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These Maps Show How Millions of People Are Vulnerable to Deadly Snakebites

"Snakebites are a global problem."<p>For most people in the United States, venomous snakes rank pretty low on the list of things to worry about on a …


Jaguar escapes New Orleans zoo habitat, moves from one enclosure to next, killing trapped animals

A jaguar at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans slipped out of its enclosure and went on a territorial killing rampage sometime overnight, attacking four alpacas, an emu and a fox trapped in their own habitats before zoo officials managed to sedate it.<p>The big cat was first reported missing at 7:20 a.m., …

New Orleans

Enough LeBron! True Angelenos root for the Clippers, not the Lakers

The LeBron James mural in Venice drew a steady crowd of people who wanted to take in the image of L.A.’s newest Laker and local savior.<p>“It’s been really good for us,” said an employee of Baby Blues BBQ, whose back lot borders the wall that served as the muralist’s canvas.<p>Fans from California, …


The Young Prince Photo by Johanna Taylor — National Geographic Your Shot

Canon EOS

Lava forms small piece of land off Hawaii's Big Island

Geologists confirmed Friday that a small island has formed off the coast of the Big Island of Hawaii thanks to the volcanic eruptions at Kilauea, …


8 Critically Endangered Black Rhinos Die in Kenya

Eight black rhinoceroses died after being transported from a national park in Kenya to a sanctuary meant to help preserve their critically endangered species, the government said on Friday.<p>Wildlife workers say they believe the rhinos died from drinking water with a high saline level in their new …


11 questions for Derek Smalls: "The last time I changed my strings? The same time as I changed the oil in my motor. Which is never"

<b>He’s the bass player in the legends that are Spinal Tap but how will he handle the, erm… 11 questions we ask everyone?</b><p><b>1. What was your first guitar</b> …


10 Women Pulling Rock 'N' Roll Into The 21st Century

If the future is female, then the future has arrived.<p>It’s hard to explain why, but women have dominated the rock space in the last five years, breathing new life into an art form that was arguably dying. And in an age of grandiose hits ruled by hip-hop and EDM, a new generation of rock listeners …


Critically Endangered Black Rhinos Die After Transportation To Kenya National Park

Eight endangered black rhinos died after being transported to a new wildlife reserve in Africa. The dead were among 11 black rhinos taken from Nairobi and Lake Nakuru National Parks to Tsavo East National Park. Kenyan wildlife officials said a preliminary investigation showed the rhinos died from …

Endangered Species

You Can Actually Play The Electric Guitar On This T-Shirt

The T-shirt has been around for a while. Its current form dates back to the Spanish-American War, when the US Navy started issuing them as a cooler …


Eruptions intensify, off scale seismicity at Anak Krakatau, Indonesia

<b>Explosive activity at Anak Krakatau in Indonesia continues and its seismicity is reportedly going off the scale today, July 12, 2018.</b><p>"Krakatau is …


'Kitty Litter' Parasite Is Wiping Out One Of Earth’s Rarest Seals

AnimalsWeird & Wild<p>A disease that originates in domestic cats is hitting Hawaiian monk seals particularly hard.<p>In May, two critically endangered Hawaiian monk seals were found dead on a beach on Oahu. Both were female, and one was pregnant. After performing a necropsy, veterinarians determined that …


Watch This Guitarist Play a Tesla Coil with a Guitar

Just yesterday, our friends at Gear Gods posted a brief, fun and fascinating video. The clip shows guitarist Alex Campbell playing a Tesla coil with …


Eight endangered black rhinos die in Kenya national park

<b>Lagos, Nigeria (CNN) —</b> Kenya is probing the death of eight rhinos at one of the country's national parks just over a week after the animals were moved.<p>The eight rhinos were among 11 that were moved from the Nairobi and Nakuru national parks to Tsavo East National Park, in a process known as …


Kilauea’s heat triggering mass amounts of acid rain

ADVERTISING<p>Intense, hot air from the ongoing Kilauea eruption — combined with a drop in trade-winds — triggered 9.22 inches of rain containing sulfur …


The 10 Biggest Spiders in the World

Do you suffer from a fear of spiders or arachnophobia? If so, you probably don't want to see the world's biggest spiders. But remember: knowledge is …


Bass Players To Know: John McVie

Some records are undeniably awesome. They’ve stood the test of time thanks to stellar songwriting, clever musicianship, and excellent sound quality. …


How to Play A String Based Guitar Chords

The post How to Play A String Based Guitar Chords appeared first on Global Guitar Network.

Australian Grass Got Kangaroos So High on DMT They Couldn't Walk Straight

A wild grass carries a potent psychedelic.<p>Viral videos of distressed kangaroos bouncing around erratically have stirred up concern and sympathy …


New species may arise from rapid mitochondrial evolution

Genetic research at Oregon State University has shed new light on how isolated populations of the same species evolve toward reproductive …


Malaysia’s pig-tail macaques eat rats, head first

Pig-tail macaques are seen as a menace on Malaysian palm oil plantations, but may be helping to reduce rodent populations.


A French Farmer Found an Incredibly Rare Fossil And Kept It Secret For Years

He didn't want to be bothered.<p>Quick question – if you found a strange-looking fossil on your property, would you a) call the press, b) call the …

Natural History Museum

Woman surrounded by wolves in Central Washington rescued from tree

OKANOGAN COUNTY, Wash. – A helicopter had to rescue a research student Thursday afternoon after a group of wolves surrounded her near the Tiffany …

Washington State

An Endangered Blue Whale Has Been Slaughtered by Icelandic Whalers, Reports Claim

This is beyond infuriating.<p>Photos of what might be a dead juvenile blue whale have recently surfaced online, allegedly showing the catch of Icelandic …


10 Facts About the Portuguese Man O' War

Something a lot scarier than any Jersey Devil has been washing up on beaches in the Garden State lately: This month, the dangerous Portuguese Man O’ …

Giant Pandas

Of Course We Should Open That Mysterious Egyptian Sarcophagus, Why on Earth Not?

Archaeologists, don't listen to Twitter.<p>An Egyptian archaeological mission found an enormous sarcophagus - the largest ever to be found in Alexandria …


Lava From Kilauea Eruption Covers Beloved Beach Park And School

The relentless eruption of the Kilauea Volcano’s lower East Rift Zone continues its rampage through the southeastern corner of the Big Island of Hawaii, with lava claiming a popular site for oceanside soaking and a local school.<p>“An overflight this morning has confirmed that Ahalanui Park and Kua O …

Los Angeles

George Harrison said Paul McCartney “wasn’t open to anybody else’s suggestions” when recording ‘Hey Jude’

Detailed in an excerpt from producer George Martin's new book<p>An excerpt from a new book about Beatles producer George Martin has revealed the …

George Harrison

Metal guitarists say that Black Sabbath’s Symptom Of The Universe riff is the greatest of all time

<b>Some of metal’s top guitarists have voted the riff from Black Sabbath’s 1975 track Symptom of The Universe as the greatest of all time. Tony Iommi’s</b> …


Master Son House's influential blues playing with these 5 killer guitar licks

<b>Get to the heart of traditional acoustic blues with this slide tutorial, including five examples in the style of the legendary Son House.</b><p>Born in …