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Such pillow. [video]

Such pillow. [video]




Kitten disapproves of blep

3 Quick And Easy Ways To Prevent Running Injuries

<i>By Jason Fitzgerald, founder of Strength Running, for Life by DailyBurn</i><p>We get it. You want to get better at your sport while keeping running injuries at bay -- but you're busy. You don't have time for an extra 30-minute strength session on top of your current training plan. And forget about that …

7 exercises to boost endurance: http://mhlthm.ag/mQ1s8o

10 Easy Ways To Free Up A Lot Of Space On Your iPhone

Your iPhone is full of junk you don't need. And a recent class action lawsuit against Apple has brought to light that even if you buy a 16 GB iPhone, you can't actually use all 16 GB of storage.<p>So let's try to make the most of what you have. We have identified 10 simple ways you can manage and …

Cheap Wines That Taste Expensive (All $20 or Less!)

Wine should be an easy thing to pick up and bring to a party—in theory. In reality, the shelves of witty, worldly, and just plain weird labels with …

Running Speed Work (Intervals)

Check out RunLog as the ideal tool to plan, set and reach your running goals!<p>Speed work (Intervals) is the third running training step, the icing on …

The Official Guide To Sleeping Like A Cat

Cats are the undisputed champions of slumber. Time to up your game by studying their techniques.

CMA Awards: Watch Taylor Swift perform stripped-down 'Red'

As big a star as you'll find clutching a microphone,<p>Taylor Swiftlong outgrew the country genre in which she began.<p>But the singer reclaimed her roots at Wednesday's<p>CMA Awardsin a pretty, stripped-down performance of her song "Red" with a handful of country elders including Vince Gill, Alison Krauss …

This Calf And Cat Best Friendship Will Give You All The Feels

All together now: awwww!

3-Day-Old Otter Takes a Swim

By Unknown

Four Cats Squished into a Box

By ani.s4 (Via Youtube)

29 Things That Are Way More Important Than Work Right Now

Work can wait. There are more important things happening.

You Can't Fool This Cat

These GIFs Show That FIFA Has Continually Proven Itself As The Most Realistic Soccer Game of All Time

21 Real Life Places That Are Basically Westeros

As close as you'll get to the world of Game Of Thrones. Considering the high mortality rate, that's probably for the best.

We Finally Have Conclusive Evidence That Dogs Are Better Than Cats

Specifically that cats are mean, conniving thieves, while dogs are blameless and loveable. Glad we can put this debate to rest, folks. H/t.

The complete Apple iOS 7 guide: Everything you need for a happy upgrade

You can upgrade your iPhone and iPad now with iOS 7. You probably have a lot of questions about it—here are all the answers you need.<p>Should I upgrade …