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Countdown workout http://t.co/3z1nAf0gjX

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Butt Workout: 20-Minute Glute Exercises

The Best Butt Workout<p>Try this 20-minute butt workout to solidify your assets<p><b>To get a gorgeous butt</b> do these moves twice a week. Complete the recommended sets and reps, opting for a weight at which you can barely eke out the last rep of your final set with perfect form.<p><i>Check out all of WH's</i> …


How to Tone Your Abs With Paper Plates (No, Really!)

If you don't have high-tech gym equipment at home—and, let's be honest, how many of us do?—you know that it's still possible to get a kick-butt workout with exercises that don't require much equipment at all. In fact...you can MacGyver a pair of paper plates and give your abs and butt a serious …

Pilates Exercises That Burn Fat

Exercise 1 Roll-Back<p>Sit with your legs in front of you, knees bent. Place a Pilates ball at the base of your spine. Lean back and extend your arms out in front of you, palms facing down, and tighten your core <b>(a)</b>. Open your arms out to the side and inhale <b>(b)</b>; as you bring them back together, exhale. …


Bikini Body Workout: The Ultimate Body Shaper

Exercise 1 Sumo Deadlift Shuffle<p>Grasp one end of a heavy dumbbell with both hands, arms hanging straight in front of you, and stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart, toes turned out slightly. Step your left foot out to the left, bending your knees and pushing your hips back to lower …


Weekend Challenge: Reverse Crunch

This exercise will help eliminate your lower belly pooch<p><i>Join the</i> Women's Health <i>Weekend Challenge to help you meet your fitness goals fast and make your weekend workouts count. Check out our Facebook page every weekend and challenge yourself to try a new exercise. Thousands of women already have.</i> …

Bodyweight Exercise

15-Minute Workout: Back Exercises

Exercise 1 Bent-Over Row<p>Hold a pair of dumbbells at your sides, bend your knees slightly, push your hips back, and lean forward, keeping your back flat and core tight (a). Slowly bend your elbows, keeping them close to your body, to pull the dumbbells to your sides (b). Pause, then slowly lower …


Move of the Day: Plie with Lateral Fly

Pilates is a great way to tone your abs, and this move takes it a step further with the addition of dumbbells, so you also work your arms.<p>The workout …

The Moves You Should Be Doing For a Perkier Butt

Need to shape up your backside? Look no further — we've got over 30 of the most effective exercises to perk up your backside fast. Read on to learn …

Fix Your Form: How To Do The Perfect Side Lunge

If you don't know your way around a weight room, heading to the gym can be intimidating -- and even dangerous. But paying attention to a few simple rules of proper technique can make you slimmer, stronger and healthier all over.<p>That's why we asked John Romaniello, trainer, author and founder of …

Great weekend motivation from @nycrunningmama! Wish her luck on her Ironman. http://t.co/k7ZGLwMtZ3

Should I Stretch Before or After My Runs?

Neither, experts say. Or if you must, do it after your workout—not before.<p>You’ve seen the iconic image of a runner bent over and touching his toes. You’ve probably seen plenty of runners doing this before races. So it may surprise you to hear that this so-called static stretching—attempting to …

10 Essential Strength Exercises for Runners

Do these exercises consistently, and you’ll run faster and stronger.<p>Whenever the topic of strength training and running comes up, most runners tend to respond with, “Wait, I’m supposed to do something other than running?” Supplementing running with strengthening exercises will not only aid in …

Strength Training

Fitness Motivation on Twitter: "Running tips - http://t.co/aOc1ODpuE7"

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