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I just want to live in a world where the NHL still names everything after people. "What region are you from?" "We're from Norris, motherfucker." https://t.co/IRbIrcrkOP

When you're talking about 70s baseball teams that bickered and fought and then just got shit done on the field, I'm coming with the A's and Bears every time. https://t.co/RDaE5kTOQm

Minds matter: Psychology of language learning

<b></b><b>‘It’s all in the mind!’</b> – How true when it comes to learning a foreign language. Every teacher knows that you can have the best resources in the …

Language Learning

When you're talking NFL stars who could coach up our nation's youth with a hellacious hangover and shorts riding dangerously far up his crack, I gotta go Broadway Joe Namath. https://t.co/I6BKcmYdDm

And you thought you've been to some good parties ... https://t.co/ng1VYcQKpi

Nothing like enjoying a sundae out of one of these bastards while watching the Rough Riders play the Roughriders. https://t.co/MwZR6I2byX

Ordinarily I'd criticize a man for tucking in his windbreaker. But Keith Hernandez obviously knew how special that goddamn waistband was. https://t.co/0TVfkB2Lup

The Hawk. Look at the intensity. That's just for batting practice. Now, if you're really brave, imagine pitching to him in an actual game. https://t.co/wrahHEIbjA

Bailey over Jennifer all day every day. https://t.co/FzEgUhNtuw

Show me a country that puts these sweet fuckers in boxes of cereal and I'll show you the greatest country in the goddamn world. https://t.co/E4aGebw58u

Always coach with the beer and lung dart in the same hand in case you have to gesture. https://t.co/QH5sPnSdI0

I am confused, intrigued, and frightened all at once. https://t.co/lVoAlTqG5G

Having Your Smartphone Nearby Takes a Toll on Your Thinking (Even When It’s Silent and Facedown)

“Put your phone away” has become a commonplace phrase that is just as often dismissed. Despite wanting to be in the moment, we often do everything within our power to the contrary. We take out our phones to take pictures in the middle of festive family meals, and send text messages or update our …

Text Messaging

Is there anyone in the major leagues today who looks this cool? https://t.co/gCQx1eV4zS

Jesse Barfield enjoyed a banner season in 1985 when cranked 27 homers, stole 22 bases, and took every Blue Jays team flight in full uniform. https://t.co/3SgG1DwBes

How the fuck did this slice of genius miss? https://t.co/1rg8NsvRff

Lanny McDonald puffy sticker? Don't mind if I do ... https://t.co/uPR5czOPpE

At last we can answer the question "What would happen if Farrah, Mr. Kotter, Meathead, Laverne, Richie & Robert Conrad all went to Sears Portrait Studio?" https://t.co/gf3moy1Sik

A little sad for Scooby Doo that he had to be involved in this project ... https://t.co/t2mUMcMEF5

"I got G.I. Joe!" "I got Steve Austin!" "I got ... Grandma and Grandpa Walton. What the fuck, Mom?" https://t.co/mBeS4F1two

Scaffolding Text Structure for ELLs

• How do the colors guide students in their writing?<br>• What sentence starters do the students use for each section?<br>• How can this strategy be applied across …

Either George Foreman and Bob Newhart are about to bowl against Don Adams and Roy Rogers or my acid has kicked in. https://t.co/vCgLRIWP1i

The Birmingham Bulls could've easily stopped at "Win a Date with Susan Anton" but, goddamnit, you also get fucking lumberjacks between periods. Are you not entertained?! https://t.co/tplZ6HKeoQ

Scandal rocked the American League in 1979 when "John Lowenstein" was revealed to be John Lennon in an afro wig and fake mustache. Upon being identified, the former Beatle promptly outed Don Stanhouse as the walrus. https://t.co/D0cPD1JXiG

"We need a real ratings bonanza. Bob, what have you got?" "How about we get Charo and Redd Foxx to play air hockey? Also, I am high on cocaine." "Love it. Get me their agents on the phone. Think Charlie Pride knows how to kayak?" https://t.co/X0Lvlg9mSw

You ask me, Halloween was about eight thousand times better when there was a chance a four-foot tall Captain Stubing might show up at your door. https://t.co/usDRqWgwl3

If you didn't risk your life at least twice a day growing up in the 70s, you were doing it wrong. https://t.co/dZZyBCVI2N

When you need that little something extra to make your senior photos the best ever ... https://t.co/KXCR6LYeUx

5 Out-Of-The Box Assessment Strategies Every Teacher Should Know

5 Out-Of-The Box Assessment Strategies Every Teacher Should Know by Judy Willis M.D., M.Ed., radteach.com & Terry Heick Most teachers and current …