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Google Straps Aclima Sensors To Street View Cars To Map Air Pollution

If a city knows what intersections are full of smog, it could add trees or change stop light schedules to improve the air its citizens breathe. Google Earth’s Outreach program that equips nonprofits and public-benefit organizations with data wants to give the world these insights.

So today, Google …


A Week In, Casey Neistat’s New App Beme Has 1.1M Videos Shared

Launched about a week ago, Beme is a new video-sharing app built by viral filmmaker Casey Neistat and Matt Hackett, former VP of Engineering at Tumblr and Hacker-in-Residence at betaworks. The duo raised $2.6 million in seed funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners, and have been working on the …


Facebook Is Expected to Boost Mobile Revenue … Again

Another quarter, another projected uptick for Facebook.

The social network reports Q2 earnings on Wednesday and analysts are expecting good news from the company, which routinely beats Wall Street estimates. (It missed revenue expectations ever so slightly last quarter, but Facebook and investors …


YouTube’s best gadget reviewer offers 5 key insights into the OnePlus 2

The minute the OnePlus 2 was announced, we knew it wouldn’t take long for gadget reviewer extraordinaire Marques Brownlee to post a video giving us …


How to never get slammed with Uber surge pricing again

Uber is a true game-changer that reimagines the way we travel on a daily basis. The service truly could not be any easier to use, and millions of …


How Uber uses free rides as a lobbying tool

Uber's rapid rise has spawned one of America’s most heated urban policy debates. In cities across the country, the company has been battling regulators seeking to rein it in, and it has enlisted a formidable army of lobbyists that has begun to rival some of the largest and most politically …


Qualcomm says it can now wirelessly charge metal phones

The best phones around are increasingly being made with metal bodies and frames, which has posed an issue for wireless charging. Metal phones have had to rely on supplementary cases if they want to support this type of charging, but today Qualcomm says it can put an end to that. It announced this …


Report: Recent App Store Algorithm Change Points To Crackdown On “Keyword Stuffing”

Last week, we noted a recent change to the App Store’s algorithm, which appeared to have more heavily impacted iPad app developers, and ultimately resulted in ranking changes for some subset of app publishers. Now, we have more evidence that supports the theory that the recent changes to app …

App Store

Google Search can now tell you when a store gets crowded

Google has a new way to help you dodge crowds. Today, the company announced a new feature in Google Search cards showing the busiest times for businesses and public places in Google search, broken down hour-by-hour by days of the week. The new feature should already be visible in the card for …


If you buy an iPhone 6 from T-Mobile now, it’ll upgrade you to the next one for free

T-mobile wants to be your next carrier and will do anything it can to win you over.

If you buy an iPhone 6 from the company right now for $15 per month — before Labor Day — you’ll get the next version of the iPhone for the same price. All you’ll need to do is walk into a T-Mobile store this …


AwareCar will tell you where you parked (and remind you to put change in the meter)

There’s a lot you can learn from your car via in-dash dongles like Automatic, but if you’re more interested in interacting with your car, AwareCar may be for you. With an app and a Bluetooth beacon, you’ll get relevant, location-based info — all for $9.

The actual hardware is nothing more than a …


Hands on: Moto X Style is your best bet at the pure Android experience

Long gone are the days of the $199 Moto X, but with each price bump comes major improvements. Today, Motorola’s unveiled its most powerful Android phone yet: The Moto X Style.

If you’ll excuse the Taylor Swift-ified name, the Moto X Style is jam-packed with impressive specs: 1.8GHz hexa-core …

Best Buy

OK Google now works with WhatsApp, Viber, and WeChat

Google has updated their Android-based voice-command system to include a number of messaging services like WhatsApp and Viber. This update comes to …


The New Moto G May Still Be the Best Phone for Your Money

Motorola just released a hardware Kraken the likes of which we’ve never seen. The new Moto X Style!The battery-conscious Moto X Play!And then there’s …


How to recycle your phone for cash

Six tips to know before selling or recycling your old electronics.

So you're getting a new cell phone, huh, maybe even the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, or …

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T-Mobile subscribers can enjoy Apple Music without taking a byte out of their data

• News

In great news for music lovers, T-Mobile is adding Apple Music to its “Music Freedom” program, meaning customers can now listen to Apple’s streaming music service without using up their monthly data allowance.

T-Mobile already offers Spotify, Pandora, Google Music and more than two dozen other …

Apple Music

AT&T says it didn’t do anything wrong when it throttled your ‘unlimited’ data

AT&T is as mad as hell and it’s not going to take it anymore! The Hill reports that AT&T this week hit back at the Federal Communications Commission’s …


Verizon XLTE expands into half a dozen new markets

Verizon has announced an expansion of its XLTE market. With XLTE, the wireless carrier says it has essentially doubled “the number of lanes on a …


HBO Now Is Coming to Verizon Wireless and Its 100 Million Customers

Here’s another big shot in the arm for HBO Now, the service that lets you pay for HBO without buying any other TV subscriptions: Verizon is going to sell the service directly to its 100 million Verizon Wireless customers.

Depending on how aggressively Verizon pushes HBO Now — and Verizon is one of …


OnePlus’ Follow-Up, OnePlus 2, Looks Like Another Promising Smartphone

OnePlus, the China-based smartphone maker that sold more than 1.5 million units of its debut device, has finally launched its follow-up: the OnePlus 2.

The company first phone drew plaudits for delivering the specs and experience that compete with some of the best in the industry at a mere $300 …


This free iOS keyboard puts Instagram into every messaging app

A couple of weeks back, we wrote about an app that puts Instagram into the iOS notification center. But if you’re a really huge fan, this is even better – an Instagram iOS custom keyboard.

Keyfeed is a free custom keyboard that lets you share and like Instagram pictures from any app that uses the …


Oliver, A New Apartment-Finding App, Cuts Out The Middlemen

If you’ve ever tried to find an apartment in a popular city like San Francisco, New York, or Chillicothe you’re probably familiar with magical beings called brokers. These creatures take a cut of your rent while doing surprisingly little and it’s high time they are “disrupted.” How, you ask? Oliver.

New York City

An iPhone feature most people never find is doing something amazing for the visually impaired

You wouldn't expect Luis Perez to be an amateur photographer.

Perez, a higher education learning consultant in Florida, has retinitis pigmentosa, a condition that essentially gives him tunnel vision. He only has about seven degrees of total vision, and his condition could progress to the point where …

iOS Apps

Editorial: Government agencies shouldn't get keys to unlock our encrypted devices

When the arrival of cheap mobile phones threatened to help criminals conceal their activities from the cops, Congress enacted a law in 1994 requiring that all phone lines be capable of being wiretapped. Now, with communications moving to the Internet, the increasing use of encryption on smartphones …


Going Abroad? Save Big Money On Your Phone Bill With 'Flyp'


If you hate the idea of having a work phone and personal phone, paying long-distance calling overages and feeling obligated to pick up calls from unknown senders, there's an app that can help resolve these problems for you. Its solution: Set up multiple phone numbers on a single device, and do …


Twitter for iOS update enables interactive notifications

Twitter for iOS is getting a small but useful update that should make the app a bit more convenient to use.

First up, Twitter notifications are now more powerful, allowing you to favorite or reply to tweets while using other apps. The update takes advantage of the new APIs introduced with iOS 8, …

App Store

Mobile Safari's Performance is Not the Problem

Earlier this week Nilay Patel of The Verge published an article about how “The Mobile Web Sucks”, which caught my attention, as I had written about …

Safari (Browser)

The best PCs for Windows 10

These recent laptops, hybrids and desktops are ready for a day one upgrade to Windows 10, and should work without a hitch.

Nearly every laptop, …

Microsoft Windows

For OnePlus, China is no longer its biggest market

OnePlus, a 900-strong company that's sold 1.5 million smartphones since its debut 15 months ago, is doing surprisingly well outside its home country, China. As we sat in OnePlus' funky recreational room, CEO Pete Lau revealed that about 60 to 70 percent of the sales come from overseas, which is a …