your Cinco de Mayo bash or just looking for a fresh drink to serve at all your summer backyard hangs, <b>nothing compares to a refreshing margarita</b>. With the May 5th holiday (and hopefully warm weather) right around the corner, we’ve rounded up a few unique ‘rita recipes …

7 Things Remarkably Happy People Do Often

Happiness can be a choice -- especially when you take the right actions.<p>Happiness: Everyone wants it, yet relatively few seem to get enough of it, especially those in their early 40s. (I'm no psychologist, but that's probably about when many of us start thinking, "Wait--is <i>this</i> all there is?")<p>Good …

As seen on #Cosmos: Our Sun On August 31, 2012 a long filament of solar material that had been hovering in the sun's atmosphere, the corona, erupted out into space at 4:36 p.m. EDT. The coronal mass ejection, or CME, traveled at over 900 miles per second. The CME did not travel directly toward Earth, but did connect with Earth's magnetic environment, or magnetosphere, causing aurora to appear on the night of Monday, September 3. The image above includes an image of Earth to show the size of the CME compared to the size of Earth. Credit: NASA/GSFC/SDO #sun #solar #solarsystem #sdo #nasa #space

Mesa Verde panarama

La Seine et son pont Royal

The 4,500 year old neolithic masterpiece, the day after the vernal equinox, as photographed from a paraglider by @geosteinmetz for this week's issue of The New Yorker @newyorkerphoto. With thanks to Parajet for the motor to get me off the ground, and to @kesterhaynes for a third try at conquering the fickle British weather. #Stonehenge

Audience member, and #farmer, Bruce Stephens snapped this #koala taking an early morning dip this week in #Victoria http://t.co/mm7dWNV0g4

! Strange name. Desert. NV

The images in this quartet of galaxies represent a sample of composites created with X-ray data from NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory, infrared data from the Spitzer Space Telescope, and optical data collected by an amateur astronomer. In these images, the X-rays from Chandra are shown in pink, infrared emission from Spitzer is red, and the optical data are in red, green, and blue. The two astrophotographers who donated their images for these four images -- Detlef Hartmann and Rolf Olsen -- used their personal telescopes of 17.5 inches and 10 inches in diameter respectively. Starting in the upper left and moving clockwise, the galaxies are M101 (the "Pinwheel Galaxy"), M81, Centaurus A, and M51 (the "Whirlpool Galaxy"). M101 is a spiral galaxy like our Milky Way, but about 70% bigger. It is located about 21 million light years from Earth. M81 is a spiral galaxy about 12 million light years away that is both relatively large in the sky and bright, making it a frequent target for both amateur and professional astronomers. Centaurus A is the fifth brightest galaxy in the sky -- making it an ideal target for amateur astronomers -- and is famous for the dust lane across its middle and a giant jet blasting away from the supermassive black hole at its center. Finally, M51 is another spiral galaxy, about 30 million light years away, that is in the process of merging with a smaller galaxy seen to its upper left. Image credit: X-ray: NASA/CXC/SAO; Optical: Detlef Hartmann; Infrared: NASA/JPL-Caltech #chandra #nasa #universe #galaxy #space #xray #chandraxray