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21 Rice Noodle Recipes to Make Instead of Ordering Delivery

You don't need delivery! Instead, slurp away on these 21 rice noodle recipes.<p><b>We've all done it: In a (completely understandable) fit of laziness</b>, we've plopped down on the couch, picked up the phone, called the neighborhood takeout joint for some pad thai. But many rice noodle dishes are just as …


Cold-Brew Iced Tea

8 Servings<p>June 2013Print<p>Ingredients<p>10 black tea bags<p>8 cups cold water<p>lemon slices<p>Recipe Preparation<p>Combine 10 black tea bags and 8 cups cold water in a large pitcher. Cover; chill at least 4 hours. Discard tea bags. Serve over ice with lemon slices.<p>Nutritional Content<p>Hide Nutritional Content8 …


35 Recipes that Feature Celery—from Toast to Cocktails

This vegetable is so much better than a crudité platter: Here are our favorite celery recipes.<p><b>We love a good crudité platter</b>, but why limit celery to ranch dressing? From a bracing gin tonic to a crunchy Thai salad, these are our favorite unexpected ways to cook with celery.


See How to Make Great Fried Rice at Home: Tips + Video

How to make killer fried rice at home, with tips and video from Hot Joy, one of Bon Appétit's Best New Restaurants in America 2014<p>It's midnight. You're buzzed. You're craving the entire menu at <b>Hot Joy</b> (our no. 7 Best New Restaurant of 2014), especially the fried rice. In fact, the fried rice is so …


It's #slowcooker Sunday - easy savory oatmeal with sausage & a fried egg is great for brunch or dinner!

The Best Summer Apps for Cookouts, Dinner Parties, and Just Because

20 summer appetizers to get your party started, from mini shrimp rolls to guacamole with a twist.<p><b>Nothing kicks off a cookout like some small bites</b> (and, okay, cocktails). Get the party started with these light and summery apps.


Eggplant Parmesan with Fresh Mozzarella

8 Servings<p>Removing all but a strip of the eggplant’s skin lets the flesh meld with the sauce without falling apart—that's the secret of this baked eggplant parmesan recipe. This is part of BA's Best, a collection of our essential recipes.<p>October 2013Print<p>Ingredients<p>¾ cup plus 2 Tbsp. olive oil, …

Italian Food

Dark Chocolate Waffles

6 Servings<p>Buttermilk brings slight tang and moisture to the batter, while olive oil offers fruity richness. Choose a mild-flavored (not too peppery) type of oil for these waffles.<p>February 2014Print<p>Ingredients<p>2 cups all-purpose flour<p>½ cup unsweetened cocoa powder<p>¼ cup (packed) brown sugar<p>2 teaspoons …


75 Summer Recipes Everyone Should Know How to Cook

Master these ultimate summer dishes and eat well through September.<p><b>Just because we're not in the mood to fire up the oven</b> to make brisket in the summer doesn't mean we're off the hook when it comes to warm weather meals. Nope, when it comes to summertime, there are <i>definitely</i> some classics that just …


14 Butter Recipes to Consume with Wild Abandon

Butter is back! Here are some of our favorite butter-forward recipes.<p>We've always been unabashed butter lovers. So we couldn't have been happier when <i>New York Times</i>'s Mark Bittman recently declared that butter was back in favor. In honor of its triumphant return (though, did it ever really go …

Puff Pastry

83 Egg Recipes That We Always Crave

83 egg recipes is a lot of egg recipes. But is it enough?<p>Shockingly enough, Americans once ate twice as many eggs as they do today. Bring back the glory days with these 83 egg recipes, prepared every way you could imagine (baked! fried! poached! more!).


3 Breakfast Taco Recipes You'll Definitely Want to Make

Our test kitchen created three breakfast taco recipes. From chorizo and sweet potato to poblanos and queso fresco, here's how they're making our mornings better—and tastier.<p>Listen, we love tacos. We love them for lunch, we love them for dinner, and we especially love them for late-night snacks. We …


Soft Scrambled Eggs with Fresh Ricotta and Chives

2 Servings<p>Print<p>Ingredients<p>4 large eggs<p>1 tablespoon chopped fresh chives<p>1/4 teaspoon fleur de sel or coarse kosher salt plus more for sprinkling<p>1 tablespoon butter<p>1/2 cup fresh ricotta cheese<p>4 1/3- to 1/2-inch-thick slices whole grain bread or 8 whole grain baguette slices, lightly toasted and …


11 Over-the-Top Las Vegas Burgers You Must Eat

In Las Vegas, America's capital of glitz, these 11 burgers are flashy, flavorful, and totally over-the-top<p>Whether it gets the credit or not, Las Vegas has led America in the fussy-fancy burger trend, dating back to Michelin-starred chef <b>Hubert Keller</b>'s Burger Bar in 2004, if not earlier. With the …

Wynn Resorts

You Asked Us to Invent a Mushroom Dish—So We Did!

You requested a mushroom main dish: We delivered.<p>You can use any mushrooms you please<p>We asked. You answered. We cooked.<p>For Reader's Choice Week, we're starting every day with a question: <b>What do you want us to cook for you?</b> Today, we asked you to pick a vegetable—broccoli, greens, carrots, or …


Chicken Soup Meets its Match in Miso

White miso pumps up the flavor in an Asian-inspired chicken soup.<p>We've got chicken breasts. We've got vegetables. We've got broth. The direction we're going may seem predictable, but just wait: We've also got miso. If your miso experience stops at a small cup of simple soup before diving into your …


Cook Like a Pro: 11 Ways to Make a Restaurant-Quality Meal at Home

Ever wonder how restaurants bring that extra oomph to every dish? We asked the country's best chefs to spill their secrets. Your home cooking will never be the same again<p><b>Burnt Citrus:</b> For cocktails, char thin slices, then muddle (and garnish) as normal.• <b><br>Toasted Barley Risotto with Spinach and Herb</b> …

San Francisco

How to Make Kouign-Amann, a Step-by-Step Guide

The sugary, caramelized pastry known as the kouign-amann is not the simplest thing to make—but it's totally worth the effort. Here's our step-by-step guide<p>When I lived in Paris, I fell for the unpronounceable <i>kouign-amann</i> (that is, “queen-a-MAHN”). A sort of denser, sugar-crusted croissant made with …


Bacon and Egg Sandwiches with Pickled Spring Onions

4 Servings<p>This version of an egg sandwich, from Austin's Noble Sandwich Co., uses quick-pickled onions (proof that pickles make everything taste better), Sriracha mayonnaise to bring the heat (a dash of hot sauce would also do the drink), and arugula for brightness and bite.<p>April …


11 Recipes That Will Change How You Cook Forever

You might think you make these 11 basic recipes well, but we have some game-changing tips that will make them even better<p>We admit it: There are some things we still don't know how to make. But there are also things that people think they make well that they actually completely ruin. Like scrambled …


46 Ways to Use Coffee—in Drinks, Dessert, and Main Dishes

From a coffee-rubbed rib eye to honey-chocolate bark, here are our favorite ways to use coffee in every part of the meal (even salad).<p><b>Coffee! We love the stuff.</b> But instead of drinking cup after cup, we've found 46 great ways to cook with it. From tiramisu to salad (yep, really), here are our …


Are Chiles Good for You? Or Bad? What Does Science Say?

Are chiles an antioxidant-filled wonder food? Or a bacteria-harboring carcinogen? We searched the annals of science to find the truth.<p>Science is groovy and everything, but it can be annoyingly confusing when it comes to telling us what to eat. Today's knotty conundrum: the chile. Is it an …

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

When to Use Dried Chiles vs. Fresh vs. Powder vs. Flakes

Our guide to using different types of chiles, from dried and flaked to fresh and powder.<p>The world of chiles is a vast one. Just the sheer number of different types is mind-boggling—I mean, off the top of your head, do you know the difference between a Chilaca and a Cubanelle? (Yeah, us neither.) …


38 Tofu Recipes: Stir-Fries, Stews, Dips, and More

A collection of great tofu recipes, from stews and stir-fries to dips, on the grill, and in beignets<p><b>We love tofu. There, we said it.</b> (Again.) Bean curd—whether bouncy firm, dribblingly soft, or somewhere in between—is a versatile, healthy, and, dare we say, flavorful ingredient. Make the most of it …


Peanut Butter and Jelly are Definitely Not Just for Kids

The classic kids' combo gets a sweet-and-salty reinvention in peanut butter and jelly blondies.<p>Good things come in pairs, and of the great duos of history—Abbott and Costello, Bert and Ernie, Antony and Cleopatra—none holds a special place in so many hearts like peanut butter and jelly. We hail the …


35 Quick Stir-Fry Recipes to Cook on Weeknights

Stir-fries are the ultimate quick, easy, fridge-cleaning meals.<p>When you look into your refrigerator and see nothing but odds and ends—a little old rice here, a bit of steak there, some veggies in the crisper drawer—you might not see a cohesive meal. But oh! There's one to be had, brought together …


Bobby Flay's Tips for Building the Perfect Burger

From patty size and fat content to "crunchification," Bobby Flay's advice on cooking the perfect hamburger<p><i>For a guy so obsessed with flavor, Bobby Flay is remarkably restrained when it comes to burgers: He likes ’em beefy, juicy, and crunchy. Here’s what he tells his line cooks at his 18 Bobby’s</i> …


Hot Sandwiches Slideshow


41 Salmon Recipes for All Your Roasting, Grilling, and Pan-Searing Needs

Salmon just never seems to get old. Here are our best easy salmon recipes to make with our favorite weeknight dinner protein.<p>We love salmon for a million reasons, but #1 is definitely salmon's versatility. Whether grilled, roasted, pan-seared, or smoked, this weeknight dinner all-star never gets …


Spicy Spiked Hot Chocolate

4 Servings<p>The addition of an anise-flavored liqueur turns this hot cocoa into the liquid version of chocolate-covered licorice.<p>February 2014Print<p>Ingredients<p>2 cups whole milk<p>1 cup heavy cream<p>⅓ cup sugar<p>½ ancho chile, lightly crushed<p>1 cinnamon stick<p>½ vanilla bean, split lengthwise<p>3 oz. bittersweet …