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Amelia Bloomer Didn’t Mean to Start a Fashion Revolution, But Her Name Became Synonymous With Trousers

In mid-1800s America, everyone agreed women’s clothing posed a problem. The dictates of modesty called for floor-length dresses, and fashion demanded …


21 Profound Thoughts That Will Change The Way You See The World

Mind. Blown. H/T Shower Thoughts on Reddit.

Cute Animals

What I Want People To Know About Mothers And Suicide

“Love you.”<p>It was a text I received at 10:30 p.m. from my brother’s girlfriend. It was an unusual time for me to receive a text. Most people who are …

Mental Health

17 Really Interesting And Entertaining Websites That You Never Knew Existed

A simulation that lets you control a human vocal tract?!


Scientists Just Transferred Memories From One Creature to Another

Sea snails picked up memories of another snail, in an experiment that hasn't been replicated since the 1960s.<p>Memory transfer between living creatures may sound like science fiction, but according to scientists at UCLA and a paper published ENeuro, it just became a tested reality: researchers …


Into The Gloss’s “The Top Shelf” With a Working Mom Who’s Mastered the Art of Getting Through Her Morning Without Throwing Herself or Anyone Else Out a Window

I’m a mom of a three-year-old, so I don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning. But no matter what, it’s so important to walk out the door …


Here's What It Was Like Growing Up As Prince Harry

From St. Mary's Hospital to his anticipated royal wedding, here's a look back at the life of Prince Harry of Wales.

Prince Harry

Know It All

Can Wikipedia conquer expertise?<p><i>Editors’ Note appended</i>.<p>On March 1st, Wikipedia, the online interactive encyclopedia, hit the million-articles mark, with an entry on Jordanhill, a railway station in suburban Glasgow. Its author, Ewan MacDonald, posted a single sentence about the station at 11 <i>P.M</i>., …

Motherhood: An FAQ

As the saying goes, there’s really no manual for parenthood. And there really, really is no manual for motherhood. If there were it would cost more …


Queen shows funny side in conversation with Sir David Attenborough for ITV documentary | ITV News

A Tour of White, Mostly Male-Dominated Western Culture Through Limericks

Petrarch<p>He coined the Petrarchan sonnet<br>With brilliance under his bonnet<br>A humanist eye<br>On this Renaissance guy<br>Said love is a bitch when you want …


List: What Your Myers-Briggs Type Says About Whether You’ll Take the Myers-Briggs Test

KEY:I/E: Introvert / Extrovert<br>N/S: Intuitive / Sensing<br>F/T: Feeling / Thinking<br>P/J: Perceiving / Judging- - -<b>INTJ:</b> “The Nerd Emperor” – Instead of …


Libertarians and Lawn Equipment

I’ve been lying low in public on this front, while a lot of activity has been going on backstage.<p>Summary version: a bill to accelerate the transition away from super-polluting, noisy, leaf blowers powered by dirty two-stroke gas engines, and toward much cleaner electric models was introduced by a …


I Am a Leaf Blower

Good morning! I am a leaf blower! You’ve probably heard me. Right now, for example. Sure, put that pillow over your head. That should help.<p>Still here.<p>I woke you up this morning to clear the air—air filled with particles that always get in your eye, even when you’re, like, fifty feet away and you …

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A Parent’s Guide to Snapchat : App Store Story

First ever pill-testing trial at Australian music festival

Pill testing will be trialled for the first time at an Australian music festival, in a move that advocates say will reduce drug-related harm.<p>Revellers at Canberra’s Groovin the Moo festival will be able to have their illegal drugs tested for harmful chemicals by STA-SAFE, an independent consortium …

Music Festivals

How bacteria are changing your mood

<b>If anything makes us human it's our minds, thoughts and emotions.</b><p>And yet a controversial new concept is emerging that claims gut bacteria are an invisible hand altering our brains.<p>Science is piecing together how the trillions of microbes that live on and in all of us - our microbiome - affect our …


Guillermo del Toro is making a Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark movie

Guillermo del Toro, the director of <i>Hellboy</i>, <i>Pan's Labyrinth</i>, and <i>Crimson Peak</i>, is developing a movie version of classic children's book trilogy <i>Scary Stories to Tell in the Dar</i>k. <i>Deadline</i> reports that del Toro will produce the movie for CBS Films, based on the books written by Alvin Schwartz, and may …


Did Paul Ryan Fire the House Chaplain for Tax-Cut Blasphemy?

It sure seems like something he’d do.<p>The December 2017 passage of the “Tax Cuts and Jobs Act” was thrilling to a great many people, among them <b>Donald Trump,</b> corporate America, and the uber-rich, whom the legislation was structured to disproportionately benefit. But in truth, the day belonged to one …

Donald Trump

Distant Solar System Orbit Diagrams

Distant Solar System Orbit Diagrams<p>Below are diagrams of the distant solar system on 2018 January 1. A description of these diagrams is given at the …


Bill Gates is raising his children according to a 1970s ‘Love and Logic’ formula — here are his top tips for grooming successful kids

Bill Gates doesn't pretend he lives in an egalitarian household. When it comes to parenting his three children, the billionaire Microsoft mogul readily admits his wife Melinda has done more than her share of the work raising the kids.<p>"My wife does 80%," Gates told a crowd of Harvard students on …

Bill Gates

28 things I wish I knew before I went to Disney World in Florida

<b>A holiday to Disney World in Florida is like no other – and there is lots you can expect from a break to the ‘most magical place on Earth’.</b><p>For …

Walt Disney Company

You Can Soon Stay at the World's First Underwater Villa, in the Maldives

The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island will sit 16 feet below the surface on the ocean floor and is the first of its kind<p>Calling all adventure enthusiasts: There's a new one-of-a-kind travel experience you're going to want to add to your bucket list. The Conrad Maldives Rangali Island has just …

Kakistocracy, a 374-year-old word that means ‘government by the worst,’ just broke the dictionary

Today was a productive vocabulary day in the United States of America.<p>The learning began in the morning, when former CIA director John O. Brennan tweeted at President Trump: “Your kakistocracy is collapsing after its lamentable journey.”<p>The insult was part of a raging feud between Trump and various …


10 obscure Scrabble rules you probably never knew — and how to use them to your advantage

1/<p>Any words found in a standard dictionary are permitted — except those that are "always capitalized, abbreviations, prefixes and suffixes standing …

An Anne Geddes Baby Manifesto

That society will recognize that babies were taken from their parents and hidden inside green felt pea pods en masse. That we each have a story to …

List: Rejected Slogans from My Avant-Garde Literary Manifesto

Our new literature will not be constrained by rules or injunctions!Never again will we allow ourselves to be boxed in by spatial metaphors!Down with …


Even Scientists Were Blown Away by These Weird Sea Creatures They Found

Scientists aboard the ocean-exploring ship the E/V Nautilus have been prowling the ocean for wonders since 2008, literally just exploring the seas.<p>So …

British Columbia

This New AMNH Exhibit Takes You Under the Sea and You Won't Want to Come Up for Air

<b>NEW YORK—</b>From the moment you step from the cacophonous, bright halls of the American Natural History Museum into its new ocean exhibit, it’s clear …