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How to shuck oysters, with Island Creek Oyster Bar Chef Jeremy Sewall

By<p>2:15 PM<p>The owner of Island Creek Oyster Bar restaurants and Row 34 oyster bars, Sewall is also partnered with Island Creek Oyster Farm in Duxbury, …


Flurry of activity in Portland’s food scene includes new places for noodles, oysters and local meat

Though the forecast for the first week of July is bright and sunny, it’s raining restaurants in downtown Portland. A slew of new places, from a …


Potatoes to be used for oyster growth in Charlotte County

The Charlotte Harbor National Estuary Group is trying a new way to attract oysters that's better for the environment: potatoes.


A Bostonian’s guide to oysters

Silky, salty, and a little intimidating for newbies? Oysters are a popular delicacy — but an accessible one, both in terms of relative price and …



Summerguide 2017 | view this story as a .pdf<p>It’s a <b>rising tide</b> for Ostreophiles.<p><b>By Sarah Moore</b><p>As the sun dips toward the horizon at the end of one of …

Portland, ME

These Are 5 Places to Find the Best Seafood in Seattle

Seattle is surrounded by water and a thriving fishing community, so it should come as no surprise that seafood is a local staple. But with so many …


How to Eat Oysters and Not Look Like an Idiot

A good oyster should taste like an ocean bouillon cube or a perfectly seasoned potato chip.<p>As a little kid, I grew up in Vermont, but when I was 11 in the early 80s, my family moved to Central Florida. We'd have family day at New Smyrna Beach, where there were many typical skanky Florida raw bars …


Everything You Need to Know About Virginia Oysters

Virginia is the Oyster Capital of the East Coast, with a reported 39.8 million oysters sold in 2014, and if you have ever had a Virginia oyster, you …

Virginia Beach

Safety Regulations, Awareness Minimize Vibrio Threat in Gulf Oysters

With a number of cases of life-threatening illnesses caused by a water-borne bacteria being reported recently in the Southeast, people throughout the …


'Grandpa Oyster' offers example of sustainable ocean business

Shigeatsu Hatakeyama’s oyster farm was completely destroyed by the deadly tsunami that hit north-east Japan in March 2011.<p>“I thought to myself my …


With diners prizing Maine oysters, farming them booms along coast

Ryan McPherson says he bought Glidden Point Oyster Farm in Edgecomb last year partly because, unlike lobster, “with this, we can participate in a …

Portland, ME

Oyster Farmer: Vandalism Derailing This Year's Crop

Vandals tampered with oyster aquaculture equipment in Wakulla County this weekend, which investigators say is a felony offense. WFSU spoke with one …


Authorities work to find oyster lease vandals

Law enforcement officials are still working to find the person or people responsible for vandalizing 16 oyster leases in Wakulla County last weekend.


Mikimoto Kōkichi: The Pearl King and His Museum

Creator of a Lustrous Industry<p>The pearl farmers who make a living from the sparkling waters of Mie Prefecture owe a huge debt of gratitude to the …


How to Shuck an Oyster like a Pro

There's nothing better than a tray of fresh-from-the-sea PEI oysters on a hot summer day, and happy hour shouldn't be your only opportunity to slurp …


'The World Is Your Oyster!'

Now, Words and Their Stories from VOA Learning English. On this program, we explore common expressions in American English. On another Words and …


Raising 60,000 babies

About 60,000 baby oysters are safely nestled in an aquatic nursery, called an upweller, where they can grow big enough to fend off predators before …

CSM students design oyster counting machine, win F3 Challenge

True Chesapeake Oyster Co. in St. Mary’s County has a problem. Three College of Southern Maryland (CSM) students have come up with a potential …


Photo Gallery: Foggy Morning at Lowell's Oyster Plot

capecodtimes.com<p>http://www.capecodtimes.com/photogallery/CC/20170713/PHOTOGALLERY/713009996/PH/1<p>article<p>Low tide and morning fog the working …

Tintagel excavations reveal that Cornish kings feasted on oysters

<b>Early Cornish kings feasted on a diet of oysters, roast pork and fine wine, dining and drinking from bowls imported from Turkey and glass goblets</b> …


Streeterville is About to Get a Lot More Frosé and Oysters

The Hampton Social is coming to steps from Michigan Avenue this fall.<p>The next few months promise to be busy ones for the team behind <b>The Hampton Social</b>. Today, they reveal plans for a Streeterville incarnation, which they aim to open in the early fall at 164 E. Grand Ave. This comes hot on the heels …

Google Street View

New Craic Fest Serving Up Oysters & Guinness — And A Free Trip To Ireland

The festival is coming to Chicago for the first time as part of a three-city tour.


Oysters in Kansas? Mass Street Fish House gives its pitch to become a Lawrence staple

Ayrick Madeira is fully aware why you might question this place before you step inside. Mass Street Fish House and Raw Bar is, quite literally, a …

Student Journalism

An Oyster Reef Grows in the Bronx - WSJ

Five times a month, biologist Allison Fitzgerald, an assistant professor at New Jersey City University, descends upon Soundview Park in the Bronx borough of New York to tend a reef that is home to thousands of oysters.<p>Joined by New Yorkers dubbed “EcoVolunteers” and NJCU biology students, Dr. …


2017 Knysna Oyster Festival celebrated in South Africa - Xinhua

Weekly choices of Xinhua photo<p>China's Qinghai Hoh Xil enters world heritage list as natural site<p>Chinese aircraft carrier formation arrives in HK, to …


Felix’s Oyster Bar Heads Back to Bourbon

A big expansion will be completed in August<p><b>Felix’s Restaurant and Oyster Bar</b>, that bastion of Gulf oysters that debuted in New Orleans over 70 years ago, will increase its size by <i>a lot</i> by August. Ian McNulty reports that, in a deal completed Friday, July 7, Felix’s Restaurant Group has taken over …


The Seas Will Save Us: How an Army of Ocean Farmers are Starting an Economic Revolution

I’m a fisherman who dropped out of high school in 1986 at the age of 14. Over my lifetime, I’ve spent many nights in jail. I’m an epileptic. I’m …


Fishing for treats

<b>Dynamite Shrimps</b><br>Serves: 1<br>Prep time: 15 mins<br>Cook time: 2 mins<p><b>Ingredients</b><br>60 gm whole baby shrimps<br>Potato starch powder, as needed<br>10 gm red onion<br>2 gm red …


Oystering on Mill Pond: Reclaiming a Family Legacy

<b>By James Lomuscio</b>As Jeff H. Northrop’s motorized raft leaves the shore of Westport’s Sherwood Mill Pond, it heads out into an 83-acre expanse of …