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Fidget Cube for restless workers rocks Kickstarter, attracts gobs of money

The Fidget Cube is a cube at heart, but it also has plenty of features designed to keep your fingers occupied when you just can't hold still.<p>Your …


Here's How NASA Thinks Society Will Collapse

Too much inequality and too few natural resources could leave the West vulnerable to a Roman Empire-style fall.<p>This article is from the archive of our partner<p>Few think Western civilization is on the brink of collapse — but it's also doubtful the Romans and Mesopotamians saw their own demise coming …


'Neural network' spotted deep inside Samsung's Galaxy S7 silicon brain

<b>Hot Chips</b> Secrets of Exynos M1 cores spilledSamsung has revealed the blueprints to its mystery M1 processor cores at the heart of its S7 and S7 Edge …


Twelve of the most harrowing accounts from the Nauru files – in pictures

15 things you can do with your smartphone photos to preserve memories

Creative smartphone photo products<p>1. A monthly magazine<p>The Recently app turns photos from your camera roll (iOS for now) into an 8x11” magazine that you receive on a monthly basis. You can include either 50 or 100 photos in each magazine, and along with copies for yourself, you can also send issues …

Rubik's Cube

Even Broke, Mark Twain Traveled in Style

In 1895, a bankrupt Mark Twain embarked on a round-the-world speaking tour to pay his debts. It worked, but what we remember are his funny, acerbic travel notes.<p>Celebrity perks usually amount to a few comped bottles of champagne or courtside tickets. A British railway once set aside 35 miles of …


Mapped: Every single Game of Thrones filming location

The idea that tourists will flock to the filming locations of the latest blockbuster movie, or must-see TV drama, can sometimes feel a little far-fetched. How many really sped to Albuquerque after watching Breaking Bad? However, when it comes to Game of Thrones, so enthralling is the fantasy world, …

UK News

The 50 Most Beautiful Vacation Rentals in America

From Alaska to Wyoming... and everywhere in between.<p>Colorado<p>Connecticut<p>Delaware<p>Louisiana<p>Montana<p>New Jersey<p>New Mexico<p>Oregon<p>South Carolina<p>Texas<p>Utah

North America Travel

15 Breathtaking Campsites In Canada You Need To Visit This Summer

These spots will make you one happy camper.<p>1. Berg Lake Campground in Mount Robson Provincial Park, British Columbia<p>Mount Robson Provincial Park is bursting with adventure and stunning views. The campground is located across from the highest mountain in the Canadian Rockies, Mount Robson. Set up …


The Cheapest Days to Fly for Summer Travel

If you have plans for summer travel, it’s time to start thinking about booking those flights. And CheapAir has analyzed and calculated the cheapest …

Air Travel

The World’s Most Beautiful New Museums

Architectural marvels from New York City to Shanghai.<p>Spain’s powerful Botín family, longtime bankers and philanthropists, hired Renzo Piano to build a new space for art and culture in their home city of Santander. The U-shaped Centro Botín, which opens later this year on the seafront, will reflect …


6 of the coolest boatels in the world

Whether it's great design or scenic views that float your boat, Liz Connor rounds up the best hotels at sea to book this year


The Ancient City Of Polonnaruwa In Sri Lanka // Part 2 Of 2

After finishing off with the first part of Polonnaruwa (only ‘first’ because that’s where we visited first), we drove a few minutes to another big …


The 22 Most Beautiful Places in the World

These destinations are just begging to be Instagrammed.<p>There are so many amazing places around the globe to see, we couldn't possibly include them all in just one list. But, these breathtaking destinations are definitely worth bumping to the top of your travel bucket list–whether you're looking to …

Amalfi Coast

Here’s the Memory Trick That Science Says Works

You draw it<p>If the brain could brag that’s pretty much all it would do. It’s easily the most complicated organ in your body, and, more than that, the nimblest computer that has ever existed. But the brain has a bug and everyone knows it: memory. No matter how powerful its operating system becomes, …

The Brain

Empathy Is the Secret to Writing That Sells, According to Science

Can activating mirror neurons make your writing more effective?<p>Writing aimed at driving sales often takes an emotional angle--it taps into feelings of happiness, of sadness, or relief. It evokes empathy, and makes the reader feel an emotional response that suits the sales objective. Think about …


16 unprofessional email habits that make everyone hate you

With the onslaught of emails we receive every day, it's hard to imagine how anyone could keep up professional email habits at all times.<p>To make this task a little less daunting, we asked experts to highlight some of the least professional behaviors you could demonstrate when sending an email.<p>While …


7 Ways To Learn a Foreign Language Faster (That Are Backed by Science)

I was raised bilingual and started learning a third language when I was about three years old, which means I am really fluent in three languages as …


You Can Trick Your Brain Into Not Procrastinating | Motherboard

If you’re reading this, I assume it’s because you’re a procrastinator. Maybe you clicked on the link to avoid doing something you really should be getting done right now.<p>Procrastination has been causing us to miss deadlines for hundreds and hundreds of years. Greek poets and Roman scholars warned …


Stephen King Used These 8 Writing Strategies To Sell 350 Million Books

The bestselling novelist shares his secrets to selling so many books.<p>Stephen King is one of the most prolific and commercially successful authors of the past half century, with more than 70 books of horror, science fiction, and fantasy to his name. Estimates put the total sales of his books at …


Why Facebook failed with Free Basics

Land grab! Net neutrality! Imperialism! There was a lot of justified outrage (and perhaps delight) when Mark Zuckerberg’s dream of bringing the Internet to rural Indians came crashing down recently, fueled by 457 companies and more than 800 startups that signed letters vehemently opposing …


Look for These 5 Business Intelligence Tool Attributes to Effectively Drill Into Big Data

A shrewd business person is the one who sees the big picture, understands the scheme of things, predicts future trends and takes decision based on that. A few years back, this was achieved simply by keeping one’s eyes and ears open.<p>However, with the constant influx of information and big-data …

Business Intelligence

How to Stop Being a Biological Robot

Most people are too busy, or otherwise distracted, to think about how the mind works, much less about the vexed problem of connecting mind and brain. This includes neuroscientists. They run their experiments and publish new data without addressing the most fundamental questions. Their field runs …

The Brain

Scientists just discovered a new state of matter

Quantum spin liquid, a state of matter predicted over forty years ago, has finally been discovered by a team of researchers.<p>The matter, which has been detailed in <i>Nature Materials,</i> causes electrons to "break into pieces" despite the fact they are usually "thought of as indivisible building blocks", …

State Of Matter

Science Just Confirmed One of Buddhism's Main Ideas

Proving that science and religion can, in fact, overlap, University of British Columbia researcher Evan Thompson has confirmed the Buddhist teaching …

Life Sciences

How to Quickly Create a Waffle Chart in Excel

Have you heard of the Waffle Chart (also called the square pie chart)? I have seen these in a lot of dashboards and news article graphics, and I find …


The Trick That Helped My Lungs Stop Burning on Runs

If you're anything like me, running is not a sport that comes easily. In fact, I don't remember any sport that came easily to me. It wasn't for a lack of health — I've always eaten pretty healthy and had an adventurous lifestyle. I was never particularly sedentary, just not athletic. The reason …


Microsoft's new rallying cry: Cloud first, Windows second?

Microsoft's new pitch to developers may soon be 'Visual Studio plus Azure,' rather than 'Visual Studio plus Windows.'<p>"Cloud first, mobile first" has …


8 Ways Resilient People Approach Life, Love and Success.

Resilient people have a sense of grit at their core. They are persistent and tough-minded in the face of failure, loss, heartbreak, success and challenge. They are committed. Whatever they pursue is met with their full attention and nothing less. There is no amount of hard work they will shy away …


How to build and use a basic Android app for your business

There was a time in the early days of the internet when not every business had a website. Back then, you would often read articles attempting to …

Android News