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This funky battery pack is free, and can be swapped for a charged one at any time

Batteries inside our phones aren’t getting any bigger, and with ever more powerful devices available, standby times aren’t increasing, making it a …


Streamalong helps you discover the best (and worst) of Periscope

If you’re tired of seeing the same streams over and over again on Periscope, then Streamalong is worth checking out.

The website is the brainchild of an engineer and designer duo from Artisan Mobile and works to categorize Periscope’s content for ease of search and viewing.

Chris Baglieri, creator of …


Ex-iOS boss Scott Forstall resurfaces in a place you wouldn't expect

In late 2012, Apple’s iOS chief Scott Forstall was unceremoniously let go from the company he helped bring back to greatness. A longtime Steve Jobs …

Scott Forstall

Universal Office apps preview for Windows 10 for phones coming by end of April

Microsoft plans to launch a preview version of its universal office apps for Windows 10 for phones sometime before the end of April. The company …

Microsoft Windows

Uber launches in Newcastle, its sixth UK city

Uber is slowly but surely making inroads in Britain. Today, the company is launching its low-cost UberX service in Newcastle, allowing passengers to request a Toyota Prius (or a similarly specced vehicle) to get around town. It's the sixth UK city for Uber, following London, Manchester, Leeds, …

United Kingdom

Review: Aircharge Qi wireless charging case for iPhone 6 (and 5/5s)

As a founding member of the Wires Are Evil club, I’ve been waiting impatiently for wide-area wireless charging, where any device on a desk or within a certain area of a room is wirelessly charged. That still seems a way off yet.

A good halfway house would be inductive charging powerful enough to …


Accessory makers are solving Apple's MacBook problem

We like Apple's 12-inch MacBook with its sleek look, high-res screen and scant mass -- but we have a big problem with the single USB-C port. For one, it doubles as the lone power connector, meaning you can't even charge your MacBook and transfer files at the same time. Another issue is finding …


This Tiny Sensor Turns Your Thumbnail Into A Trackpad

Like the football phone or the Dick Tracy two-way wrist radio, humankind has always dreamt of melding two technologies together to create a synergistic improvement on our meager, exhausting existence. Today we have NailIO, a solution that adds a ray of light to our user interface needs by melding …

Wearable Tech

Native Union DOCK For Apple Watch

Native Union has this week unveiled their design for a new Apple Watch dock and is compatible with all Apple Watches, that will be officially …

Docking Stations

Quill Stylus Pen by Elecom

Price: $43Give your boring stylus a stylish makeover with the Quill Stylus Pen by Elecom. It’s available in both black or silver colors and is a …


Big Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker by Outdoor Tech

Your portable speaker just got more stylish. This Big Turtle Shell Wireless Speaker by Outdoor Tech comes with huge sound quality and can fit any …


PlayScreen tries its luck as an early bird on Apple Watch with Blackjack Anywhere

If someone creates a new gadget, games will eventually migrate to it. We’re already seeing that with the Apple Watch. And one of the early experimenters is PlayScreen, a mobile game publisher that just released Blackjack Anywhere on the Apple Watch.

William Volk, chief creative officer at Encinitas, …


Yahoo shows off Weather, Sports, & News for Apple Watch

Yahoo may have ceded their place in search long ago, but their mobile apps are just plain great. Yahoo Weather is a triumph, and they’ve still got a …


OftenType for iOS lets you use shortcut buttons for commonly used phrases while typing

Typing on your phone can be a drag, especially when you have to key in names, addresses and other info over and over. A new iOS keyboard aims to make it a cinch to paste text snippets you use often, and it’s actually kind of neat.

OftenType eschews the standard keyboard layout for a row of large …


Three Weeks After Launch, Vessel Gets Another $57.5 Million In Funding Led By IVP

Former Hulu CEO Jason Kilar has an ambitious plan for transforming the way we think about online video. His new startup Vessel is taking some of the same basic concepts that were successful in getting people to pay to watch streaming versions of their favorite TV shows on Hulu, and applying it to …


Adobe reassures the creative Android community that it’s there for them

In a blog post entitled, What About Android?, Adobe sought to reassure what is likely a restless creative community that watches in dismay as high-profile apps are released one after the other for the iPhone and iPad.

The inevitable question — what about us? — no doubt has long echoed through the …


The best iPhone 6 case (so far)

This post was done in partnership with The Wirecutter, a list of the best technology to buy. Read the full article below at

After surveying almost 1,000 Wirecutter readers and testing close to 100 iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases over a period of about 50 hours (so far), our …


Coin, The One Credit Card To Rule Them All, Is Finally Shipping

The Coin (promising to let you combine all your credit/debit/loyalty cards into a single piece of tech) has delayed for so long that you might have forgotten that you ordered one. In November of 2013, the YC-backed company blew past its $50,000 pre-order goal in forty minutes, but despite a promise …


Instagram’s updated guidelines frown upon your shenanigans

Instagram has decided to buckle down and confront those who are using the service in ways they shouldn’t be, including to harass or share others’ …

Organized Crime

Chrome 42 for iOS arrives with Today View widget, new gestures, and support for password managers

Following the release of Chrome 42 for desktop two days ago and for Android yesterday, Google today launched Chrome 42 for iOS. You can download the new version now directly from Apple’s App Store.

Unlike on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android, Chrome for iOS is not getting native push notifications …

Google Chrome

12-inch MacBook with Retina Display: Early impressions

We have Apple's new 12-in Retina MacBook in house, and, though we aren't ready to run our full review, we do have some early observations.

The first …


Ikea Jyssen on Product Hunt

Ikea Jyssen: Add Wireless Charging to Everything

A motorless flat antenna could solve horrible in-flight WiFi

The only thing worse than no WiFi on a plane is horrible WiFi on a plane. You cautiously throw down a few bucks hoping you'll be able to surf the internet without seeing a "page not available" message in your browser. According to Kymeta CEO Dr. Nathan Kundtz, the reason your in-flight internet …


Boost Mobile goes after Cuban-Americans with new prepaid plan

Now that the political relations between the US and Cuba have taken a turn for the better, American companies are pushing out marketing schemes to fit the bill. Today, Boost Mobile, Sprint's prepaid branch, announced a monthly plan that's geared toward customers who have loved ones in Cuba. The …

Boost Mobile

Jawbone’s $200 UP4 fitness tracker lets Amex users make payments

Jawbone has announced that its new UP4 fitness tracker which monitors users’ activity, sleep, heart rate and also allows payments via American Express.

The $200 wrist-worn device lets users with an eligible American Express Card connect their accounts with Jawbone’s app and tap the UP4 on a store …


Twitter now lets developers embed full timelines, access tweets in app without user logins

Back in October, Twitter revealed Twitter Kit as a platform to help developers integrate Twitter features into their apps. One of the most useful features was direct support for tweet embeds, and the company now wants to make these more powerful.

Starting today, developers can integrate full tweet …

Color Schemes

Forget to floss and feed the fish? Droplet is a reminder button for everything

These days, there are dozens of apps and alarms you can use to remind yourself of items on your to-do list. That being said, wouldn’t it be easier to …


Can a head-worn fitness device work? Recon seems to think so

Long before Google had ever uttered the word glass, Recon Instruments was rising to prominence with a head-worn display designed for snow sports. You'd be forgiven for not knowing the name, since the technology was buried inside expensive sets of ski goggles like Oakley's Airwave. Then, the company …


Steam is testing two-factor authentication through its mobile app

Valve currently offers two-factor authentication on desktop via "Steam Guard," which sends a unique code via email. Now it's offering players the option of receiving that code through the Steam app instead. The feature is called "Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator" and it's live now for a selection …

Two-Factor Authentication