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Doing This One Thing Can Help Rapidly Grow Your Photography Business

Photographers are a dime a dozen these days. If you're in the business, you probably already know that, though.<p>As awesome as digital photography has …

Portrait Photography

Cheap Photo: Get 11,000 Lightroom Presets For Under $50

We live in a preset world, and chances are that you use some in your workflow at some point. We use and have made our own, as well we have tested and …


Packing Light for a Long Photography Trip

Packing for a shoot in your town can be a pain, but packing for an extended shoot in another country brings a whole new set of complications into …


10 Predictions About the Future of Photography

How might photography evolve in the coming years and decades? The folks over at COOPH took a look at current trends and research projects to come up …


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Top Instagram Hashtag Mistakes Photographers Make & How to Avoid Them

Love it or hate it, social media has become deeply rooted in our society. Simple human actions like becoming someone’s friend or courting a …

Social Media Marketing

Why Does Every Camera Put Photos in a DCIM Folder?

Every camera — whether it’s a dedicated digital camera or the Camera app on Android or iPhone — places the photos you take in a DCIM folder. DCIM …


13 Photography Tricks That Work With Any Camera

Taking pictures is too easy. Not more than a double handful of years ago, if you wanted to snap a photograph you needed to consider your film, …


Abstract Photography Tips and Techniques

Creating beautiful images is easier when you know a few photographic techniques. This is especially true for abstract photography. Therefore, this …


DJI Rolls Out 'Local Data Mode' for Drones After US Army Ban Over Unknown 'Cyber Vulnerabilities'

Weeks after the US Army told personnel to immediately shelve all drones made by Chinese manufacturer DJI, citing unspecified “cyber vulnerabilities …


Become a kickass photographer with these easy-to-learn tricks

Just to let you know, if you buy something featured here, Mashable might earn an affiliate commission.<p>Shooting great photos can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be reserved for the Insta-famous Gray Malins of the world. You too could learn to take photos that will have people oohing and aahing.<p>But …


How I Became a Better Photographer By Analyzing My Lightroom Statistics

Math is awesome: it can help you uncover hidden trends and weaknesses that might be present in your work. With this free online tool, you can get a …


Army tells troops to stop using DJI drones immediately, because cyber | Ars Technica

"Halt use of all DJI products," Army Aviation commands.<p>The US military has a lot of drones—and an unending demand from troops in the field for more. …


A still photography look at the LUMIX GH5

Call me crazy, but I’m going to tell you why the LUMIX GH5 is my favorite micro 4/3 camera without mentioning the video features. Ok, I might mention …


Simple Guide to the Panasonic GH5 Focus modes

One of the issues with compact system or mirrorless system cameras in the past was that their autofocus (AF) systems were too slow to shoot sport. …



Galaxy Note 8 to feature 3x zoom dual-camera - After the Galaxy Note 7 debacle, the upcoming Note 8 launch will be crucial to Samsung for recapturing …

Panasonic's new Lumix GH5 - an ultra-portable filmmaker's dream

Panasonic's two-and-a-half-year-old GH4 has long been a darling of the low-budget filmmaking set. It delivers excellent quality video – better in …


SMOOTH FOOTAGE - Getting cinematic results and the tools that help


Parallax Style Intro and Transition Video Effects Premiere Pro Tutorial


How to Film A Wedding | Job Shadow


Pilotfly H2 Review - How to Balance and Calibrate the H2


Why the GH5 is GREAT for Wedding Filmmakers


Dark Sky Finder

A Night to Remember

TSA Requires a Separate Screening of Cameras in Airports Now

Bad news, photographers: your airport experience in the United States is now more tedious if you’re planning to carry a camera onto the plane. The …


NEW MACBOOK with MKBHD | Adobe Premiere VS Final Cut

Adobe Premiere

The Importance of Personal Projects for Professional Photographers

In my last article, I talked about working on one or more personal projects as a great way to help photographers get motivated and get busy in a …

Digital Photography

Photographing America’s National Parks

QT Luong gives insights about how he goes about capturing stunning images of America's diverse National Parks. Read More >>

National Parks