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Quantum Computers for Mining Bitcoins

Today’s computers encode data into bits – binary digits in one of two definite states, 0 or 1. Any calculation that needs to be performed with the …

Quantum Computing

State Bank Regulators Request Feedback On Model Framework for Virtual Currency Activities

On December 16, the Conference of State Bank Supervisors (CSBS) announced its draft regulatory framework and requested public comment on specific …

Virtual Currency

Bitcoin Reportability and Taxation

June 30 is the deadline for taxpayers with a connection to foreign financial accounts to file FinCEN Form 114, Report of Foreign Bank and Financial …


SEC, Bitcoin and Unregistered Offerings

Bitcoin has been a much discussed item recently. The virtual currency is a digital representation of value that is traded and can serve as a medium …


Deal Carefully With Bitcoins Until Legislation Catches Up

Interest in cryptocurrencies is growing, even after Mt. Gox, formerly the largest international bitcoin exchange, filed for bankruptcy in Japan …

Financial Regulation

Senate Banking Committee Leaders Seek Regulators’ Views On Virtual Currencies

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DISCLAIMER: Because of the generality of this update, the …

Federal Reserve

SEC Alerts Investors: Of Bitcoin Risks

For the second time in less than one year, the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has issued an alert to investors about the risks of investing


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Technology, Innovation, and the Law: The Wacky World of Bitcoin

While the IRS’ recent ruling comes as a certain relief to Bitcoin enthusiasts who feared it would be deemed completely illegal and/or entirely shut


Last Week At The FEC: Continued Delay On Bitcoins

Last week the Federal Election Commission met in executive session and held an open audit hearing on the Democratic Party of Illinois as well as an …


DBO Issues Guidance Regarding Virtual Currencies And Asks For Comments On Proposed Money Transmission Rules

Yesterday, the Department of Business Oversight issued this cautionary guidance for consumers regarding virtual currencies. However, amidst the …