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Roland TR-8S review: An 808, 909 and sample-playing drum machine in one

<b>What we loved – and what we didn’t – about Roland’s latest drum machine.</b><p>In 2014, Roland released the TR-8, a continuation of the legacy of the …

Music Production

German engineer builds own electric car

It was while stuck in a traffic jam that German engineer Juergen Riegel was hit by a stroke of inspiration.<p>Observing that most of the other drivers grumbling behind their wheels were sitting alone in big SUVs, he thought someone ought to make a small, lightweight, non-polluting car.<p>So he set off to …


Wider - Expanding Your Stereo Image - First Look ( + free download )


Prusa i3 mk3 MMU 2 - 3D Printing 5 Materials / Colors at Once #BAMF2018

3D Printing



Lakeside Audio - Isola Pro FX R1.4 Workflow / Tutorial


A Brief History of the Vocoder

by Jono Buchanan, iZotope Contributor May 18, 2018<p>Throughout recorded history, producers have sought out “the new” through a study of the recorded, …

Music Production

Solid State Logic Upgrades SSL Native plug-Ins Collection To Version 6.0

Posted on May 21, 2018<p>Solid State Logic has upgraded their SSL Native plug-ins to version 6.0. SSL Native V6 plug-ins replace SSL’s Duende Native …

Music Production

The Coolest Things to Ever Be 3D Printed

You’d think years of writing and editing stories about 3D printing, as well as being surrounded by 3D printers and 3D-printed objects here in the …

3D Printing

MeldaProduction Free New Spectral Delay Plugin

MSpectralDelay VST plugin is extremely powerful, therefore also complex effect. So we have exploited its features and created 20 active presets on …

Music Production

Watch INFINITY WAR’s Thanos Comes to Life Via 3D Printer

It took Marvel ten years and 18 MCU movies worth of groundwork before they fully unleashed the Mad Titan on the universe in <i>Avengers: Infinity War</i>, …

Marvel Universe

A Battery That Could Change The World

Last week I happened to catch an intriguing documentary on NOVA called Search for the Super Battery.<p>The topic is of intense interest to me, as the development of better, cheaper batteries is critical for both the future of electric vehicles (EVs) and for the future electrical grid. Battery …

Clean Energy

First look at Tesla Model 3 with new white interior for performance vesion

Good news and bad news about the white interior for the Model 3 came out this weekend. The good news is that it can be ordered right now and it is coming in July, but the bad news is that it will first only be available for the more expensive Performance version.<p>We now take our official first look …


Soundways Reveal - Fantastic Critical Listening


Best Bus Compressor Plugins


Universal Audio Manley VoxBox Versatility - Logic Pro Expert

In this video, sponsored by Universal Audio, I’ve put the UA Manley VoxBox channel strip to work in two very different musical contexts. One is an …

Music Production

Five of the Best Free Synth Plugins

There are hundreds, if not thousands of VSTs out there, all with different shapes, sounds and price tags. Luckily for those on a budget, there’re …

Music Production

Watch Tesla unsuccessfully try to rollover the Model X all-electric SUV

Tesla has long been boasting about the safety of the Model X and especially its low probability of rollover – with good reasons.<p>Now the company has released some footage of internal tests trying unsuccessfully to make the Model X all-electric SUV rollover.<p>Last summer, Tesla Model X officially …


Seven electric hypercars we need to see

Tesla Roadster<p>Yikes. The incoming Tesla Roadster (incoming <i>when</i>, exactly, we don’t know), kinda caught the rest of the car world napping. With good …

Tesla Roadster

What Will Autonomous Cars Mean for the Next Generation of Drivers?

In the not so distant future, cars will only require passengers, not drivers. A Young Adult Sci-Fi author weighs in on what this means for tomorrow’s …

Autonomous Cars

Mathew Lane DrMS Review

Mathew Lane's DrMS is unlike any other stereo tool we've ever encountered and one of the more innovative plugins I've come across to …

AudioThing Updated Outer Space!! Let's Check Out the New Features!


Peak Rider 2 - A Unique Multi-Dynamics Tool


Two Vocal Tools That Transcend Genres

Vocals are about as universal as instruments come. Excluding instrumental/orchestral, most modern music has some type of vocal performance tied to …

Music Production

This is the electric E-type that Harry and Meghan drove

The Royal wedding car driven away from Windsor was Jaguar Land Rover Classic's EV 'E-type Zero', first revealed last year – and even quicker to …

Jaguar Cars

Tesla unveils faster and more powerful Model 3 dual motor AWD and Performance versions

Tesla finally released the specs and opened the orders for the long-awaited Model 3 dual motor all-wheel-drive and performance versions.<p>Here’s everything we know so far.<p><b>Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive</b><p>Tesla CEO Elon Musk confirmed that the new dual motor Model 3 vehicles are equipped with a …

Electric Vehicles

The 2018 Nissan Leaf is charming, practical and fun

Pros<p>Impressive range, surprisingly nippy, functional tech<p>Cons<p>Cheap interior, strange driving position, EVs remain inconvenient<p>Price<p>From £25,190<p>8 / …

Electric Vehicles

8th-Grade Student Uses 3D Printer To Replace Lizard's Lost Tail

"...The fact that one of our middle school students is going to use it to design a prosthetic tail for a bearded dragon is really cool."<p>NEW PORT …

Middle School

4 Alternative Ways Of Using The De-Esser Effect

<b>What is a De-Esser effect?</b><p>The De-esser is without a doubt a versatile effect, frequently used to tame the annoying “ess” and “esh” parts in the vocal …

Music Production

Lord of the Rings Minas Tirith 3D printed on PRUSA MK3 in 3D MARS PLA

The Lord of the Rings