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What are Code Reviews for?

It is often said that Code Reviews are by far the most effective way to identify bugs in software. However, it is easy to notice that the "code …

Software Development

You might not need React Context

React 16.3 finally made the Context API stable. Since then, many developers started using it to solve the “prop-drilling” problem - the issue where …


15 Latest and Best Loading Animations to Make User Enjoy Waiting

Nowadays, since internet speed has been highly improved, people can smoothly open a website/app within seconds and get their desired information …

UI Design

What’s the future of Redux?

What awaits Redux in terms of the React ecosystem? Could the rise of new libraries, tools and the upcoming changes in React itself put the future of …


How To Write Better Code In React – Bits and Pieces

9 Useful Tips for writing better code in React: Learn about Linting, propTypes, PureComponent and more.<p>React makes it painless to create interactive …


Understanding React — React 16.3 + Component life-cycle

The release of 16.3 introduced some new life-cycle functions, which replace existing ones to provide better support for the new asynchronous nature …


This YouTuber Fixes Ugly Websites and It's Really Satisfying

Refactoring UI is a YouTube series which takes poorly designed UI and gives it the fairy godmother treatment.<p>For me, the difference between a good user interface and a bad user interface makes and breaks a product or a service. It’s the difference between a clean, pleasant interface that welcomes …

UI Design

Unlocking the JavaScript Code Interview (an Interviewer Perspective)

At AppsFlyer we interview quite a fewFront-End & Full-Stack engineers and know the common pitfalls many interviewees struggle with. In this article, …


Using advanced design patterns to create flexible and reusable React components — Part 2: React…

Using advanced design patterns to create flexible and reusable React components — Part 2: React 16.3 Context APIUsing advanced design patterns to …

Software Engineering

Designing very large (JavaScript) applications

This is a mildly edited transcript of my JSConf Australia talk. Watch the whole talk on YouTube.<p>Hello, I used to build very large JavaScript …


Get derived state from props in React 16.3


setState ftw


No, Promise is not a monad

If you want to see how sloppy your thinking is, try writing. If you want to see how sloppy your writing is, try writing math.<br>– <i>Someone said …


Two Years of Functional Programming in JavaScript: Lessons Learned

The article is not about learning FP principles or JavaScript FP libraries. There are numerous of good articles on this topic out there. The article …


Javascript Underdogs: Part 1 - The WeakMap

Hello 2018! It has been 3 years since we first saw Javascript 2015 (aka ES6). During this time most of us have focused on the cosmetic changes like …


Testing Asynchronous Components with Mocks in Jest

In Frontend (React, Javascript) By Leigh Halliday April 06, 2018<p>In this article below we will test a component which runs asynchronous code inside of …


Level Live #1: Listing groups within spaces


Quick Guide to setup your React + Typescript Storybook Design System

Design systems are all the rage these days - here's how to make your own.<p>Because React is built on a plug and play component philosophy, every …

Software Engineering

Keep it simple, stupid!

How one line of CSS code saved me hours of React development<p>Yesterday I was trying to solve a problem while building the style guide of <b>Cosmos</b>, the …


Error Boundaries and Render Props

In Frontend (React, Javascript) By Leigh Halliday April 05, 2018<p>Error boundaries were introduced in React 16.2 and provide a sort of declarative …


WATCH this repo, YOU have a say

<b>YOU</b> have a say on every <b>fresh</b><p>🍅list.<p>Check out Pull Requests for new links<br>• Check out other people's PRs and 👍🏼 or👎or comment. PRs above 3👍's get …

Software Engineering

Testing Practices and Principles Workshop (Assert.js Conf)



Max Stoiber@mxstbradmin<p>29.5k<p>🎉🎉 Announcement: Spectrum goes Open Source! 🎉🎉<p>April 3, 2018 · 7:57am<p>Today, Brian, Bryn, and I are beyond excited to …


I Created My Portfolio with React and Some Magic 🎉

<b>TL;DR</b><i> — I re-wrote my</i> <b>portfolio</b> <i>in React and added some niche tricks to make it look all shiny and rad. Everytime you refresh the page, a new look will</i> …

Web Design

A Secret parts of React New Context API

New Context API<p>React introduced a new Context API, which is to replace a legacy Context API.<p><b>Context - React</b><i><br>Context provides a way to pass data</i> …


Component-based state management for React

When I ask people what their favorite part of React is, one of the most frequent answers is “Components”.And I agree. React’s component system is …


Maximum JavaScript Performance

<i>Cover image by Fachstelle für Öffentliche Bibliotheken NRW on Flickr.</i><p>If you're a bit like me you probably think a lot about how to make your software …


Data Tables

That pretty much covers basic tables and how to make them accessible. The trouble is, they're such a pain to code by hand, and most WYSIWYG tools for …


Next step Git for those that already know add and commit

When I first started using Git a while back it seemed pretty straight forward although I had to get used to the disconnected nature of Git which is …

Software Development

What's New in React 16.3.0