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Nazi Lair From World War II Found Hidden In Argentina Jungle

Archaeologists have found the ruins of what appears to have been a lair designed for Nazi fugitives hidden deep within the jungle of Argentina.

The three ruined buildings were discovered in Teyu Cuare Park in Misiones province, in the country's northeast, by researchers from the urban archaeology …


DNA records effects of conquest, slave trade in the Americas

The Internet and modern genetics have been a pair of high-wattage searchlights slicing through one of the darkest periods of modern human history: more than three centuries of conquest, slave trade and population displacement in the Americas.

Historians now can sort through ship manifests once …

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Large, Rare Statue Portraying the Death of Buddha Unearthed at Ancient Bahmala Stupa Site

Two rare and ancient Buddha statues have been unearthed at the Bhamala Stupa site in Pakistan. The largest ever statue found at the site depicts the …


The men who uncovered Assyria

Two of the ancient cities now being destroyed by Islamic State lay buried for 2,500 years, it was only 170 years ago that they began to be dug up and stripped of their treasures. The excavations arguably paved the way for IS to smash what remained - but also ensured that some of the riches of a …


The History Of Europe Lies In British People’s DNA

Scottish, Cornish, Welsh, Orcadian — Brits hailing from specific regions of the country have telltale genetic signatures, finds a groundbreaking new study. This gush of DNA data offers a time-machine ride through the history of Britain.

Legend has it that, in 1588, a Spanish galleon sank off the …

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A man and his wallet, reunited after 65 years

A man is being reunited with his wallet, 65 years after he dropped it down the back of an medieval bookcase at Lambeth Palace, writes Newsnight's James Clayton.

Most of us have lost our wallet at some stage in our lives. But few would imagine having it returned after a nearly seven-decade gap.

Edward …


Missing the old Gypsy orchestras

People speak of the "Roma" thinking it's polite, but when it comes to music, the old word "Gypsy" is much more widely used, and many Roma today are proud of their Gypsy music traditions. But how much of that music is left in the modern world?

Antal Dragic - known as Uncle Tony to his friends - is …

Music (UK)

Here’s A Look At Some Of The Ancient Sites Destroyed By ISIS And The Syrian Civil War

Years of fighting and the emergence of the fanatical militant group ISIS have taken a heavy toll on some of humankind’s greatest treasures.

Since unrest first broke out in Syria in 2011, fierce fighting has left the country as a shell of its former self.

More than 190,000 people have now been killed …

Ancient Civilization

Archaeologists Stumble Across a Hoard of Gold

An unprecedented discovery of more than 2,000 gold coins off the north-central coast of Israel might be part of the largest gold hoard ever found in the eastern Mediterranean, according to archaeologists.

The coins are identified as dinars, the official currency of the Fatimid caliphate that ruled …


Is This the Tomb of a Biblical Prophet—and Will It Survive?

War threatens a site in Iraq where biblical prophet Nahum is said to rest.

The 800-year-old synagogue believed to house the tomb of the biblical prophet Nahum could become the next victim of Iraq's ancient and modern conflicts.

The crumbling stone walls, weakened by weeds sprouting from cracks, tilt …

Decayed vintage cars up for auction in Paris

Entrepreneur Roger Baillon, dreamed of restoring his collection of cars to their former glory and displaying them in a museum, but his plans were dashed as his business struggled, forcing the sale of about 50 vehicles, to be auctioned off on Feb. 6, 2015.

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Nazi Auschwitz camp officer, 93, to face trial over 300,000 deaths

Oskar Groening, a former death camp officer, will go on trial in Germany in April charged with at least 300,000 counts of accessory to murder

A 93-year-old former Auschwitz death camp officer will go on trial in Germany in April charged with at least 300,000 counts of accessory to murder, a court …


Judge orders Oswald's casket returned to brother

Video Keywords Bom Gartner Tarrant County malicious intent India's California

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FORT WORTH, Texas -- A judge ruled Friday that the original casket Lee Harvey Oswald was buried in belongs to his brother, not the funeral home …

Portugal Offers Citizenship to Descendants of Expelled Jews

Portugal currently boasts around 1,000 Jews, but that number might rise soon

Portugal approved this week new rules for granting citizenship to descendants of the nation’s Sephardic Jewish community. The landmark move was first proposed two years ago, but had stalled in the absence of cabinet …


Divers begin recovery of Civil War ironclad

The deepening of the shipping channel in Savannah, Georgia, won't be dredging up just mud and sand.

It will be raising up a link to the past: an ironclad that protected the city during the Civil War until the vessel met its undignified demise.

For about the next nine months, divers will be working to …

Civil War

The Oddball Original Locations of Los Angeles's Most Famous Fast Food Chains

Mid-Twentieth-Century Los Angeles was a place built on cars and hamburgers. As the city abandoned public transportation and became car-dependent, it …

The BBC Flew a Drone Over Auschwitz — And the Result Is Haunting

Seventy years after the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, the pre-eminent symbol of the Holocaust's horrors, the BBC is giving …


12 Old Words that Survived by Getting Fossilized in Idioms

English has changed a lot in the last several hundred years, and there are many words once used that we would no longer recognize today. For whatever …

Archaeologists and experts say two mummies in the Vatican Museum are fakes

The two mini mummies were long believed to be of a child, animal or possibly a falcon but can now be revealed as forgeries

Researchers studying mummies housed in the Vatican Museums have said they have discovered that two of them are fakes.

“These mummies are important evidence of the phenomenon of …


The Surprisingly Cool History of Ice

Until two centuries ago, ice was just an unfortunate side effect of winter. But in the early 1800s, one man saw dollar signs in frozen ponds.

Cool Stuff

From Campfire to Haute Cuisine: How Food and Flavor Drove Human Evolution

"We owe our existence and our humanity to taste," says author John McQuaid.

Taste is often dismissed as the most primitive of the senses. But new research reveals it is in many ways the most subtle and complex of them all.

Reporting from kitchens, farms, restaurants, and science labs, Pulitzer …

Norton Simon dealt setback in Nazi-looted art case

The U.S. Supreme Court dealt a blow to the Norton Simon Museum on Tuesday by refusing to review a legal ruling that has jeopardized its hold on paintings of Adam and Eve from the 1500s that have been among its most prized masterpieces.

The Pasadena museum's attempt to appeal a lower court ruling was …


The (Real) Story of the White House and the Big Block of Cheese

From The West Wing to the wooly mammoth: American democracy's most famous dairy product, fact-checked

Wednesday, as you may have heard, is the White House's second annual Big Block of Cheese Day. Inspired by a fictional character in a fictional presidential administration, the very real staff of the …


Pope says to canonize Junipero Serra during U.S. visit

Thu Jan 15, 2015 8:26am EST

ABOARD THE PAPAL PLANE (Reuters) - Pope Francis said on Thursday that during his trip to the United States in September he would canonize Junipero Serra, a missionary who brought Christianity to the west of the United States in the 1700s.

"In September, God willing, I will …

Pope Francis

7 Decades On, Israel Still Seeks Resolutions For 'Holocaust Art'

Before and during World War II, the Nazis seized up to 600,000 works of art from all across Europe. This has created a long-running drama that is still playing out from movie studios in Hollywood to museums in Israel.

If you saw last year's movie The Monuments Men, starring George Clooney, then you …

Middle East

Boston Museum Opens Paul Revere’s Time Capsule

Coins and newspapers inside the brass box date from the 1650s to the 1850s. After going on display, the time capsule will be resealed and returned to its place in the cornerstone of the Massachusetts State House.

The Museum of Fine Arts Boston on Tuesday opened the oldest known American time …

Paul Revere

The Origins of 10 Nicknames

1. Why is Dick from Richard?

The name Richard is very old and was popular during the Middle Ages. In the 12th and 13th centuries everything was …


A brief history of human filth

In the words of the anthropologist Mary Douglas, “Dirt is simply matter out of place.”

The human history of dirt is the saga of our battle to control …


Maria von Trapp, 99, dies; last surviving member of Trapp Family Singers

Maria von Trapp, a member of the musical family whose escape from Nazi-occupied Austria was the basis for "The Sound of Music," has died, her brother …