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Trump Caught Funneling Cancer Donations Into His Businesses

Eric Trump

Report Confirms Eric Trump Stole Money From Kids With Cancer

Donald Trump

The Real Foreign Agents In The US You Aren't Being Told About


LEAK: National Security Adviser Mocked Trump's Intelligence

National Security

Bankers Unwittingly Admit Tax Cuts Don't Help Workers


Fox Host Blasts Trump: “You’re The President Of The United States, Why Don’t You Act Like It?”

Donald Trump

Bernie Sanders Calls on the DNC to Reform After Brazile's Revelations

Bernie Sanders

Bernie Sanders Explains Today's Biggest Threat

Bernie Sanders

BREAKING: TYT, INTERCEPT SUED BY JORDAN CHARITON: Ty Bayliss and Chelsea Lyons Part of Medium Piece


Evangelicals Rally To Accused Pedophile


Progressives Coming To Sweep Republicans From Office


Economic Update: How People Change Economies


Charlie Rose Fired For Sexual Assault

Charlie Rose

Noam Chomsky - Bakunin’s Predictions

Noam Chomsky

Democrats Win Impossible Seat


Death Date Announced For The Internet

Net Neutrality

Top U.S. & World Headlines — November 21, 2017


Mentally Gone Trump Can't Even Pardon A Thanksgiving Turkey Without Reading Off A Teleprompter

The presidential turkey pardon is supposed to be one of those light and fun moments for a president, but since Donald Trump can’t be trusted to talk …

Donald Trump

Olivia Munn Doubts Hollywood Will Truly Punish Sexual Assaulters

“They aren’t woke; they’re scared,” Munn told the Los Angeles Times.<p>While there’s now an increased awareness of sexual assault in Hollywood, Olivia Munn isn’t so sure the industry will actually change because of it.<p>In a recent interview with the Los Angeles Times, the actress, one of the several …

Olivia Munn

Researchers develop potentially low-cost, low-emissions technology that can convert methane without forming CO2

As we work to toward more sustainable ways of powering our lifestyles, there is a quest to bridge the gap between the carbon dioxide-emitting fossil …


Google admits it tracked user location data even when the setting was turned off

It did so via cell tower data<p>Android phones gather your location data and send it to Google, even if you’ve turned off location services and don’t have a SIM card, <i>Quartz</i> reported today.<p>The term “location services” oftentimes refers to exact GPS data for app usage, such as Google Maps finding your …


Keeping Charles Manson in Prison for 46 Years Cost Taxpayers Over $1 Million

For the last 46 years of his life, Charles Manson received three meals a day, medical care, and round-the-clock guards, all funded by taxpayers.<p>The …


Donald Trump’s Response to Disaster Aid for California: Nothing

A few weeks ago, California requested $7.4 billion in disaster aid following the massive series of wildfires in the northern part of the state that …


This Is Why We Aren't Having A Serious Discussion About Trump's Sexual Offenses

In <i>The New York Times</i> right now, there's a story about President Trump's decision to weigh in on the Al Franken sexual harassment/assault story, even …

James Toback

61% of Americans say Trump should be impeached if his sexual harssment allegations are proven true

Nearly two-thirds of voters say that President Donald Trump should be impeached and removed from office if any of the mulitple sexual harassment …

Donald Trump

A Republican tax plan built for plutocrats

How does a political party dedicated to the material interests of the top 0.1 per cent of the income distribution win and hold power in a universal …


NASA shows off Mars rover tires that bounce back into shape

The next Mars rover could ride across the alien planet on a new kind of tire that remembers its shape after running over rocks.<p>NASA's Curiosity rover has tender feet. The Mars exploration vehicle is suffering tire damage from the rocky terrain, so NASA is looking for ways to improve the tires for …


Donald Trump Jr. Indictment Next? Two More Strange Russian Contacts For Trump’s Son Revealed This Week

New indications that Donald Trump Jr. may soon find his name on Russia investigation Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictment docket emerged this …

Donald Trump

Congress’s Secret History of Sexual Harassment Is About to Explode

As the sexual-harassment floodgates inch open, Washington is bracing for a fresh wave of allegations.<p>In a single day, both <i>The New York Times</i> and CBS News suspended top journalists in the wake of sexual-harassment allegations, and Democrats moved a step closer to losing one of their most vocal …

Jackie Speier

Trump's lawyers trying to contain his rage over Mueller

President Donald Trump’s legal team may be shielding the commander-in-chief when it comes to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe in an effort to …

Donald Trump