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You’ll Never Doubt the Importance of Portrait Lighting After Watching This Fascinating Video

It’s sort of obvious that without light there isn’t a whole lot we can do with our cameras. But the fascinating two-minute video below provides an …

Portrait Photography

You don't have to register personal drones with the FAA anymore

In March, the FAA noted that over 100,000 hobby drone owners had registered their machines since the year began, bringing the total in the US over 770,000. Owners have filed their non-commercial UAVs with the agency ever since the DoT passed a law in December 2015 that made registration mandatory. …


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DJI Ronin-M: Hands-on REVIEW & Sample Footage!

Flying a drone? Rules to know before you take off

The drone industry has propelled to record numbers. According to the Consumer Technology Association, more than 3.4 million units are expected sell …


The TSA Thinks This Nikon DSLR Rig Looks Too Much Like a Gun

Check out this Nikon DSLR rig, which apparently uses a pistol-style grip for triggering the shutter. It seems this kit looks <i>too</i> much like a firearm …


Shooting the Kentucky Derby with the 20fps Sony a9

When editorial journalist Nick Didlick arrived at Churchill Downs for the 143rd running of the Kentucky Derby, he wasn’t toting Canon 1DX Mark IIs or …


An Elegant Flower Time-Lapse Three Years in the Making

As a companion piece to his 2012 short film “Fall,” filmmaker Jamie Scott spent the last three years filming a massive variety of flowers in this …


Motion Algorithm Turns a Single Photo into a 56-Minute Video

Videos are made up of about 24 frames every second, but what would happens if you fed a single photo into a motion prediction algorithm, and asked it …

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MkBlondie - Boudoir Photo Shoot Sriphotography

How—and Why—Filmmakers Fake Those Emotional Scenes in Nature Documentaries

Animals can’t talk or take cues from a camera operator, but BBC's <i>Planet Earth</i> still manages to make their daily lives look emotional, whimsical, and …

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Food Photography for Beginners: Yummy Dishes for Everyone

Rating: 0 based on 0 Ratings<p>May 4, 2017 By Michael Moodie<p>Food Photography for Beginners<p>What’s your favorite “F” word? Mine is food. …


Stunning Early Entries of the National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest

Get your cameras ready, the 2017 National Geographic Travel Photographer of the Year Contest is now open for entries. Every year, National Geographic gives photographers the opportunity to share their talents and show everyone a piece of the world we all live in. They're encouraged to submit their …


Practical advice to improve your street photography

Street photography is difficult. It generally requires patience, a keen eye and lightning fast reflexes to be successful. So what can you do to …

Street Photography

Speed posing tips: how to get different couple shots when the time is limited

If you’re a wedding photographer, it can happen that you don’t have enough time to get couple shots before or after the ceremony. However, you can …

Portrait Photography

This wedding picture even made the photographer cry

An Australian photographer has captured the raw and emotional moment a newlywed couple burst into tears of joy during their wedding photo shoot.<p>On …


Everything you need to know about taking 360-degree panoramic pictures

If you’re heading to an exotic locale this summer, taking pictures of your lust-worthy holiday is almost as important as exploring the new …


Erin Babnik on Going Pro: Making Landscape Photography Your Business

Have you ever considered going pro as a landscape photographer? What does that even mean in today's business? Professional Landscape Photographer …

Landscape Photography

Something Tactile: Why Photographers Should Create Zines

<i>For more, check out James’ Instagram.</i><p>Fact: digital marketing isn’t always the most effective method of marketing your photography. That’s why …


How to Capture Bold and Beautiful Photographs Using Shadows

When it comes to capturing a captivating photograph, many people may believe that it's all about light. While illumination is important, darkness is an equally compelling component. Showcasing the shapes and darkness shadows cast is a surprising way to enhance a composition. Here, we explain the …


Can’t Afford Strobes for Outdoor Portraits? Here a $5 Solution from the Hardware Store

Everyone loves to shoot outdoor portraits with natural light, but sometimes the sun and clouds simply don’t cooperate. For those of you who can’t …

Portrait Photography

Photographing the world’s true outsiders

Joshua Gordon’s unconventional debut book is a breakout document of life on the edges<p>Joshua Gordon is a photographer who excavates difference and outsiderness both intimately and intuitively, with a raw style that feels humane and all heart. The young Dubliner’s zealous curiosity and lust for life …


Redefining Beauty Through Boudoir - Body Confidence Campaign

The evolution of boudoir photography has changed drastically over the years however the core of what it stands for remains the same. It is a look …


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