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[여행지도] 가을축제지도 가평에서 재즈 즐기고! 보령에서 제철 맞은 전어와 대하도 먹고! 진주 남강에 띄워진 찬란한 유등 감상까지~ 이 지도 한 장이면, 올가을 축제는 완!전!정!복 ;) 2013 오감만족 가을축제지도 ☞

Seoul food: a guide to the top 10 dishes and where to try them

There is much more to Korean food than barbecue and kimchi. As BA launch direct UK flights to Seoul on 2 December, here's a guide to the favourite dishes in South Korea's food-mad capital<p>Korean food is not so much underrated outside the country as not rated at all. Barbecue and kimchi are the only …

Korean Recipes To Try Right Now

It's getting pretty hard to ignore: bibimbap restaurants popping up everywhere, Korean tacos (they even exist at T.G.I.Friday's now), there is even a kimchi cheesesteak hovering around New York City. Korean food is taking over, and we couldn't be happier.<p>Most commonly associated with kimchi, Korean …

Best Korean dishes: 40 foods we can't live without | CNN Travel

(CNN) — The fact that there are over 100 different types of kimchi should tell you something about the pride Koreans have in their food.<p>Korean cuisine has evolved over time because of cultural and changes, but it remains a major aspect of the national identity.<p>Here are 40 dishes which are essential …

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[여행지도] 고속도로 휴게소 별미! 아무리 잠깐 쉬었다 가는 곳이라지만, 아무거나 먹을 순 없겠죠? 어떤 휴게소의 어떤 메뉴가 맛있을까~아~ >.< 전국 휴게소 별미지도를 공개합니다!! ★ 고속도로 휴게소 별미가 더 궁금하다면? ☞