The Best of DRTV & Infomercials Launch DRTV

By jeffmillernz | A focus on the best and of course some of the most entertaining infomercials and DRTV spots on TV today mixed with some As Seen on TV trends, digital media and more. From Launch DRTV- Direct Response Marketing Agency and Infomercial Production

Move Over TV – Brands Are Tuning Into Digital Video Ads

We’re just a couple of months away from this year’s TV Upfronts, the start of the new TV ad buying season, but what was once a strictly offline event …


Nielsen: TV and Online Advertising Will Merge by 2020

Internet Marketing

Twitter’s direct response pitch: a new ‘click-to-call’ button

As part of its continued effort to evolve and broaden its advertising capabilities, Twitter is now touting itself as a platform for effective direct …

For Shopify Merchants, Facebook Is King In Driving Sales

For Shopify, a platform that makes it easy for stores to set up online shops, Facebook is king. The social network drives 63% of social media visits to Shopify’s 90,000 stores, according to a report released Monday by the e-commerce company.<p>Analyzing 37 million social media visits, Shopify, named …

By the end of the decade, ad buying for TV & digital will finally converge

Has your mobile device or computer become a second TV? Most likely yes, and audience measurement firm Nielsen is out with a new report today asking when advertising will adjust to an equality between large and small screens.<p>They’re not yet equal in key measurements, but the trend is clear. Each …


10 predictions for the future of TV

Prev.<p>[Title for Previous Page]<p>Next<p>[Title for Next Page]<p>February 27, 2014<p>VIEW SINGLE PAGE<p>When people start to explore the changing nature of the TV …


6 Ways to Make People Love Your Brand

"People don't buy things for logical reasons," Zig Ziglar once famously said. "They buy for emotional reasons."<p>Which means: In order to gain …


How Pinterest leads to sales

Pinterest accounted for 24.3% of all social network-driven transactions for AddShoppers’ more than 10,000 retail clients last year, according to a …


Here’s What Else a $4 Million Super Bowl Ad Could Buy

TV ads during the Super Bowl cost big bucks: $4 million for 30 seconds of media — and that’s before paying for things like production costs, agency …

Nielsen: Internet Display Advertising Grew 32% In 2013, But It’s Still Only 4.5% Of Spend Vs. TV At 57.6%

Nielsen put out its latest figures on the state of the advertising market across old and new media platforms this morning. One big takeaway is that Internet advertising continues to be the fastest-growing medium, but it remains a small player. Global display advertising across the web, mobile …

The Economics of Infomercials

Cozy cult member or Snuggie fan? Photo Credit: AllStar Products Group.<p>Nothing good is on TV between 1 a.m. and 6 a.m., and for good reason. Nobody’s …

Procter & Gamble

7 Hot Technology Trends in 2014

From "The Internet of Things" to wearable computing, we're taking a look at the technology trends that are shaping 2014.<p>It's a good time to be a …


Bosley Short Form

Will smart TVs lead to smarter advertising?

Prev.<p>[Title for Previous Page]<p>Next<p>[Title for Next Page]<p>January 18, 2014<p>Grab a cigar; the next generation of TV ads is being born. They are a spitting …


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Twittervision: How Video + Social Media Will Change Twitter (and Entertainment)

Reports this week of TV commercials finding a place on Facebook may seem like a gamechanger for social media, but Twitter has already made serious …

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Direct Response TV Basics | Infomercial Production FAQs

Infomercial FAQs | DRTV Infomercial Production | As Seen on TV Products| DRTV Websites | DRTV 101 | Basics of DRTV | Direct Response Media

34% of Millennials Watch More Online Video Than TV

A new survey by <i>The New York Times</i> shows that broadcast TV viewership appears to be waning generationally.<p>The study, released to <i>Mashable</i>, reports that …


Digital Experience Platform | Mobile Coupons

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Will Mobile Apps Give DRTV Appeals Their Due?

February 01, 2013<p>Share this content:<p>Will Mobile Apps Give DRTV Appeals Their Due?<p>Marketers who promote products on direct response TV (DRTV) have …