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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. So what do you do? Design a new dog! In comes the LUMINOSE Lamp, created by Márton and Elizabeth. Modeled to adopt a pooch’s personality, the lamp literally brings a smile to my face with the way it looks and stands (let’s not forget the adjustable tail)! There’s a special term I have for times like this…aDOGable!

“A Second Chance” is the latest upcycle project for the VitrA brand that breathes new life into factory waste components. Derived from discarded basin mixer handles, oak elements are added to complete the handles and hold individual candles. The oak box base supports the handles for easy carrying and doubles as storage for additional tea lights.

Stacked upon one another these 48 sub-elements form the layer version of ‘One balance Desk’. The desk is slightly elastic up/down, but at the same time stable enough that you can jump on top of it without anything happening.

Life's Work - Official Series Trailer

Inspired by the literary work of Paulo Coelho, the Animada chair is the sculptural genius of designer Eduardo Benamor Duarte that channels the animistic belief that every non-human form has a spiritual essence. The sequential array of identical ribs gradually rotate from each other to creates a visual illusion of changing shape. The resulting aesthetic is is at once animate with movement and suspended in equilibrium.

With the intention to put the user in charge, stimulate creativity and decrease “throwaway” mentality, this playful modular system will always find a way to fit into your life! Inspired by molecular structures and repeated elements, the system makes it possible to create an infinite variety of furniture or any other structure that comes to mind. Using just 3 intuitively linked parts, users can easily become the creator of their own furniture with their imagination at the wheel.

Barn beams from a 200 year old barn.

Intricate Latticework Sculpture Formed from 140-Year-Old Tree

Artist John Grade, along with the help of hundreds of volunteers, created a sculpture casted from a 140-year-old Western Hemlock tree growing in North Bend, Washington. The massive piece is titled <i>Middle Fork</i>, and it features an intricate latticework that's comprised of hundreds of thousands of …


This Designer Has Carved a Spoon Every Day For a Year - Dwell

The Norwegian designer, who has interned with Tom Dixon and shown work around the world, settled on the project to explore the organic qualities of wood and improve his skill. He told us why he picked spoons as a subject, what it’s like to come up with 365 different designs for such a simple …


DIY: How to carve your own wooden spoons

We asked graphic designer Chantelle Delichte to guest blog a tutorial of her gorgeous hand-carved wooden spoons. Chantal has done “everything from …

Core77 Visits Festool, Part 1: An Introduction

A rare look inside the company behind some of the world's best power tools<p>This year, power tool manufacturer Festool celebrates their 90th …

Power Tools

Wooden table by Ruben Beckers weighs just 4.5 kilograms

<b>Cologne 2014:</b> a grid of thin wooden strips supports the surface of this table by German designer Ruben Beckers to make it extremely lightweight (+ …


The Kanna Finish: How to Get Glass-Smooth Surfaces in Wood Without Sandpaper or Varnish

Before this man designs his furniture, he designs his tools<p>Sandpaper has to be the number one consumable in the modern-day furniture shop. But a …


Réaction Poétique: Wooden Objects by Jaime Hayon for Cassina

Half a century after his death, Le Corbusier’s work is still inspiring as evidenced by Jaime Hayon’s latest collection, Réaction Poétique. Designed …


How to Build a DIY Downdraft Table

Today I’m going to show you how to build a DIY Downdraft Sanding Table to help eliminate dust in your shop! This is actually and update to an earlier …


Why Make A Simple Light Switch When You Can Make A Complicated One?

By David Ponce<p>Because it’s pretty, that’s why. And like many one-off pretty things, this one sold quickly. We’re not even sure for how much. What we …


Armands Grūbe

Building a Drum Sander Table

Build a drum sanding table<p>Drum sander table in action<p>Mount a sanding drum in your drill press and clamp the sanding table to the drill press table.<p>If …

Simple, Fun and utterly quackers :-) .

Handcrafted, 3D Wooden Wall Coverings

MOKO interior has launched a collection of handcrafted, 3D wooden wall coverings that act like vertical sculptures. Taking wallpaper to the extreme, …


Basic Shelving System by H Furniture

Basic Shelving System is a minimalist design created by London-based company H Furniture. The design is the company’s first foray into modular …


Fern & Roby Cube Speakers Salvage the Past

Imagine your friends’ expressions when you passingly mention, “…and these speakers here are from the 19th-century.” Pause for a moment before your …


A Solid Wood Chair Created With Modern Technology

The Alpha chair is a classic, sturdy, solid wood chair that’s made from the latest production technologies.<p>Made in Ratio, founded by designer Brodie …


Flattening Reality: The Art of Michael Zelehoski

Artist Michael Zelehoski finds discarded wood objects, deconstructs them, and puzzles sections back together to create 2-dimensional representations …


The Folding Chair Gets a Modern Update

While practical, traditional folding chairs can be pretty boring. Designer David Irwin took a look at the design and gave it a beautiful, modern …


Arkwright Collection by Jory Brigham

It’s been a while since we talked about the wonderful woodwork of California-based designer and maker Jory Brigham. His new Arkwright collection was …


A Sideboard Inspired by the Modernist Movement

Marcel is a modern sideboard composed of wood and tubular metal that gives it the look of a car grill or a radio speaker. Designed by Fabrizio …


Pictures: Trees Cocooned in Webs After Flood

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