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See 1940s New York City Through The Eyes of a Fortune Photographer

5th Ave. at 42nd St., New York, 1946.<br>© Todd Webb Archive<p>1 of 11<p><i>"I am just a simple guy who would rather photograph than eat."</i><i><br>— Todd Webb</i><p>Todd Webb was …

Street Photography


101 Unflinching Portraits of Survivors of US Gun Violence

Sahar Khoshakhlagh, who was shot in Times Square, NY, by a police officer aiming at someone else (all images courtesy of powerHouse Books)“Scars are …

21-Year-Old Breathes New Life into Historic B&W Photos by Adding Color

Brazilian artist Marina Amaral combines her love of history with creativity, creating colorized versions of historic photos. The 21-year-old artist can spend anywhere from a few hours to several months retouching each image in Photoshop.<p>Originally inspired by colorized photographs she'd seen on an …


Fan Mail: Brian Cooper

There is something quite sordid about Brian Cooper’s sculptural installations. The tufted forms in sickly mustard yellows and dark browns seem to …

Los Angeles

This Building Was Designed With A Jumble Of Uniquely Shaped Outdoor Spaces For Each Apartment

Photography by Dinesh Mehta<p>Sanjay Puri Architects have designed a 15 storey residential building in Ranchi, India, that features uniquely shaped …


Animals Etched onto Dirty Cars by Illustrator Nikita Golubev

Over the last few weeks, Moscow-based artist and illustrator Nikita Golubev has taken to the streets to etch images of animals onto the sides of …

Street Art

Comical Ceramic Figures Produced With Ancient Materials by Luciano Polverigiani

South American artist Luciano Polverigiani creates ceramic objects that lay at the intersection of fine art sculptures and toys, figures that are …


Portrait of Iranian Women From the ’20s to the ’50s

Fascinantes et étranges, ces photographies vintage de l’Iran au début du XXème siècle racontent l’évolution de l’histoire d’Isfahan. L’historienne …

8 eye-popping examples of fractal art

A fractal is a complex mathematical equation or sequence that produces geometric patterns which can be zoomed into infinitely and will still produce …


In Mantova, A Romantic Apartment with Remains of a Late Renaissance Fresco

In the Northern Italy town of Mantova—named the “Italian capital of culture” by the national government last year—local architects Archiplan Studio …

Interior Design

Alfa Romeo? Or Alfa Juliet??

For all its aggressiveness, the Alfa Romeo Disco Volante concept by Alex Imnadze also has a delicate femininity to it. Makes perfect sense …


7 Minimalist Apartments Around The World

According to Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus of The Minimalists, minimalism can be summed up in a single sentence: "It's a tool to rid yourself of life’s excess in favor of focusing on what’s important—so you can find happiness, fulfillment, and freedom."<p>4. Tiny Warsaw Studio/Playroom

Interior Design

Sleek multi-family housing complex unfolds in Luxembourg

Oh, the geometry!<p>If you like triangles, aluminum panels, and creative multi-family housing, you’ll love this odd new 15-unit building in Luxembourg. Designed by the architects at Metaform, the scaled, crescent-shaped complex is made of six semi-nested forms—looking a little like the articulated …


Trolling Art by Mark Jenkins

Mark Jenkins is an American artist famous for his sculptural installations. He uses street as a stage where his sculptural interact with environment. …


Funny Dad Photoshops His Baby into the Most Dangerous Situations

When dad Stephen Crowley began photoshopping his daughter Hannah in crazy, dangerous situations, it was all for a laugh to spook relatives. But now that the images have gone viral, Crowley is hoping to turn the funny photoshops into a way to raise awareness for the bone marrow registry Be the Match.<p>…


alice-in-wonderland by stephanie jager

Sword of one of Japan’s last samurai discovered in house in America

<b>Progressive samurai</b> was denied his dream of crossing the ocean, but <b>his tanto still made it to California</b>.Born in 1830, <b>Yoshida Shoin</b> was part of …


People Are Photoshopping Mr Bean Into The Best Movies

article<p><p>en_US<p>Rowan Atkinson is the newest meme.<p>Screen Rant


Lose yourself in this beautiful literary map of London

This stunning map of London is made up of the names of characters from novels, plotted on to the areas of the city they're most associated with.<p>It was created by Dex, a London-based artist and graphic designer, and interior designer Anna Burles<b>.</b> They describe it as "an intricate type map of the …

Charles Dickens

Pigcasso brings life to animal sanctuary with 'abstract' art

Sow in the world?<p>A pig on a South African animal sanctuary spends her days painting “abstract” masterpieces. It’s true, and her paintings have sold …


Architects designed this skyscraper attached to an asteroid to get around building restrictions

Manhattan is packed with towers, but the city still has height restrictions in various neighborhoods.<p>As a way to get around these mandates, New York firm Clouds Architecture Office has proposed an outlandish skyscraper that would hang from cables attached to an asteroid. Since the tower wouldn't …


Two Enormous Sculptures Head to North Carolina Museum of Art

The 164-acre park at North Carolina Museum of Art’s Ann and Jim Goodnight Museum Park gains a few new occupants this spring, in the form of two …


The TWIN PEAKS Theme Performed in SEINFELD-Style is Way Too ’90s

<i>Twin Peaks</i> and <i>Seinfeld</i> are really two sides of the <i>90’s</i> television coin. One one hand, <i>Twin Peaks</i> is a dark look at murder, and on the flip side,</i> …

Twin Peaks

Black Mirrored Floor Makes Bookstore Entrance Look Like a Circular Tunnel of Books

Literature lovers, here’s another shop to add to your bookstore bucket list. Located in Zhen Yuan, China, Yangzhou Zhongshuge has an interior design that feels like something out of the movie <i>Inception</i>. The dizzying space contains a grand optical illusion that you only see once you’ve set foot …

Interior Design

Art History: The Evolution of Hypnotic Kinetic Sculptures

Art that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or that relies on motion for its effect—this is the definition of kinetic art. While the definition explains the practical notion, it doesn’t emphasize the hypnotic capabilities of the artform. And though it comprises any medium, it’s actually …


Joseph Szabo: the teacher who photographed a bygone era of American youth

In 1972, Joseph Szabo, a 28-year-old art and photography teacher at Malverne High School, Long Island, was struggling to connect with his pupils. So he started taking pictures of them. “I tried to photograph everybody,” he says, speaking on the phone from Long Island, where he still lives. “I …


Creepy Underwater Sculptures Warn of Future Eco Disasters

The museum exhibit, Museo Atlántico, features hundreds of human forms scattered over a dozen installations at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

19th Century Library Filled by 350 000 Books

A Rio de Janeiro, se trouve une des plus belles bibliothèques du monde : La Real Gabinete Português de Leitura. Construite entre 1880 et 1887 par …