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How Much Should Photographers Charge in 2017?

Photography Pricing<p>Get Rosh Sillars Free Pricing Check List (Here)<p>Helpful Photography Pricing YouTube Channel – Subscribe Here—> …


How to Choose Your First Camera Drone and Skyrocket Your Photography

Maybe you are in love with photography and in the process of turning it into a passion. You might be a professional photographer who’s always …


10 Things that Make Movie Making Easier

Looking through an on-set or kit bag, you never know what little surprises you may run into. For example, one Assistant Cameraman (A.C.) with whom I …


Photographer Wanted To Visit This Castle More Than 2 Years And The Photos She Made There For The First Time Turned Out So Magical And Dreamy

User submission<p>336<p>336views<p>Jovana Rikalo <br>Community member<p>Hi,<p>Show Full Text<p>My name is Jovana Rikalo and I am art, portrait and fashion photographer …


3 Golden Rules to Vlog

Do you want to know how to be a successful vlogger?. With this techniques Peter McKinnon got 800K subscribers on YouTube in a short period of time. …

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Adding Watermarks to Your Photos in Aurora HDR 2018, Luminar, and Luminar 2018

Watermarks on Photos: Do You Use Them?

When posting images online, many photographers use watermarks. Some watermarks are small and discreet and others are just so large that they distract …

Using lighting style to create mood: High-key and low-key lighting :: Digital Photo Secrets

5 Tips on How to Choose a Location for Natural Light Portraiture

Shooting portraits in natural light can honestly sometimes be tougher than using a flash; but that’s considering you haven’t done any sort of …

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Behind the Scenes Look Into The Boudoir Community

Ever wonder what happens during a boudoir photography retreat that is aimed to educate those to be the best in the business? The top photographers …

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A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Blurry Backgrounds in Portraits

Just starting out in photography and want to learn how to blur your backgrounds when shooting portraits? Here’s a 4-minute video from Sheldon Evans …

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Ugly Places, Pretty Portraits: I Did a Photo Shoot in Lowe’s

A few weeks ago, a model friend of mine, Rachelle Kathleen, and I were planning to meet for a fun little photo shoot. Instead of searching out the …


Sony a7R Mark III Review

Introduction<p>The Sony a7R Mark III is the company's latest high-resolution full frame mirrorless camera. Much like Nikon's recent D850, it's one that …

Nikon D850

Tips on Posing for Photos (Portraits)


Tips to Help You Prepare for a Successful Portrait Session

One of my favorite types of photo shoots is families with kids. It’s fun to spend an hour talking and laughing with people while taking photos. I …

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Unlock the power of Aurora HDR at KelbyOne


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12 great gifts for photography lovers

1/12<p>Gnarbox<p>The Gnarbox is a portable, rugged backup solution for photographers, with a host of direct memory card input ports, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, a durable case and either 128 or 256GB of onboard storage.<p>It has high-speed image transfer capabilities, and the Gnarbox companion app for …

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Glare Aware: Photographing Portraits of People in Glasses

Photographers who are new to lighting will sometimes panic when faced with photographing someone in glasses. Sometimes even seasoned photographers …

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The Disappointments of a Newbie Photographer Nobody Talks About

Photography today is more accessible than ever before because cameras are everywhere: not only shaped as DSLRs, but in phones, tablets, laptops, and …


Best Panorama Stitching Software - 2017

Panoramas can make for a fun and interesting option for capturing photos. Personally, I’m a fan, and I’ve been shooting them for many years. By …

Three Perfect Mirrorless Cameras For The Advanced Amateur

Are you ready to upgrade from that basic mirrorless kit you bought to learn photography with? Advanced amateurs make a large portion of the …


5 Fun Photo Hacks for Eye-Catching Portraits (VIDEO)

We often post creative photo hacks with fun ways to capture eye-catching images using cheap, easy-to-find items. The five tricks you see in this …


Back-Button Focus: What It Is and Why You Should Be Using It

If you spend any time surfing photography forums and Facebook groups, you will undoubtedly see a constant flow of questions asking for the best way …


5 Free Guides That Will Help You Capture Sharper Photos

As photographers, we always strive to capture the sharpest image possible. Unless you deliberately want to capture blur in some form, tack sharp …




Wiral LITE | The Easy Cable Cam, For Impossible Film Shots by Wiral

AFFORDABLE and EASY-TO-USE Cable Cam for GoPro and cameras up to 3.3 lbs.

Three Tips to Speed Up Adobe Lightroom

I have heard several photographers complain about how slow Adobe Lightroom is. While I agree that Adobe needs to make some improvements to their …