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By jerry550 | Razors, blades, brushes and the art of old school shaving with a double edge safety razor.

DE Razor vs The Cartridge


What confuses many men is why they would want or need to make the switch from the Mach 3 or Gillette Fusion to a DE razor. To be fair to them the …


Single Blade Razor vs Multi-Blade Razor


Multi-blade cartridge drugstore razors and electric razors are meant to be sold by the millions, but your hair is more …


Safety Razor vs. Cartridge Razor – Shave like a Grownup

Written by Anthony Berriola

Have you been looking to get a better shave but not ready to take on a straight-razor? Maybe you should try out a Safety …


Safety Razors vs Cartridge Razors

Through March 10th, 2014, get 15% off any purchase in the Grooming category with code BETTERSHAVE.When it comes to the debate of safety razors vs. …


Aside: The Micro Touch One Appears At US Megamart Stores

My wife and I were shopping at “Wally World” last night when we came upon a display of the “Micro Touch One” DE razor. This appears to be the same …

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Safety Razors and Shaving Collectibles

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Quality badger hair brushes float lather across the cheek, preparing the skin for a close and comfortable shave. Soothing after shave and skin care


Shaving Brushes, Men's Wet Shaving Products, Razors, Blades, Toiletries for Men, Travel Supplies, Brush Holders

Wet shaving provides an especially close shave and is often the answer to ingrown hairs and rash, especially if currently using an …


The Wet Shave — The Magazine

I used to hate shaving. I ranked it below flossing on my list of bathroom-related activities that I would dread. Of course, no one knew if I skipped …


Welcome to Wetshaving!

This site is a dedication, an instruction manual, and something of a shrine to the nearly lost art of traditional wetshaving.

Inside you'll find …


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So You Want to Be a Wet Shaver?

The most common question we get from Shaving 101 readers has always been, “Where do I start?” Having published many reviews of various brushes, …

Moustache & Blade - Episode 33: Interview with BrushnSoapnBlades Rick DeWeese

Podcast: Play in new window | Download |

Two wet shaving podcasts?!?! Yes indeed, many of you are already hip to this fact but for those of you who …

SOTD: June 15th, 2014 Father's Day

Happy Father’s day ! Today I obviously dedicate my shave to my Lord, my Father, and all you other Father’s out there. It takes a lot to be a Father …


Dry Shaving VS Wet Shaving - le|Grand|Soigne

An important part of any man’s grooming routine is shaving, but choosing whether you prefer to shave wet or dry can be difficult. Today, I will

sr_kit - wicked_edge

This is what you would buy for someone who has absolutely nothing relating to wetshaving

A kit comprises a razor, soap, brush, bowl and strop at …

RazoRock Mission 3-Piece Double Edge (DE) Safety Razor


by Mark Plows

Date Added: Tuesday 18 February, 2014

I just got my Razorock Mission on Friday and have used it for the last few days. My usual …


Real shaving using double edged safety razors and brushed on lather — a blog by Bruce Everiss

December 27th, 2012 — Shaving brushes

Britain is the home of the classic shaving brush. Even today there are a lot of brands that have survived the …

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Double Edge Wet Shaving

Make Shaving Not Suck

Tuesday, July 02, 2013 Shaving 101

This article by Shaving 101’s Mike Sandoval is featured in the July 2013 issue of Cigar …

Wisdom Wet shave

The Zen of Shaving: How a Double-edge Razor Can Change Your Life

Editor’s note: This is a guest post from John Koontz, a moderator at the Badger & Blade forum on wet shaving.

If I told you a way you could improve …


Straight Razor Restoration, Custom Scales and Wet Shaving Products

Maggard Razors is planning on moving our operations this weekend, 2/13 – 2/16. Although it will be chaotic, our store will remain open for walk ins, …


Double Edge Razor Guide - How to Shave with a DE Razor — Gentleman's Gazette

The other day, we received an envelope in the mail from Gentleman’s Gazette reader Tucker Garrett that contained a short cover letter, a print of an …


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