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Is this BlackBerry's upcoming Android phone, coming to AT&T?

We've expected for a month or so that BlackBerry is working on an Android phone with a "dual curved display" that slides up to reveal a physical keyboard underneath. It is supposedly based on a device that was originally announced at Mobile World Congress back in March, and back then the best image …


Smigin Is a Foreign Language Tool That Doesn’t Make You Sound Like A Tourist

If you’ve ever tried to learn a foreign language, you probably know that most existing methods focus on aspects of the language that aren’t very helpful in everyday life. For example, newcomers to a language are often first taught the names of animals or colors, words that aren’t normally …


ANKR: Peace of Mind About Your Camera Bag for $25

I just installed an ANKR in my camera bag. Over the past 10 years I’ve had this reoccurring dream about my camera gear and my backpack being stolen. …


Remember Facebook’s Rooms app? It just got a big update

Things have been relatively quiet for Facebook’s Room app – a platform that mashes up forums with subreddit-like ‘rooms’ anyone can create – since its launch last October, but today it recieved a notable upgrade on iOS.

Now users can add photos and videos to their comments, which should make for a …


Shyp helps reverse a tech trend by hiring contractors as staff

Tech companies like Uber may be fighting tooth and nail to keep their workers as contractors and avoid dealing with costs like insurance and taxes, but Shyp isn't having any of that. The shipping service has announced that it's treating all of its couriers as full-fledged employees, with all the …

Technology Trends

Don’t Freak Out About Google Capping Unlimited Photo Storage – It’s Fixed

Unlimited cloud storage is one of the Google Photos features that many photographers will appreciate, something other competing services have yet to …


Chevy is making cars with air conditioning for your phone

Wireless smartphone charging is becoming a pretty desirable feature in cars nowadays. But Chevrolet seems to think this luxury can present a problem: with everything our phones are constantly doing — streaming music, providing turn-by-turn directions, etc. — it's not hard for the battery inside to …


Turing Phone is tougher than steel, boasts great specs and super security

The Turing Phone looks like it was plucked right out of a sci-fi movie.

Turing Robotics Industries announced on Thursday its Turing Phone, the world's first smartphone made from Liquidmorphium liquid metal — a material that's stronger than titanium and steel.

The Turing Phone runs Android 5.0 …


In Battle of Streaming Music Services, Simplicity Is the Killer Feature

Now that we can all finally acknowledge that streaming music is a “thing,” I keep wondering why the companies that offer streaming music services are making things more complicated for consumers as they compete for our ears.

That was my first thought when I tried Apple Music earlier this week. My …

Apple Music

Attention leakers! Scanner Pro 6 for iOS is the document scanning app you’ve always wanted

Readdle does good of job of making apps to deal with PDFs and other documents. The latest update to its scanning app, Scanner Pro for iOS, will delight people who deal with a lot of paperwork and, potentially, the next Edward Snowden.

The update is free to existing users. The developers are running …


San Francisco is serious about Airbnb regulation

Since San Francisco is all about startups, it's no surprise that the city changed its laws to accommodate one of its most successful: Airbnb. Last year, officials passed the so-called "Airbnb law," legalising short-term rentals of private property with a lot of caveats. Hosts complained that the …

San Francisco Bay Area

Sprint CEO Lashes Out at T-Mobile’s John Legere, Says He’s Tired of Uncarrier ‘Bulls**t’

T-Mobile’s outspoken CEO is known to rattle off expletives when discussing his rivals, but Sprint CEO Marco Claure gave John Legere a taste of his …


Beet Looks To Record The Feature Film Of Your Life

We seem to have been residing in a second age of social media usage, a technological era of willful impermanence birthed from a post-Snowden culture that fears the concept of content which is immortal by default. It’s in this environment that apps like Snapchat have thrived, but with what we’ve …


PayPal buys Xoom for $890 million to strengthen hold in the money transfer business

With Facebook and Square reigning in on the money transferring business, PayPal isn’t resting on its laurels.

The company today dropped $890 million on Xoom, a payment transfer service similar to the already PayPal-owned Venmo.

PayPal says the acquisition will allow it broaden its services by …


Sprint turns to a British retailer to reverse its US fortunes

It's been almost a year since UK retailers Dixons and Carphone Warehouse tied the knot. Life as a combined entity, known as Dixons Carphone, is off to a good start: profits are up and the company made efforts to expand its presence, including the launch of its own mobile network. Not content with …

United Kingdom

Amyko NFC-Enabled Medical and First Aid Wristband

I really wish you’ll have no chance to use the wristband, but in case of emergencies, you may need Amyko medical and first aid wristband to stay …

First Aid

Uber expands in India, making it the second largest market after the U.S.

Uber is going after Indian customers in a big way, announcing Thursday it would be expanding its service to seven new cities on the subcontinent, despite regulatory bumps along the way.

The move makes India Uber's second largest market after the U.S in terms of cities served.

Rolling out in the …


Your.MD Scores $5M For Its AI-Driven Health Assistant

Your.MD is on a mission to improve the way we seek health-related, namely self-diagnosis, information online. If you’ve ever tried to google your symptoms, you know it’s not for the faint hearted. The U.K. health startup wants to change that via its ‘smart health assistant’ app for …


Citymapper for iOS adds a smart assistant, realtime ETA sharing and new cities

We’re fans of Citymapper, the realtime public transport app for iOS, Android and the Web.

Its latest update for iOS brings its smart assistant GO to the platform (it debuted on Android back in May) and adds a cluster of new features as well as new cities.

GO button, go!

The developers describe GO as …


Is the new T-Mobile JUMP On Demand plan a good deal for you?

T-Mobile has been doing some very “un-carrier” things for quite some time now. That’s not by accident – instead it’s a very strategic plan to woo …


Xiaomi Sold 34.7M Smartphones In First Half Of 2015, Up 33% Year-On-Year

Chinese smartphone maker Xiaomi today confirmed that it sold just shy of 35 million phones in the first half of this year.

Xiaomi, which is valued at $45 billion and is the world’s third largest exporter of phones, this week expanded into Brazil and is thought to have a slate of other international …


Solid Explorer’s powerful Android file manager gets a facelift and Chromecast support

After six months of beta testing, developer NeatBytes has updated its Solid Explorer file manager app for Android.

The latest version brings a Material Design interface, support for numerous cloud storage services and the ability to beam media files to your Chromecast-equipped TV.

Most notably, Solid …

File Manager

MasterCard will approve purchases by scanning your face

New York (CNN) —This fall, MasterCard will start experimenting with a new program: approving online purchases with a facial scan.

At checkout, you'll be asked to hold up your phone and snap a photo. MasterCard's thinking? It's easier than remembering a password.

"The new generation, which is into …


Magic Leap adds former Vevo CEO to its mysterious team

Magic Leap is as mysterious as it's ambitious. Ever since the Google-backed startup raised a whopping $542 million, it's been pegged as the next big thing in mixed reality. But apart from it being a platform that incorporates digital lightfield technology, little is known about the experience or …

Sony Music

Did iCloud Music Library break your collection? Here’s a fix

Several iTunes users have taken to the Apple Discussion forums to complain about iCloud Music Library — part of the iTunes 12.2 update — has destroyed their music libraries.

Discussions user Tuff Ghost explains that everything was fine with his 13,000 song iTunes library, until he installed iTunes …

Apple Music

Google Launches iOS And Android Apps To Help Developers Manage Their Cloud Platform Resources On The Go

If you’re in charge of managing apps on Google’s Cloud Platform, chances are you are intimately familiar with the inner workings of the web-based Google Developers Console. Until now, that was pretty much the only way to get a quick overview of the health of your system. Now, however, Cloud …


Snapchat is changing the way you watch snaps and add friends

Snapchat is changing its own game yet again. With an update rolling out today for iOS and Android, you are no longer required to hold a finger down to view snaps and Stories. Watching is now triggered by a single tap on the snap or Story to make it begin playing — you can still skip through by …


PubNub Gets Another $20M To Scale Up Its Low-Latency Messaging Network

PubNub, a startup out of San Francisco that has built a data network focused on messaging for apps, IoT hardware and other low-latency services, has raised another $20 million in a Series C round of funding. It seems that 20 million is the magic number for PubNub at the moment: the company — which …

Internet of Things

Eyefi Mobi comes to Windows Phone, bringing digicam shots to the palm of your hand

Eyefi has announced that its photo syncing and sharing app and service is now available for Windows phones. Users can take pictures with either their digital cameras or their Windows phone and see all images organized and available for sharing from their phone.

The Eyefi Mobi app, which is available …

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