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These Surreal Photos Were All Created Without Photoshop

Photographer John Dykstra says he believes in the power of perspective. His surreal photo style is created entirely with practical effects and simple …


Mirrorless Smackdown: How Photographers Feel About the Future of Canon and Nikon Cameras

Last week, I asked Fstoppers readers what their plans were for the inevitable moment when Canon and Nikon release professional-level full frame …


Blackmagic Announces Blackmagic eGPU

Slow graphics performance got you down? Well, thanks to Blackmagic you can go ahead and just plug in a much much better GPU — externally and …


Is the Photography World Really About to Change Completely?

Is it real this time around? Are we all going to jump ship from the DSLR form and embrace the mirrorless form? In this video, Jared Polin of Fro …


Photos found in suitcase show a different time - CNN Video

After sitting in a suitcase in an attic for almost 30 years, the newly-discovered photographs of amateur photographer John Turner offer a glimpse into life in pre and post-war Britain.

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How To Find Out Which Lens You Use The Most

Tip of the hat to UK-blogger/photographer/awesome guy <b>Brian Worley</b> who shared this tip at some point, and darn it’s a good one — it’s how to use a …


How to Identify Plants and Flowers Using Your Phone Camera

A few apps have promised to reveal the names of plants and flowers you find in the wild. Just point your phone camera at them and you’ll get your …

Scantily clad sunbather refuses to move out of couple's wedding photos

A wedding couple claim a shameless sunbather photo-bombed their wedding pictures by refusing to move.<p>Newlyweds Mark Ling, 49, and Mandy Cripwell, 35, were married in a church on Saturday and then moved to a beautiful and renowned spot to take snaps.<p>But they say their idyllic sun-kissed scene was …


How to Shoot Defocused Firework Photos

I’m photographer David Johnson, and in this tutorial I’ll be sharing how I shoot long-exposure photos of defocused fireworks.<p>Gear List<p>Canon EOS 5D …

Landscape Photography

How to Take the Best Photos of Fireworks That You've Ever Made

<i>Experiencing even a small fireworks show is a purely sensual delight.</i><p>For the eyes there is the synchronized bursts of color and lights arcing across …

Landscape Photography

Review: Rode Newsshooter wireless XLR microphone kit


What Sony Does Best

In a few short years, Sony has amassed a cult-like following for its cameras. Without having used one, it can be hard to know exactly what the …


These guys made a working camera out of a potato - DIY Photography

“Ugh, what did you take that photo with, a potato?” Well, the guys from Corridor Crew would answer this question with a yes. They literally made a …

Shutter Speed

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This photo-editing software uses AI to enhance every shot

The smartphone has revolutionized the way we take pictures. Given the incredible range and versatility of modern-day smartphone cameras, however, it …

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The Five Types of Photographers That Drive Everyone Crazy

Photography is full of a bunch of strong personalities, and with those personalities come all sorts of ahem, interesting scenarios and interactions. …


Will AI Replace Video Editors?

We are on the cusp of having a huge breakthrough in our daily lives. That breakthrough comes in the way of AI. We aren’t talking about Adobe …

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Shutter Speed vs Shutter Angle ► Thoroughly Explained and Demonstrated

Shutter Speed

Magmod Launches Three New Revolutionary Lighting Tools for Photographers

MagMod has become known for pushing the boundaries of light modifier design. They always put quality, portability, and ease of use into all of their …


LUMIX Stories - Pro Photographers are Switching to Lumix Cameras


How To Use Curves in Photoshop To Remove Unwanted Colour Casts and Achieve Perfect Colour in Your Photos

Colour in our images can be a tricky thing to get spot on. We can try to give ourselves a head-start when shooting by picking an appropriate white …


Two-Day Mega Sale at B&H: Big Savings on Hundreds of High-Quality Products

If you’ve been waiting for a good deal to come around to upgrade your gear, your patience has paid off. B&H is throwing a two-day Mega Deal Zone …

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We are giving away over $6,500 in gear to help you kick-start your cinematography passion

DIYP’s Cinematographer Kick-off Giveaway If you are passionate about cinematography, you’ll wanna hear this. We teamed up with some great companies …


The Milk Bath Portrait and How it Changed Everything

Through his most famous character’s lips, Arthur Conan Doyle once lamented “There is nothing new under the sun.” But he was wrong. Because I recently …

8 Essential Tips for Food Photography Props and Lighting - ALC

I teamed up with my friends at Adorama again to share with you my expertise on food photography. This time we’re going to cover my eight essential …

Photographing New Zealand landscapes for a week with only a 50mm lens

My photography peers thought I was mad. I thought I was mad, taking just a 50mm lens and one camera to the south island of New Zealand for a week. …

Bite Size Tips: How To Use HDR Well To Enhance Your Images

HDR photography is a much-debated one in the world of photography and it has been very difficult for some photographers on deciding when to use HDR …

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Camera Tripods & Photography Accessories

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