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Inside Windows Cortana: The Most Human AI Ever Built

“Cortana can’t be very helpful if she doesn’t know anything about you,” explains Ash. But Microsoft believes the key to trust lies in transparency. …

Microsoft Windows

Gay marriage opponents refuse to give up fight

Despite historic Supreme Court ruling, same-sex marriage opponents remain determined to fight for traditional values

The Supreme Court judgment which legalised same-sex marriage across the United States is facing a backlash from conservative and Christian groups.

Legislators in some states are …


Science Fiction 1

Science Fiction

Violent Anti-LGBT Hate Crimes On The Rise After Marriage Equality Ruling

Several violent attacks on the LGBT community have occurred in the days after the Supreme Court ruled in favor of marriage equality.


The Little-Known Story of the Night Witches, an All-Female Force in WWII

In the Nazi-occupied Soviet Union, German soldiers had a very real fear of witches.

Namely, the “Night Witches,” an all-female squadron of bomber pilots who ran thousands of daring bombing raids with little more than wooden planes and the cover of night—and should be as celebrated as their male …

Remembrance Day

The best lines from Scalia's marriage dissent and Kennedy's decision

Washington (CNN) — In a historic 5-4 ruling, the Supreme Court of the United States struck down same-sex marriage bans across the country.

Justice Anthony Kennedy voted to affirm that same-sex marriage is a right along with the other four liberal justices and read the Court's opinion.

Chief Justice …


What happens when you search 'gay marriage' on Google

Check out how Google, who has already been running an online campaign in honor of Pride Month, chose to celebrate the recent United States Supreme …

The science is clear: Children raised by same-sex parents are at no disadvantage

But what about the children?

The debate over gay marriage—addressed this week by the US Supreme Court but by no means settled—frequently turns to concerns about the emotional well-being of children raised by same-sex parents. But science tells us the fears are overblown.

In January, researchers from …


5 money questions gay couples need to ask after the Supreme Court ruling - The Washington Post

The Supreme Court’s decision to extend same-sex marriage rights to all 50 states means that a lot of people are about to get married and others’ marriages will now be legally recognized. And that means lots of changes coming for gay couples.

What financial issues should same-sex couples, …

Gay Rights

Where Same-Sex Couples Live

The biggest practical effect of the Supreme Court’s decision establishing a national right to marriage will be felt in a band of cities that starts in Texas, moves through the Southeast and up into the industrial Midwest — from Dallas and Houston through New Orleans and Atlanta, and up into …


Who Owns the Digital Map of the World?

As OpenStreetMap grows, companies like Mapbox are a threat to the long reign of Google Maps. And that’s a good thing.

Maps may be a necessity of an empire, as Paul Ford writes on the rise of Google Maps in The New Republic this week, but whether that empire belongs wholly to Google is up for debate. …


Where LGBTQ Americans Can Now Marry

The states where same-sex marriage is now legal in the United States.

On Friday, June 26, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that state bans on marriage among same-sex couples are unconstitutional. The above map shows the U.S. states where same-sex marriage is now legal, marked in green.

For more on this …


How to Celebrate Gay Pride Without Being a Jerk

Etiquette rules don’t fly out the window just because everyone’s wearing feather boas. Here’s how to be respectful, even in your sequined finest.

Full marriage equality in all 50 states has just been declared and it's getting to be LGBTQ Pride Time across the U.S. and beyond. That means rainbow …


The Sesame Street Effect

How the children’s show has enhanced learning in America—and why it’s a reminder of what’s lacking from education today

“It ain’t easy bein’ green,” a despondent Kermit the Frog explains as he meanders through some foliage, lamenting the color of his skin. The year is 1970, and it’s one of the …


Evolution of SharePoint

Today’s post was written by Julia White, general manager for the Office Product Management team.

In the conversations I have with customers and …

Microsoft SharePoint

Scientists film death of white blood cell for first time and discover alert system

In a world first, Melbourne scientists have captured on video each stage of death of a human white blood cell, a phenomenon never seen before and which reveals the cells apparently try to alert their immune system allies that they are dying.

White blood cells are the critical, disease-fighting cells …

Entertainment (UK)

Designed to Sell : Turn Your Creativity Into a Career

The "kitchen sink" of all creative business-building resources for those that want creative freedom now. Includes all the basics plus elite access to …


Sales techniques for people who hate selling

Can I ask you a couple of questions? Great! Here goes:• How many of you get most of your projects via word-of-mouth?
• How many of you target your ideal …


How To Jumpstart Your Creative Career in a Bad Economy

Times are tough all over. Maybe you were laid off by a company you devoted years of your life to. Maybe your best clients are canceling projects …

10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Hit the Gym After Work

Never skip a post-work workout again.

Everyone has that moment after a long eight-hour (read: 10-hour) workday when all you want to do is schlep home, …


United apologizes for soda spat involving Muslim chaplain

The flight attendant who allegedly denied an unopened can of Diet Coke to Northwestern University Muslim chaplain Tahera Ahmad because she “may use it as a weapon” will no longer serve United Airlines customers, the company announced Wednesday.

In an angry Facebook post typed from the plane on …


The Optimus Prime of architecture: Bolivia’s crazily coloured buildings, and their miniatures – in pictures


Donut Recipes

Everybody loves donuts, even if sometimes they come in unfamiliar shapes and guises, from twisted French Crullers, oblong Long Johns, baked Fōnuts and simmered-in-ghee Gulab Jamun. Here's how to make 18 of our favorites.


Ted Cruz apologises for Joe Biden joke after son's death

The Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz has apologised for cracking a joke at the expense of vice-president Joe Biden, as Biden mourns the death of his son.

Beau Biden, the vice-president’s eldest son, died of brain cancer on Saturday at the age of 46. He will lie in honour on Thursday in the …

Ted Cruz

Using Violence and Persuasion, ISIS Makes Political Gains

BEIRUT, Lebanon — Days after seizing the Syrian desert city of Palmyra, Islamic State militants blew up the notorious Tadmur Prison there, long used by the Syrian government to detain and torture political prisoners.

The demolition was part of the extremist group’s strategy to position itself as the …

Foreign Policy

Long-term study shows why bullying is a public health problem

Bullying may be responsible for nearly 30% of cases of depression among adults, a new study suggests.

By tracking 2,668 people from early childhood through adulthood, researchers found that 13-year-olds who were frequent targets of bullies were three times more likely than their non-victimized peers …

Public Health

Why Is It So Hard to Track Police Killings?

Two newspapers succeed where the federal government has failed, and new legislation seems unlikely to solve the problem.

The recent spate of highly publicized killings of black men by police officers has driven many people to wonder how common such police violence is. Incredibly, no one knows—not …


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