ITP Innovation Lab

By Jenn de la Vega | Reimagining museum experiences through design challenges. Summer 2015 program exercises.

What if we could start over? What if we could get people to engage with content in public places ?

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My studio brainstorming session was led by curator Lindsey Howard. We get to explore this week's design challenges through the lens of high and low fidelity technology.

My group's notes

This group had to tackle the challenge with an emphasis on portability.

This studio had to create experiences for groups.

Marcos from the Met Museum MediaLab gave feedback about the ideas he liked and what they are already working on.

@randwiches and me making an image sandwich at @innovationlabitp

Re-Imagining public spaces with some talented people. #itpinnovationlab @freshkillspark #designthinking #

@mtcboom going to his happy place when he sees our Team's "surprise material" for tonight's design challenge - rethinking Fresh Kills Park community engagement with...#Playdough! #itpinnovationlab

Park in Progress Interface

Display Interface