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snipegift: “ by Woodstorming ”

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andymurraydesign: “ Lovely detail. ”

illusionsofinsight: “ Charlene’s Bench by Solomon Ross Furniture 17h x 45w x 16d - walnut, wenge, tiger maple ”

illusionsofinsight:<p><b>Charlene’s Bench</b> by Solomon Ross Furniture<br>17h x 45w x 16d - walnut, wenge, tiger maple<p>(via Brien Nicholes on Pinterest)

The Perch. Honduran Mahogany

burnedshoes: “ © Webster & Stevens, ca. 1919, Stacks of lumber drying, Seattle “ The Cedar Lumber Manufacturing Company’s mill, located just west of the Ballard Bridge, was the largest in Ballard. At...

shedHaus<p>RSS Archive<p>* a jotter of things and occasional [material] obsession of an architect and furniture …

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369. Zegar z drewna - projekt / Wooden clock - project

reference for Woodworking

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memoriastoica: “ Logging the old fashioned way in Corvallis, Oregon. Circa 1910s. ”

Watch a Japanese Kokeshi Doll Emerge From a Spinning Block of Wood

In an age of the ubiquitous 3D printer, it’s easy to forget the joy and beauty of handmade craft. Take, for example, the 400-year old Japanese art of …

Twenty two feet of blood, sweat, and bruised knuckles.

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taylordonsker: “Studying the slab. ”

Wood Is Good!

Alejandro Villareal's Loom-Inspired Chair

A combination of CNC milling and hand weaving yields an attractive and distinctive-looking chair<p>This is the Loom Chair, designed by Alejandro …

Interior Design

continuarte: “Marazzi ”

“patience is key. ”

Wooden Floor Lamp with Unique Design from ABADOC – Interior Design, Design News and Architecture Trends

Universality and simplicity are the main important aspects when it comes to ABADOC‘s products. With an interest on design and wood, Polish design and …

The Fading Art of Traditional Chinese Dongyang Wood Carving

January 17, 2017<p>Belgian ecological designer Vincent Callebaut is a master of green sustainable architecture. With his new conceptual project, he creates yet another environmentally sensitive fantasy land, this time transforming Brussels’ historic Tour & Taxis. The resulting concept is a sleek, …


Required Reading: The Artful Wooden Spoon by Joshua Vogel

We've been fans of Josh Vogel's work since day one, when we first spied his handcarved spoons at March in San Francisco. Now the architect turned master woodworker and founder of Blackcreek Mercantile & Trading Co. is sharing his craft with the world with his new book, <i>The Artful Wooden Spoon</i>. Vogel …

Wood Lounge Chairs – Pooz Design

Pooz Design‘s objective is to design innovating products using the latest technological advances in wood work with their unique process of exclusive …

Ultra-twisty wooden and steel staircase seems to 'breathe' as you walk by

Culinary masters 3DS Culinary Lab normally create weird and wonderful 3-D printed foods in their studio, but when they wanted to add a bold …


Massive Staircase Design Incorporating a Floor-to-Ceiling Bookcase

Staircase specialists <b>Bisca</b> were approached by a client who was renovating a rambling stone-built farmhouse deep in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales, …


Stunning Wood Furniture Looks Like Its Tied in a Knot

January 18, 2017<p>Snow covered trees are always eye catching, but CSI Walker Berg of the Portland Police Bureau was in for an exceptional view when he glanced out his window. Thousands of black starlings had congregated on the tree tops, creating a surreal scene that looks a bit like sesame rice. …


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